RAGE CARTOON #14 - TrollwutTV (German + English subtitles) Rage Comic Compilation

Uploaded by TrollwutTV on 11.05.2012

You know that it is forbidden to eat while working..
Don't worry...
..I am not working.
Hehe, I'm going to subscribe my friend to aaaall the gay porn sites!
"This e-mail address is already in use"
What floor, mam?
The second one please. I am donating blood there and getting 20€ for it!
Oh, I am donating sperm in the 4th and getting 100€ for it!
One week later..
Hey, it's you again! Second floor right?
(The following is a gay joke pun and can't be translated.. butt f*ck it!)
Next week is my birthday and I want something that goes from 1 to 200 in less than 5 seconds!
Challenge accepted!
One week later..
Here, I bought you a scale!
According to a new study in every group of 4 there is one gay person!
I hope it is philip.. he's the cutest!
(Find the hidden penis in the cartoon to become the "Dick of the week" + comment where!)
I have to buy a mouse...
Tommy: Hmm.. you should know how it sounds when you speak with cum in your mouth..
Tommy: (after we didn't manage to sound good).. "Maybe I should just jizz in your mouth.."
Joh: But that won't help me to sound more female...UNFORTUNATELY!..
Joh: I tried it so often!
Joh: Everybody is telling me it would help but it doesn't! ..
Tommy: Haha, don't believe everything the priest tells you!
Tommy: Who do you want to speak?
Joh: There's only one speaking...
"Hmm, I hope it's philip.. he's the cutest" .. well I have a girlfriend.. so who is it?