安樂戰場- Fatal Vacation

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What's the matter, talking so loud?
Can't you see I'm busy
I need your help on my homework
Okay, just ask
Who's Hong Kong's Police Commissioner?
I think he is.....
I know nothing but Corazon and pesos
What good in knowing the Police Commissioner?
Do you know it or not?
Should be... The name's familiar
Ngan Kwok-leung
Ngan is in the TV show. So you don't know
Then why asking me?
You idiot, why didn't you pay attention at school
Mammy, going to work?
Yes, this time where are you escorting the tour group to?
The Philippines
This flying to and fro is doing you no good
You're supposed to care of others
But I wonder if I should worry about you or your tour group
It's not bad to be the tour guide. It's fun
The team is no trouble. They're all grown up
I love this job
Darling, better let me drive you to the airport
No, you're pregnant & unfit to drive
A taxi is coming
You go back upstairs. I'll get in myself
Well, you go back upstairs
Darling, don't womanize, you may get AIDS
You know I won't do that. Don't worry
The airport, please
Driver, don't listen to radio, It's noisy
The car goes crazy when you don't concentrate
Be smart. You've got short legs
Push the seat forward. It's more easy to press the gas paddle, right?
Don't look at the rearview mirror; look forward
If you hit the Mercedes Benz in front, you can't afford to make compensation
If you hurt us, I'll sue you till you lose everything
I can go anywhere with you before 1997
The Philippines this time, Australia, Canada
USA and Disneyland the next, Okay?
Are we going on weekends?
Yes, but no post-1997 plans
Maybe I'll have been dead then
Don't say that!
How could you pass by a slow truck?
Are you doing it deliberately?
You are either driving like a maniac or driving too slow
Frankly, I'll hold you responsible if
I miss my flight
I know, delay no more
I know, papa, bye-bye
What did he say?
You're to blame. Papa didn't like me joining the tour
And didn't book the air tickets myself. Now he won't let me go
Why? Even stars join tours too
What's wrong with being taken care of?
And you meet people too
If we two go alone, we may sleep away all the time
I lied. Papa did not object to my going
You're evil!
You need mammy's care in almost anything
If the food in the Philippines is not to your taste
take my papa's credit card
Don't jeer at me. What about you?
Last time David booked you on hard seat train to Peking
you were scared like hell
That's different
Only you would travel hard bench seats with those poor schoolmates
We go sight-seeing, not for the Long March
Didn't bring your passport?
No. Kuang
Don't keep the tin-foil packaged condoms on your body
It may bleep when passing through the detector
Hua, I know better
I am taking you to the Philippines to give up your virginity. Go now
Kuang, look over there
Big brother
Big Eyes, from deal-making to touring or
from touring to deal-making?
This is the airport, not the police station, sir
People come to fly or to meet friends
But we brothers are here to fly today
We are sponsored by the Royal HK Jockey Club
Do we have to get your permission?
The Royal HK Jockey Club, Good, go then
Don't ever tour Stanley Prison as our guest
Let's go
Excuse us
Go now
Thank you
Tan Yu-ying
Thank you
These are yours
Liu Chih-shen
Thank you
Ho Chih-hung
Thank you
Why following us? You want to tour around the police station?
Who's following you? I'm reporting over there
This is not your home, Don't we need your permission?
Over there?
Over there?
Oh well, we off on the same tour
A tour friend, my ass
Are you all right?
Big Eyes, we belong to the same team
You must watch out, no tricks
Sure, we'll let you have the pretty Philippine girls first
But don't give us the airs
We'll equal, touring and whoring
You two can go ahead without worrying about us
I won't blow the lid on you, promise
Bye-bye, tourists
Mr. Liu, are you sure your friends are coming?
We've already waited a long time
They're coming
Why are you so late?
Late? You don't have to wait
Oh, we'll wait
Are you Chien Ai-pao and Lin Hsiu-li?
Yes We can board the plane now
Let's go
Tourists, you may board the plane
We'll get the luggage here later
Then we'll gather over there
Everything OK
See you next time
Aren't you Bob?
How can you do that?
Don't you like it? It's trendy thing
That's your own business
Your dislike! How can you conduct a tour to France?
How is France then?
Pinching the ass is the vogue in France
Next time I'll take the France tour
Your members are all here? Show me the passports
Thank you. We may go
Don't push too fast
Thank you. Bye-bye
Hello, tourists
I'm Bob, your tour guide in the Philippines
Just call me Bob or tour guide Bob
But don't call me Bobby Sox
I must introduce someone to you
He's the transport captain, taking care of the rubbish
He's short, but he's my elder brother
I never dare to stoop to talk to him
Say hello to them
I'm Rainman
I'm his sidekick; so you can call me Tom Cruise
Sit down
Here's a travel tip
A Chinese proverb says: one must go over one's body three times a day
What does that mean?
Don't ask me. Ask the experts back in HK
The P.I. proverb is : one has to tip all day long
What does that mean?
Tips make them active, that's all
Bob, isn't it safe here? Look
Don't be scared. You'll get used to it
Sometimes the Philippine Communists would create problem
So the government set up this roadblocks to treat them and kind of decoration
But it's all right. Feel at ease
What's that gesture?
Only to say hello
This way?
It's popular in the Philippines
See what time it is for me
A gold Rolex on the foot, splendid
Let me sing a Philippine song to cheer you
You'll get the lyrics. Just sing with me
Let me lead you
Even Alan Tam had sung it before
The lyrics are slightly different
All my life I go through Bengla, Africa, Congo
and the Philippines to be treated with mango
All my life I must get a Filipino
to take him or her to eat a fried chicken
Are you ready?
If you want photos but have no camera
We have food photographer over there
If you want military equipment
This soldier can sell you anything except the gun
Money will get you anything
Go on
The berets are presentable
This uniform is not bad
Have you noticed some of our members
Are underworld members? What a nuisance
Only a few?
Once I led a team of 40, all Triad member
So what?
Were you scared to death?
Scared? It was a windfall
It's easy. I made a little change in the programs
Marijuana instead of dinners, live shows instead of sight-seeing
Prostituting instead of cock-fighting
Visiting gun shops instead of shopping in department store
And they enjoyed every moment of it
Me, too, and a fat commission on anything
Hurry up, go and buy military goods
Why not a group photo?
To pose with the cops? You must be crazy
They may finger me on return
What time is it? I got a stiff neck
Wearing a gold watch around your neck!
What gesture is that?
It means 'hello'
Are you serious?
Of course not
What does it mean then?
I can't say it; it's a secret
Tell me, I promise not to tell others
Wait, count me in
It's hot, don't keep so close to me
Stand closer
Pat, look. Black toe nail. Vulgar
It clearly shows her social standing
Don't poor mouth people
See, white hair, black toes, a chicken indeed
Standing beside the tank, she's a perfect army whore
Hush, she's coming over
Who's an army whore?
It can mean anyone. I talk whatever I like
I meant those whores in Temple street, not you
You're a kid, don't be so cheap
Where do you study?
Is that any of your business? You don't understand my English
Are you perfect in English? Stay out of female affairs
Stop that, we're all on the same team. Quiet
She started the fight
Let's all skip the subject
All right
Time to go back into the bus. Get on
Time to get into the bus. Get on
Get on
Who were you saying bye-bye to?
The soldiers
You may buy souvenirs over here
Everything is cheap here, buy some
Your girlfriend?
Of course not
You must've fallen for her charm then
Crazy, I'm taking her as my sis. Her name's Fa
Her parents were killed in a crossfire
Pitying her, I introduced some business to her
Without even charging any commission
You're noble
You're getting to like me
You're noble, but short in stature
You may not come up to me
Rainman, take a photo for us
Trying to take advantage of me again?
Yes, sir
Bob gives you the picture
Thank you, Rainman
Bob, this is for you
Fa. No, I still got a lot at home
Come on, take it back
I'll take it if you don't
What are you doing?
Wait, what shall we eat tonight?
Something good of course
And you'll see a show after dinner
Is that so?
See what time it is now
Already late? Everybody, get on
This is great
Are they good for our taste?
Could be described as edible
Why dressed like that? Your funeral?
Yours too
Just to see these?
Not suitable for you?
You're wasting your time, such kiddy stuff
Frankly, anything to follow?
Once get back to the hotel, I'll take you out again
That nice night club across the street
Take your time. Bye-bye
Big brother, I'm going to the toilet
Big brother, me too
Who 's the immoral one?
Must be Hong Kong people
Are we really going to the toilet?
No, I'm going to look across the street
To see if that kid was lying
I guessed it
Damn it!
Damn you!
You're scaring me?
In HK I'll beat you
Go now
Do you want to see it?
It looks okay outside
Let's go in to have a look
Damn you!
Great. Go back and bring big brother with us
Excuse me. Dance with us?
Well, sir, why are you so timid?
Dance well, don't lose face
Come on
Chinese, come and dance
It's embarrassed
Big Eyes, is that what you behave?
Why don't you put down your drink?
That's force me to give a floor show
Here you are
Thank you
Go and tell big brother now
What a nuisance!
Go now
They're coming out to dance right away
Guess how they'd look like when the light's on
Where's big brother?
He's giving a show up there
Come this way
Boss, they're here
Call the boss
Take action. Move out!
Okay. Just good
Good. Now we can try this
Let's go
Police. Everybody down
What're we going to do now?
Are you all right?
Sam, I've been hit bad, you have to take over
Take the guns with you
Isn't it fun?
Candy, why are so many people not here?
They've all gone to the toilet
Rainman, tell them to hurry up
Brother, where are we going next?
Have a drink
Keep down, everybody
You, move
Up against the window!
Everybody, up against the window!
You, come here!
Don't shoot! They have the hostages
Amida Buddha
It's all right now, I think
Try to get them bring us back to the hotel
Bob, you talk to them
Listen, everybody, they're bandits and they're inhuman
If we make them angry
They may kill us altogether
Listen, your life's cheap; mine's valuable
Go now or I'll beat you up
I'm for the food of all. The reds are cruel
Let me do it
Kuang, take care
That's just like a policeman
Don't argue with them. Consult us first
I know what to do
Who's got a white handkerchief?
Good morning, can we have a talk....
Don't go!
Hua, don't go!
Let me go!
Don't, don't!
Don't, Hua!
Help him to his seat
All right, everybody sit down
All of you relax. We still have a long way to go
Unless you want to follow the guy outside
Smile, smile!
Sing, sing!
Sir, I'm the guide of this tour. I can sing for her
All right then, sing
You'd better make sure you sing good; sing
All my life I go through Bengla, Africa, Congo
and the Philippines to be treated with mango
Join him, sing
All my life I must get a Filipino
to take him or her to eat a fried chicken
Be careful. The car's engine may conk out in a distant land
Watch out for the robbers
With so much dough on you
All my life I go through Bengla, Africa, Congo
and the Philippines to be treated with mango
All my life I must get a Filipino
to take him or her to eat a fried chicken
Be careful. The car's engine may conk out in a distant land
Where's Aaron?
Don't worry
The police got him in Manila
But I've these tourists as hostages for his exchange
Take them in
Where's your bottle of perfume?
I was robbed of everything
Bad, it stinks here
Bob, what did that four eyes say just now
Their No.1 is in prison. Now we're held hostage
to swap with the Philippine Government
The Government to swap us?
What a bloody hell!
The NPA have asked us to exchange hostage tomorrow at 12 noon
We'll place out troops along their only passage
and on their way home, we'll ambush them
This is the only solution to a no-win situation
Make sure the hostages are safe
Yes, sir
We're under pressure
The families of the hostages and a HK TV news crew are coming
Right now they are probably here
Wonder what's happening to them now
Go and ask her
Miss, what's become of them now?
Any latest news?
No idea
Yeh Hung, okay now?
You ask the others stand behind Yeh Hung
How can I take their photo this way?
Stand a bit back, please
Yeh Hung, stand still
Camera, roll
OK, ready
About the hostages outside the Thunder Dome
the Philippine Government hasn't given any word
We don't know what the Reds are going to do
Some relatives of the hostages have
arrived at Manila through the help of our station
They hope to be reunited soon
We'll keep you informed of further developments
CTV reporter Yeh Hung reporting in Manila
OK, good take. Pack off
Yes, I know you're hungry, Here's your food
Wait! When can we get out?
I'm sorry, I don't know
Don't you know she's a Red?
Why help her?
You've ruined us all, understand?
Not her fault, she did it under duress
Eat, big brother
Have supper, everybody
See what food we have here
Green vegetable
Not bad to have vegetables for a change
Come on, Judy, eat
Take it to her
Even the adults are not hungry, the child has to eat
I'm the tour guide
I eat first
Not bad, not bad
Eating with hands is the Philippines way
Hua, eat some
I have no appetite, you eat
Come on, eat some
Don't waste it!
Give me some
Come on, eat some
Hold it
I don't want to eat. I have to go back to HK to meet my papa
I have to go back Hong Kong
Release me! What's going on?
Shut up!
Judy, come back
Judy, what are you doing? Come back
Get away!
You, let me go, release me back to Hong Kong
You dead Baldie! I have to meet my papa
J u d y
P a t
J u d y
Be a good girl, baby
Release me!
Pat, don't! It's going to be all right. Don't cry
You go away!
You go to hell!
J u d y
Poor thing, why ruin her like that?
I thought we'd have a couple of peaceful years left
but it's worse than during the war
Help her over there
Luckily, I'm not female
Bastard, mind you may get buggered!
Don't tell others you're with me
You're lucky guys
Today the government has decided to exchange my brother for you
and if they keep their words
you can go back to your happy home
We're sorry, for the inconvenience that we've caused you here
Thank you very much
Let's not be too excited about this
Let has the first position
Uncle called us we were betrayed
The armies are coming
Take the first two out, now!
Peng, help me!
How come?
Dame, you'll die in a painful way!
Big brother, help!
You condemn the government but you're worse
What did you say?
No, he just said goodbye to you
Everything is ready
Ti, how's it?
They're coming out
Yeh Hung, ready
Roll the camera, action
They are identified as Hong Kong tourists
Apart from condemning the bandits for their cruelty
for the massacre of the hostages
The government said it was seeking a peaceful settlement as soon as possible
Are you all right?
I'm all right
OK. Good take
Go and interview that pregnant woman, quick
Mrs. Liu, we'd like to interview you
Miss Yeh, I don't feel well. Would you skip it?
Don't interview her
Keep away. Let me
Mrs. Liu, we could bring you to the Philippines
and we can take you back to HK too
Our station invited you here to be interviewed, not for sight-seeing
You'd better co-operate with us
Without public pressure, the government won't do a thing
Listen, if your husband were dead
it'd be bad for your future child
Okay, interview me
OK. Camera, over here
Roll. Action!
Mrs. Liu, mind to tell the viewers how you feel now?
I feel badly. I'm longing for my husband's early return
I wish everybody would be safe
Mrs. Liu
She's in a coma
Keep shooting her in a coma
Mrs. Liu
Good take. Did you shoot her in a coma?
Fantastic. Go now, never mind her
You're leaving her like that!
Which of you want to die?
You, you?
We're still awaiting the army's help, idiot
Well, let's take chances and break out
It's better that waiting for death here
No, it's closely guarded here. We can't make it
Think it over
No need. Are we going to let them kill
and rape every day?
Bob, try to eat some meat
Don't stand to lose
Eat some rice
Thank you
Pat, eat. You haven't eaten for a few day
You can't go on starving
You'd better feed Judy
I put it here. Come and eat
I'll eat it if you don't
You bastard, you're stealing food! Are you a human at all?
Not eating! You can't even be a human
You're expert in bullying females
What? Bet I'll hit you?
I don't think you dare
I don't?
Quiet, everybody, please
You like to fight. Why not fighting the bandits?
You're a coward
You bark but don't bite
Bastard, what did he say?
I told you not to call me that
I only said what those bastards had said
He said you're a coward like a dog
Bet if I get you?
Sit down! You're damned enough
The armies are coming!
Seems something's wrong
Everybody in the middle
Down on the floor. Move
A helicopter
BB's gone out
Don't shoot the child!
Base. Chopper 1
All clear in Zone 6. Proceeding to Zone 8. Over
BB has gone out. What now?
Grandpa, grandma
You're scaring me to death
You're always stupid!
All right, take them out
All right, I want everybody to move out!
Come on, move!
Well, I don't know whether it's you or my big brother who has that shit luck
The Philippine government has taken my brother
And they don't want to release him
Since the government has no concern for your well-being
Neither do l
I'll be forced to kill....
All of you
If they don't respond after that
I'll be forced to kill....
Grandma, don't worry
Split them!
Okay. Move
I have here two guns, and I'm going to play a game
Each gun has a bullet in it
Each group gets a gun, and each group gets to fire once
You, since you're the tour guide
You're first!
You, you shoot it, shoot!
No, I can't
Bob, do as they say, otherwise they'll kill you!
I cannot kill, I won't shoot
Bob, you must do it
If you don't shoot
So why don't you kill me?
If you don't shoot, I'm going to tie them up in the open
And I'll make sure that you watch them die slowly
Bob, shoot. It's better that death for all of us
Are you going to shoot?
Do it!
Bob, I'm very old
Wish this bullet was meant for me
I'll replace her. Shoot!
Be fair, Bob
Damn you!
Shoot, shoot!
The child
Can you skip the child?
OK, let's skip the child
Don't kill me. My wife is pregnant
I can't leave her behind.
Why did you fool around then?
Hurry up
No, I won't shoot. No more!
Kill me, kill me!
Damn you! We're all men
Damn you! We Chinese are not afraid of death
What did he say?
Never mind, tell him every word of it
They said Chinese are not afraid of death
If you want to kill, kill them
All right. I respect man who isn't scared of death
Let them die bravery
All right, take them to the church and treat them with respect
The holding of Hongkong hostages is in its 5th day
Two more dead bodies of hostages were discovered today
The Reds are said to have issued an ultimatum that
unless the government release Aaron immediately
they'll continue to kill the hostages
We also interviewed the spokesmen for the government
They said they'd continue to seek their release
so that no more hostages will be killed
Yeh Hung, CTV News in a Philippines street
Where's your camp?
Where's your camp?
Where's your camp?
The camp very near, near to us
Where's your camp?
Up in your ass. You bastard!
Sir, he's dead
Send more men to search for the hostages
And keep this a secret
How strange! Why they are so happy? Everyone's drunk
Frankly, only you and I can handle a gun
We' d better bet on our luck
Dying so is better than waiting for it
If we were in jail, we still have a chance to be released
Here, we'll be taken alive. I won' t let that happen
What do you say?
It' s all ordained. So die if die one must
You must be getting dumb by eating too much Philippine food
Did they awake you?
Don't talk so loud
Did I fall asleep this way?
Does your wound still hurt?
Aren't you afraid I may take advantage of you?
Crazy, don't talk about that at this moment?
I'm afraid you may take advantage of me
Baldie's coming again
You, come
Come with me Bob
C a n d y
You come with me
You want woman?
Me, good, good ball
She, no good, like a thin chicken
Take me
Now your girlfriend's given to the public
Life or death is ordained? I really admire you
Stop that!
This is not Hong Kong CID office. You hit me?
Big brother, let me beat him for you
Keep away! I need your help to beat this skeleton?
What are you doing?
Stop that!
Someone's coming! Stop that!
Did you beat him?
Baldie's left behind a wine bottle
Good, grandpa
What now?
To run of course
How, big brother?
Use your own feet
Play the part of a Philippine Communist
We're here. The bridge's there and the bus is there
We can't go this way because there are soldiers
We must sidle from here up the opposite hillside
The bushes here can keep us covered
Okay. Grandpa, you and I be the advance unit
Hua, you come up later
No, I must help Li, you go first
Don't wait for me after 10 minutes
Drive the car to break out
Hua, let me rescue Li with you
You take care of them too
Be alert. I'll wait for you
Go now, hurry up
Hua, be careful
Okay, let's go
Amida Buddha, deliver us from disaster
Buddha of Wong Tai Sin, Goddess Kwan Yin
Amida Buddha
Lord, deliver us from this disaster and help your children
Amida Buddha. Whatever!
Have you got a light?
Hurry up
Hurry up, they're boarding the bus
Hurry up
What now? They're still not here
Sit down first. Should be here soon
What could have happened to them?
Well, let's not wait any more
Not wait? You get off yourself
The Reds
Don't move!
There's trouble over there. Fa!
Follow me
Sorry, isn't it very noisy?
Worm, go
Don't shoot!
You traitor!
Shit, you're damn clumsy!
keep away, let me
She's good at driving, once upon a time
It's started
Can't hold on; get into the house quickly
What are you doing? Lend a hand!
Keep down!
You nut! Baldie!
Let me
We are finished; we're dead for sure
You bastard!
Why's it so quiet?
They're coming
I'll keep you covered; you break out fire
Break out!
Hurry up
Get into the car quickly
Be careful!
Are you all right? All right
Terrific, grandma!
We've escaped
Are you OK?
I'm OK
We're lucky. Grandma's superb!
J u d y
Hand grenade
J u d y
Doming, get some people stay here
Take care of the wounded, and put out the fire
The others, take your guns and follow me
Great, grandma!
Grandma, you're great!
Grandma, you're great!
What's it?
Be careful!
Grandpa, time's running out, leave her behind
If we make it, we'll come back to pick her up
Then help me to pick her up
Grandma, help us return to HK safely
I'll come down soon to keep you company
Fa said there's a bridge over there and under the bridge there's a cave
She's calling in the Army
Fa, thank you
Take care
Grandpa, where's grandma?
Grandma's in the car. We'll return for her later
Don't cry, good boy
Well, let's go
Hurry up
Be careful
Hurry up
Bob, the bridge
Keep closer Hurry up
Be careful
Hurry up
There really is a big cave
It's dark over here
Don't be afraid
I'll go out to get wood to make fire
Let me go out with you
Good, let's go together
Grandpa, I'm very hungry
Let me go and find some fruits
Me, too Good
The bananas are green. Are they ripe?
Sure, and very sweet
Bob, if we make it, where would you go?
What do you mean?
To emigrate
Emigrate? My dad was the first to emigrate
In the wake of the 1967 riots in HK
He didn't pick up Britain, nor USA, nor France, nor Australia
but the Philippines
Now I'm like the Filipino
How about if you have a choice?
I'll choose Hong Kong
Everybody is leaving Hong Kong and you want to go there?
Hong Kong's not bad
Hong Kong's not bad weren't it for 1997
It's 1997 in the Philippines every day, everywhere is the same
Why do you like Hong Kong?
Because you're there
It's slippery here; let's walk hand-in-hand
I never imagined we'd be living by guns over here
Nor did l
Do I look disagreeable?
You were often against me in Hong Kong
You don't look disagreeable, but you're cocky
I'm not
No? The way you wear the gold watch and toss it around
And ask people the time. Very cocky!
What time is it now?
Don't start that again
There's a story for this gold watch
I met an evil boss in my first job
He got drunk, unbuttoned and pointed
Saying kid, what time is it?
Bet you'd never afford to have such a watch
So I swore I'd wear a deluxe watch
and drive a limousine by any means
Now when I don't like someone, I point at my chest and ask
Bastard, see what time it is now
That's the whole story
I really went too far and decide to go straight
If you're serious, come to see me in HK
I'll introduce you to some jobs
Good, see you in Hong Kong
One thing is I don't mind any work
but don't ever make me a fink
Guess if Big Eyes and Hua have returned?
No idea
Here are some bananas and fruits, eat
I shouldn't have stopped you from being a driver
I'll come down soon to keep you company
I'll send you a red sports car
May BB return safely to Hong Kong
and also those tour members. They have taken good care of BB
Candy, Bob, promise you'll bring BB
Back to Hong Kong by any means. Understand?
Let's go back Okay
Be careful
The hostages rescue operation this afternoon is very critical
We must not let the NPA knows that Aaron is already dead
The lives of the Hong Kong hostages is very significant to this government's image
Remember, we must not fail
Commander, our helicopter has found the tour bus at Zone 8
Yes, sir
Yes, sir
What's wrong with you?
I saw Baldie You must be dreaming
I'm really afraid
Don't be silly
I've plucked some fruits. Let's eat
BB, have some bananas
Come on, have a fruit Where's BB?
He's missing
He was sleeping here
Let's all go out to find him
You go and get some water down there
I'll go over there. Take care
What's Hua doing?
It's OK, don't worry
I'll go over there
Bastard, don't move
Grandpa, I'm here
I'm going to rescue BB
Let's break out
What are you doing here? Come
You get in first
Hua, are you all right?
Hurry up
Grandpa BB
Hurry up
Damn it!
C a n d y
Kill them!
Hurry up. Take my hand!
Hurry up. Take it tight!
Candy, lose your hand!
Don't worry about me. You go!
Brace yourself up!
Bob, I love you
Wait for me!
I kill you, son of a bitch
No more bullets. Hurry up
Big brother
Big Eyes
Are you all right?
Big Eyes
Big Eyes, brace yourself up
Big Eyes
It seems I have no chance to be a good guy
Hurry up. It's very big!
Worm, stop!
Big Eyes
Damn, see what time it is now!
Big Eyes
Another one's coming in
Damn it!
Get them, hurry up!
Remember the slogan?
Never surrender