Developmental Math Spotlight

Uploaded by LCCCGoldenEagles on 11.03.2011

LCCC has a new solution to developmental math.
Any questions before you get started?
My role has changed from being well more of a lecturer to being much more of a tutor
where I can work individually with students and really help them work through
the problems that they're having.
This new course format for Pre, Elementary and Intermediate Algebra courses
allows students to work in a nontraditional classroom setting at a pace that suits them
using a mix of computer and individual help.
The comprehension for me has been way more than I've had in a long time.
Homework is completed online, the textbook is available digitally
and lectures are given in videos, but this is not an online class.
One-on-one help is right across the room.
When they do ask for help they're not in front of a whole class
so they don't feel on the spot if they're asking a question.
Students benefit in the long run because they only move on
when they've shown a true understanding of the material.
If you don't fix some of those little problems at the beginning, which happens a lot in traditional lectures
because everyone has to move at the same pace,
it causes you a lot of problems down the way.
Those problems are getting solved.
I think we're already seeing much better success rates from most of the students
than we would have in a traditional class.
All the developmental math classes at LCCC will convert to this system in the Fall.
I'm Lisa Murphy with this Laramie County Community College spotlight.