How To Make a Low Budget Light Box - Auctiva Tips & Tricks

Uploaded by Auctiva on 21.03.2011

Hey all you online sellers, this is Steve from
and right now, I want to show you an easy way to make more money.
We live in a visual world, which means the images you use in an online marketplace
play a crucial role in determining a sale.
The name of the game is pictures, and professional product shots equal more sales.
So to get the most out of your product pictures, I am going to show you how to build a light box in just a few easy steps.
This light box will help you increase sales by isolating your product from its background, while placing emphasis on its details.
It will also provide a well lit environment for an excellent camera exposure.
So in order to build this sales increasing machine,
we're going to need a few things you can probably find around your house.
A cardboard box.
Some white tissue paper.
A piece of white poster board.
Your going to need two light sources, preferably with flourescent bulbs,
As far as tools go,
you will only need a box cutter or carpet cutter.
A ruler or straight edge.
And a Sharpie or marker.
Let's begin, shall we?
The first thing I want to do is grab my ruler and pen and mark the guidelines on the box for the sections that will be cut out.
When I am drawing my guidelines to cut the sides out of the boxes,
I want to use the width of the ruler, just about an inch.
If your using a straight edge, this is about a good size to go for.
I will be marking three sides of the box, and be leaving one side of the box blank, as well as the bottom of the box.
Alright, now that I have drawn the squares on the three sides I am going to cut out,
It's time to cut them out.
It's time to cut them out.
Now be careful here, because it is very hard to type and list things online with missing fingers.
Alright, now that I have my three light holes in place... one, two and three. I'm gonna go ahead and remove the top and two side flaps.
And the last one... Alright, there we go.
Now that we have gotten this far, I am going to go ahead and put the poster board inside.
The idea for this is that it will be the background for the product we are going to shoot.
So on the poster board I have a glossy and a matte side.
Your going to want to use the matte side facing out so the reflective side doesn't interfere with the camera flash.
Your going to want to use the matte side facing out so the reflective side doesn't interfere with the camera flash.
Now as you can see the poster board is a little bit bigger than our box here, so what I am going to do is just mark that off.
Now that I have made my mark, I am going to use my straight edge here to make a guideline so we can cut off the excess poster board with our scissors.
Im gonna make this poster board a better size.
Now when I put my poster board inside, I want to be careful I don't put any creases in it. Remember, this is a lighting background.
So as I get it inside, I have this nice curve.
Now that I have got the poster board in and all the way to the top, I am just going to secure the top of it with a piece of tape, so that doesn't slide down or go anywhere.
There we go. Firmly in place.
Now it's time to lay the tissue paper over the holes we've cut in our box.
All I am going to do is lay the tissue paper over the side I want it to be at.
Once I have got the tissue paper here, I am just going to take one piece of tape to hold that in place.
I will take my scissors here.
I'm just going to trim off the extra.
Alright now that I have got it in place, lets go ahead and secure this tissue paper with tape around the edges.
Then I am just going to continue doing the same thing for the other two sides.
Now that I have gotten to this stage where my three cut sides have tissue paper on them,
something to keep in mind is if this is not diffusing light as much as you want it to and we will see that in the finished product, you can always add more layers of tissue paper.
Now that I have got my three sides ready to diffuse light,
lets go ahead and bring in the lighting source.
So for this far side, I have a clip light right here.
I'm going to go ahead and clip this to my table.
I'm going to go ahead and clip this to my table.
And for this other side I have got this little desktop lamp right here.
Let's bring some light into this shot.
Alright now that our light box is built and we have our light sources,
we're pretty much ready to shoot.
Now one thing you may want to play with to make your shots as perfect as possible,
is adjusting the focal points of the lights. Where they are aiming.
Make sure there is no shadows within your box and that plenty of light is coming in.
Keep in mind with your light source next to the tissue paper, you want to make sure you turn it off when you walk away from your light box.
Alright let's have some fun and try a product shot... with our little buddy.
Now let's review the steps that we've done in building our light box.
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From, I'm Steve, wishing you the best in your online sales.