Shit Jewish Mothers Say - Episode 2

Uploaded by drcoolsex2 on 23.01.2012

(shuffling tiles)
My Thursday night Mah Jongg...They're all cheaters.
Do you see any gray?
How did you do that? How did you open a new window?
Didn't you see that sign back there, Mr. Magoo?
Call me as soon as that hot air balloon lands.
If you don't go to hebrew school, you are not allowed on the AOL anymore!
Who's the sweetest boy in the whole world?
That's a table rule. If you don't like it, call the Mah Jongg League.
Oh, my God! My back is killing me.
Is there a pillow I can use for my back?
I need this pillow for my back.
Does this car have a heated seat?
Is it decaf? Just make sure it's decaf.
I picked up another Mah Jongg game. I'm playing five nights a week now.
So is that $1.50? We doubled the card...I got it myself...
Who's Mommy's little puppy? Can I have a kiss?
(singing) We won three dollars! We won three dollars!
Would you friend me on Facebook, please?
Oh, my God! That salad is gigantic!
Oh, this house is a mess!
I might wait to get it colored before my nephew's bar mitzvah.
I need another pillow. It's not this one.
Who's house are we playing at next week?
(Hava Nagila music plays)
Taking pictures of me now?
A video.
Thank you guys for watching episode two of "Shit Jewish Moms Say". This is the mom who inspired it all. This is Jodi. Say hello. (hi)
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And there's the mom's mom!
Oh God! (laughing) Hello!
(Hava Nagila music continues)