O's Ghettotipps "SPEZIAL 1"

Uploaded by albertoson on 21.07.2011

What's up everybody, its me, your boy O.
You should know me from "Jetzt frage ich"...
from the last presidential election in Taktukaland...
and I'm the reason why all the girls break their necks.
Haha, I'm just kidding.
I got a new tip for you guys. You know why?
'Cause I'm ghetto!
We were so poor, Mother Fu...
How poor were you, uncle O?
Dude, shut the...front door.
And "shut" is the right word, 'cause after this tip, everybody will shut up!
Could you show me how to be a gangster, uncle O?
Yo, if you don't shut up I'll never let you to play with my xbox again.
But I want to be a cool, ghetto, gangster like you, uncle O.
Dude, why didn't you say that before?!
Let's go, kid.
OK, uncle O.
What is this good for, uncle O?
It's for power, 'cause u need to be strong in the hood.
OK, uncle O.
And what is this good for uncle O?
That's for your abs, so you can take more punches if you get into a fight.
OK, uncle O.
And what is this good for, uncle O?
Will this help if somebody tries to punch me?
No, the windows were just dirty and somebody had to clean them.
Just do it.
OK uncle, O.
If you want people to respect you in the hood, we need to work on your look.
Turn your cap around.
Like this uncle, O?
Damn! Nah, that looks weird.
Turn it around again.
Yeah, man, that's better.
But I cant see anything, uncle O.
It's not about seeing, it's about looking cool!
And please, fix your glasses 'cause I cant look at them anymore.
Like this, uncle O?
Yeah, that's better.
I hope you kids appreciate what you have.
I was poor, but I still looked cool and...
How poor were you, uncle O?
We were so damn poor that we made the word "poor" famous.
And "famous" is the right word, 'cause my ghetto walk is famous...and you need to learn it.
Take a look...
Now it's your turn.
Man, that's weird. You need to feel it!
You gotta walk like an old bullet wound on your hip is bothering you.
It's easy for you because you actually have an old bullet wound on your hip, uncle O.
He's right...but anyway, you gotta feel it...
and use your tongue.
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!
OK, that's enough.
It's time for the first test. Just go over to the girl who lives...
across the street and show her what you got.
I don't have anything, uncle O...
Dude, just go over there and get her number!
OK, uncle O.
Yeah, that's good.
Yeah, don't forget the tongue. You got this!
I'm telling you guys, if you look cool, nothing can stop you.
Uh...how do say..."break a leg"...
Are you OK, kid?