Elias - PART 30 (English subtitles)

Uploaded by Monpensiers88 on 21.07.2012

You're holding your girlfriend's hand and everything.
Are you so in love that you can't even hear me?
I think you should just concentrate on this night's hockey game.
It's an important game for you guys.
If we win today we will get to play against European teams.
And finally the important coches will see my magical touch with the puck.
They are going to notice you for sure.
And if they don't, I can hint from the stand.
I have to do a goal for you.
Better to do more than one. We can't lose this game.
I don't know a thing about ice hockey. But I hope you win cos it means so much to you.
We don't need hope, we need skills. I and Lari just have to play perfectly and we are on the top.
To him the hockey stick probably is just an extension for you-know-what.
And still he doesn't accomplish anything.
Hey, Lari.
Hello? What the hell were you doing?
You didn't concentrate on the game at all.
It just wasn't my day.
It just wasn't your day... What a captain we have. Do you realise that after that game no one is ever going to notice us?
You can do nothing!
Janne, wait, Janne.
I wonder how Janne and Lari's game ended.
Who cares? It's like everything depends on whether a rubber puck goins into a goal or not.
Are you ready?
Yes, let's go.
Hi. Is Elias home?
There he is. Hey, you have a visitor.
Guess what.
I saw Lari and I happened to film a pretty good clip of him that we can use.
We can take revenge on him now.
There you go, something to cheer you up.
I have no appetite.
Your future can't depend on one game. There is going to be new ones.
But not as important ones.
Guys are angry at me for a reason - I have never been that bad.
I don't care whether you do five goals or zero, you're still the best.
Someone has tagged me on some video.
What the hell?