Siemens Subsea Power Grid

Uploaded by Siemens on 25.06.2010

The days of easy oil are over.
The future of oil and gas recovery lies in the depths of the ocean.
As technology leader in land-based power delivery we have used our experience to create subsea
power grids to distribute electricity for processing deep under the sea.
By delivering high voltage for the first time ever over dispersed and remote fields at depths
of 3,000 meters our power grids are enabling new levels of cost efficiency in the operation
of large subsea production facilities.
Our subsea step-down transformers enable step down within the grid to a wide range of consumers.
The transformer is a double shell: sealed and pressure-compensated and uses natural
cooling to reduce maintenance requirements.
Our MV switchgear uses a modular design with 4 breaker units in two SF6 filled atmospheric canisters.
The main bus bars, wet-mate connectors and measuring transformers are housed in the fluid-filled base.
Our variable speed drives VSD have been tailored to operation on the sea flour reducing maintenance requirements.
Power ratings of 20 megawatts can be achieved by multiplying the units.
The Siemens compressor operates continuously in the harshest of environments.
The design eliminates the need for maintenance-heavy seals between motor and compressor housings
extending inspection intervals beyond 5 years.
Highly efficient deoiling and desanding hydrocyclones separate oil and water while keeping footprints
and operating costs far lower than standard separators.
Power grids need to be even smarter subsea, which takes best in class systems like our SSC.
By providing effective monitoring and control functionality with high performance communication
we make subsea power grids as reliable as industrial control systems saving great costs
and maintenance effort.
We are a technology leader when it comes to power grids, both above and below the ocean.
No matter how harshly environments, how remote or deep the field is, our high quality power
grids pave the way to subsea processing and help the oil and gas industry reach out to
new depths.