Alejandro & Diego - Part 42

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A jewellery store?
Diego, why did you ask me to come here with you?
I need your advice for something I want to buy.
I'm here to buy an engagement ring.
An engagement ring? Really?
When did you decide?
No. Hold on, Alejandro ...
This does not involve the two of us.
I'm buying the engagement ring because ...
I'm going to propose to Nora.
What are you trying to do?
Marry Nora and be my lover?
Is that what you want to do?
I'm confused, but my feelings for you are strong.
Strong? What does that mean?
What I feel for you isn't strong, it's love.
Keep it down.
I'm tired of lowering my voice.
I'm sick and tired of begging for your love.
I'm tired of being the other person.
I love you Alejandro.
I also love you.
Did you say that you love me?
Yes, that's how I feel about you.
And Nora also.
Even if it hurts, you have to be polite to Dr. Baron.
Hello Hector. You're all dressed up. Had I known, I'd get dressed up as well.
Don't worry, Lupe. This dinner is special for me.
Have a seat, please.
Thank you.
We won't say a word until Diego says what he has to say.
Now, dad? Shouldn't it be after dinner?
Some things can't wait.
Nora, Diego has something important to say to you.
Please, son.
Nora ...
Will you marry me?
It looks like the future bride is not keen on the ring.
No, that's not possible.
It looks gorgeous from over here.
Aren't you going to say something?
I think her tears are overwhelming her.
She's very emotional.
Dear, we're all waiting for your answer.
Nora ...
Why did you leave without a word?
Our parents are waiting ...
I followed you from Cervantes yesterday.
You told me that we couldn't go out like we had agreed on.
You went out with Alejandro.
Yes, I asked him to come with me to buy the ring. He knows you ...
I followed you to the jewellery store, Diego.
I heard everything you two said.
What was your plan?
For me to marry a man who fancies men?
No, no. You know I like women. You know it.
I know it, Diego?
Just because we've done it a few times, it doesn't mean a thing.
I'm sorry, I can't marry a man who makes me jealous of my male friends.
What's with the face?
What do you want to talk to me about?
You sounded nervous over the phone.
I want us to clear things out once and for all.
What do you have against me, Alejandro?
Why do you always fall for my boyfriends?
Nora, you're mistaken. Nothing ever happened between me and Rodrigo nor Sebastian.
So, something did happen between you and Diego?
No ... nothing.
Don't lie to me because I followed you to the jewellery store and heard your conversation.
I followed him to the jewellery store.
He wanted to buy you a ring which he wanted to give to you this afternoon ...
But ... what's wrong? Why aren't you wearing it?
I didn’t accept it.
Diego is in love with you.
He's all yours.
So you two can be happy together, without me.
Nora, don't take it that way. Nora!
Diego ...
I just talked to Nora. She told me everything.
You made me go through the worst humiliation in my life. Where did you go to?
Mom, I don't want to argue. Can't you see I'm not alright?
How could you take off when he was about to give you an engagement ring?
You have to marry Diego.
How are you going to go to college without your legal documents? Answer me!
I'd rather find a man on the street and pay him to marry me!
You talk to him tomorrow and accept the ring. Get it?
I'm sorry mom, but I'm not going to marry a man who likes men!
Diego is gay!
What will you do if Nora doesn't want to marry you? Make her?
I will do anything to convince her.
You'll be unhappy for the rest of your life.
Nothing will make me unhappier than arguing with my dad for not marrying a woman.
Diego, your dad would rather see you unhappy and have you pretend to be straight.
That's why so many husbands lie to their wives and their wives don't even suspect it.
Alright, Alejandro. I've had enough for one day.
So, shall we go then?
I want to spend the night with you.
My dad is on call and will be back tomorrow.
Will it be a problem if I stayed at yours?
Of course not, Diego.
I want to try ...
Try what?
I want to make sure that the effect you have on my body is for real.
Well, Lupe. What have you come to tell me?
Has Nora reconsidered?
Has she decided to accept my son's engagement ring?
I'm sorry, but I have to tell you this.
I don't think they'll be able to get married.
Nora told me that your son ...
Nora told me that Diego does not only like women.
My son is a man!
I will make sure he proves that to Nora.