111118 - China's Pockets Are Empty

Uploaded by HyperReport on 18.11.2011

Hello, this is Scott... And this the Hyper Report for November 18th,
Here are the prices for various items; such as, gold, silver, and oil for today.
Sorry Europe: China's Pockets Are...Empty
While China's foreign exchange reserves may be massive,
China may only have about 100 billion dollars to spar.
China's trade surplus, essentially the money it has to invest overseas, is shrinking.
So, Europe will have to go elsewhere for money... Perhaps they can go to Zimbabwe... they have
trillions of dollars.
The Fed Makes a weird Move
Benji Benanke's Fed made a weird move; in that,
the Fed has established a new 2.5% margin on all MBS dollar rolls.
This is primarily as a fallout of MF Global to address potential market imbalences.
Essentially, the Fed believes that MF Global may not be the only ones playing loose with
the law and a lot more people, outside MF Global, have
been screwed. Especially since 600 million dollars of MF
Global money went missing after it was sent to JP Morgan.
The Death of Nations
Tyler Cowen, in discussing the soverign debt crisis in Europe said,
"In a nutshell, we’re watching the most pitched, highest-stakes,
most determined battle between politics and finance which has been staged."
Of course, it is the whole world economic ponzi scheme
that is collapsing from governments to banks. So, hang on because it is going to be a bumpy
South Africa’s Incredibly Shrinking Gold Production
In 1970, nations in Africa produced 79 percent of the free world gold.
Today... No single country supplies more than 14 percent of the world’s total gold supply.
The biggest growth over the past 40 years has come from China.
Could it be because of a possible gold backed currency? We will see.
Obama To Aussie Students: Our Kids are Behind
Obama will never be known as someone proud of his country,
especially after telling a bunch of Austrailian Highschoolers that American High Schoolers
are behind. This flaming jackass graduated at one of the
best learning institutions in the world, and is only smart enough to denegrate his
own nation every change he gets.
Shooters Heard: Interior Will Not Ban Target Practice
Obama's croonies in the Department of Interior tried to forbid shooters on public lands;
however, the word got out and the public spotlight
was to much for these bastards. It may have been second thoughts,
but it was most likely a threat of a lawsuit that caused this backpeddleing.
At any rate, expect more tricks like this and Fast and Furious to continue.
Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day