[sub]BBS: TER13 Neverland

Uploaded by strwbrymilk on 19.01.2010

Why're you trying to steal the light?
Light? What're you talking about?
Peter! We've got the treasure!
Ah, hey! You're too early!
Oh, no!
Mission failed...
What's this?
It's pirate treasure. Ya know, gold, jewels...the same old stuff.
So this is what I was protecting?
Those guys had you fooled.
Seems like it.
I didn't have any reason to fight you. Sorry.
It's no big deal.
It's been a while since I've met my match, so I had fun.
What's your name?
By the way, Terra, do you know where Hook went?
It seems he went searching for a shooting star.
A shooting star?!
Oh, no! Tink's in trouble!
I'm leaving the treasure up to you, Lost Boys!
Have a safe trip, Peter!
I should get going, too.
Ahh! Monster!
Help us--!
Stand back!
Wow! You must be pretty strong to beat monsters like that, mister!
Ahoy! Is everything alright?
It's Hook!
Yeah. No problems here.
What's that?
Tinker Bell! Peter Pan's little friend.
Could I see her?
With her in my clutches, I'll be sure to get him this time!
What do you mean by this?!
Nothing really. Just following what my heart tells me is right.
Why you--I won't let you off so easily!
Ah! That sound--
Alright! You sure scared Hook off!
Each star is it's own world.
There are so many worlds out there that we don't even know of.
Light is what's emitted from the hearts of those worlds and shines down upon us, I guess.
What do you mean?
In short, it's something like you, Ven.
What's that supposed to mean?
You'll find out someday.
But I wanna know now.
Aw...the treasure's all gone.
Did you really want gold and jewels that much?
Nope. We don't need that stuff.
But Peter was counting on us to bring back this box.
Then, you should put your most prized posessions in it.
That itself will make a treasure.
Oh, yeah!
Ok. We'll do that. Thanks!
I wonder what exactly my treasure was--