MARJANA PLAJHNER - zeliščarka / herbalist

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Marjana Plajhner, herbalist
She was introduced to the healing power of herbs by her parents.
She is a retired chemistry and biology teacher. She hosts several lectures and seminars.
I love looking at cranberries.
It's a pretty sight and few people get to see this because they pick the berries before they look like this.
It's a coincidence no one picked this one.
I had five sisters. We all went to school.
When I trained to become a teacher,
one of my sisters trained to be a nurse and the other three were still in primary school.
Before I could start my training I had to get money to pay for my entrance exams.
they lasted three days. And we had no money, I had no money for a bus ticket.
I'll never forget how my dad and my sister and I would pick herbs.
We picked the alder buckthorn because it sold well.
We would peel it and leave it to dry and then I would sell it so I could buy the bus ticket and take my entrance exams.
I really wanted to go to this high school.
Those were some hard times.
The alder buckthorn is a great herb but you have to be careful.
It helps with constipation. It's amazing. I've tried it as well.
But you have to be careful. It really helps, no doubt.
I love milk from the hills where the cows graze on pastures. Just look at what they eat.
That's what makes the milk and the meat healthy.
Common tormentil. Yes, this is the common tormentil.
It’s one of the herbs used to make Jägermeister.
I didn’t pick this one. It’s very wrinkly and it turns red when you break it.
It oxidizes right away. It’s great for constipation and diarrhea. Amazing.
It oxidizes right away. It’s great for constipation and diarrhea. Amazing.
Housewives used to pick the leaves when they were still soft.
They would cut them and serve them with hard boiled eggs.
If they had ducklings, they would feed them with this dish so their feathers grew faster. It really does work.
You can dry horse chestnuts.
You have to peel them before you dry them and they work as a natural fabric softener.
You really don’t need a store bought softener.
Use about six dried horse chestnuts with absolutely no peel
because it turns the laundry brown and you can’t was the color out.
Put five or six of them into a bag and throw it into the washing machine.
They make the laundry so soft. Try it.
You can’t get to know ten or twenty plants at once, only two or three.
You need an expert to come with you so they can show you the plants and teach you.
You have to be careful. I really benefit from my knowledge in chemistry.
It’s easier for me to understand the active ingredients. And it’s easier for me to explain them.
The herbs you pick are the best because you know the place where you picked them was not polluted.
You know how to preserve them and use them.
We dry everything in the shade, not in the sun like we used to.
We pick them when the sun is shining. That’s when they have the most active ingredients, just like today.
We pick new herbs every year because the active ingredients lose their power after a year.
Even though the bags can say up to two or three years it’s still best to pick new ones every year.
I believe in plants because I know they help.
But you have to stick to a routine. Look at tea for colds. One or two cups just aren’t enough.