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Hauppauge HD PVR Unboxing
Hello and welcome to HDOutput
This is an unboxing of the Hauppauge HD PVR
This is as you can see the 1228 model,
Unlike the 1212 which is the American model
The 1228 is the UK Model
We'll start by looking around the box
As you can see there it says 'Record from HD Cable TV and Satellite Receivers'
I'm going to be recording my XBOX
'Record HD with the H.264 Hardware Compression'
It's a very good compression and it's used a lot
and then there's, you can 'Burn your HD recordings to BluRay compatible DVD Discs'
If you look at the side here
You can see what's inside the package
There's the unit itself
There's the remote control with the batteries
There's the Infrared Blaster that you can connect to the box
There are the component video cables
and the audio cable set
There's the USB cable and also finally
There's the UK 5 volt 2amp power supply
If we look on the back now
You've got some more information about the H.264 format
Making your own Library
There's a diagram on the back in case you’re not familiar with the cable inserts
There's the 'Audio in','Composite Video in' etc
I'll talk you through that in a second
There's more information about burning your TV recordings in BluRay format
Other things
And then a picture on the back of the Hauppauge HD PVR
Finally, on this side you have the Technical Specifications
The Hauppauge records in three different formats
.TS .M2TS or .MP4
.TS is a generic transport stream and can be used to burn blue ray discs
.M2TS is compatible with the Sony PlayStation 3
.MP4 is compatible with the XBOX 360,
in case you want to play back something
It has AC-3 Audio Encoding
It records at a data rate from 1 to 13.5 Mbits/sec
It records in 1080i, 720p or VGA
It's relatively heavy, I don't know if the weight of that is the box
The actual unit is quite light; it's just the component cable
that is quite heavy
So if we open it up now
So there you have it
The first thing you've got there a letter from Hauppauge saying
thank you for purchasing the product
You've you got a quick installation guide that is with the software I believe, mainly
Software installation guide there
This is the software, if you a Mac user there is an alternative called Eye TV
This is the only the PC so this software is for recording your footage
and also viewing back your footage
On the CD itself is the
Acrsoft Total Media Extreme for capturing, previewing,
play backing, authoring and burning your recordings
The Arcsoft Total Media Theatre which is basically a BluRay player
and you can play back your video recordings
The Hauppauge Win-TV scheduler for scheduling your channel changing
That's why you have the Infrared blaster there
So this is the Infrared Blaster like I said that plugs into the back of your Hauppauge
This is the USB cable which will save the video files onto your PC
You've got that connection going from your Hauppauge
and this connection going to your PC
This is the component and audio cables that you have
so these three are the component
these two which are your left and right audio
So that will plug from your Hauppauge to your TV
because the Hauppauge goes through from your XBOX or other HD Output
through this to your TV while recording
So you can watch your XBOX, you can play your game and still record
These are the batteries for the remote
comes with some batteries which is nice
Here is the remote that you can use
There is an infrared receiver on the front that I'll show you in a second
This is the Adaptor to plug in
It does say on the actual unit not to use any other adaptor
There is a lot of technology in there and if you plug in too much you'll break it
This is a five volt output, don't try plugging anything else into there
This is a universal input
If we get the unit out
So here's the unit
If you go on the front you can see the Hauppauge Logo with the power button
There's the Infrared receiver
There's your composite input and your S-Video
If you look at the back
Basically, with your XBOX for example
you have a lead that has the component cables and the left and right speaker
You plug those into this row here
The in row
and then you'd get this cable here and plug that out of here into your TV
In the out row here
If you have surround sound there is an optical in and out jack there
You've got the IR Blaster that plugs into that jack there
There's your note saying 'Use only the power supply provided'
Like I said earlier
That's the USB Output
and that's your DC 5 volt power input
That's about it on this, it's very light
It's very good for recording HD TV
I'll be putting up the setup that I have for recording the XBOX
It's incredibly easy to setup really
All you have to do is install the software (Windows User)
Connect it in and you're away
and I put some samples of what I recorded as well
Thanks for watching
Thanks for watching