Alexander Gustafsson Pre UFC 120 in Stockholm

Uploaded by kvadd on 15.10.2010

Yeah, I'm a bit nervous actually. Yeah, a little bit.
Yes. Very.
You're gonna fight for your life?
Well, he will have to fight for his life.
Do you think it is the same feeling as a gladiator? When you walk in the ring...
Yes, well he is in there to rip my head off. But i'm ready. It's gonna be a good fight. I look forward to it.
This is your third fight. How do you feel?
It feels good. I want to perform good. It feels like its going to be my best performance so far.
I have had the best preperation for this fight. It's going to be good.
And in UFC too. How is it to compete there?
Well, its, its special. Its like a whole new sport. You can't compare UFC against any other promotion in the world.
It's like stepping into a whole new world. Well, thats how much i can say.
Can you zone out the noise from the audience? You can se when... I was going to say the gladiators... When the fighters walk into the cage. You can hear the audience roar. Trying to touch you and so on...
At first it was a little annoying. Well, not annoying, it was fun. Its encouraging. You get into the zone when you hear it.
Isn't it easy to loose the concentration?
Well... No.
Or get annoyed?
Well. No, not for me anyways. I can keep my focus. When you finally walk onto the catwalk there is nothing other than... other than the fight.
I've seen a few times when the fighters gets annoyed. Like when the audience pokes them in the ear, and stuff.
Well, they haven't done that to me yet. But if they would have than that, i probably would be irritated too.
Well, i get psyched. The more the audience scream, the better.
What do you know about your opponent?
French guy. Tall. Thai boxer.
37 years old. He has been around for a long time.
How is it for a fighter? Do you really want to know everything about your opponent?
Yes. Perferably. At this level anyway. Your gameplan is everything.
So it isn't like, damn, i don't want to know because... You might take... Do you know what i mean?
Yeah, it was like that in the beginning. I didn't care who i faced. It could be anyone, and i didn't care to look them up.
I could look them up, just to know what they looked like. To get a picture of the guy.
But now it's on a whole other level. And you know, if you don't have your gameplan, you won't...
You're gameplan is everything in a fight.
So is the fear still there? You know, what if the guy has longer arms than me? What if the guy is better than me at boxing?
Well, that will probably never go away.
You build an image about the other guy when you find out more about him. It will go like this, it will go like that. I will do like this, i will do that.
Oh yes, you will probably have a million ways the fight could go in your head before you actually stand in front of him.
But, well. The fear hasn't gone away yet. I'm still as frightend, still as nervous.
How is it when you eventually walk into the ring. Do you stop thinking about it?
Well, it gets replaced by adrenaline. You just want to walk in and swing wildly.
Don't you forget how to fight then?
No, you don't. You have traind so hard for your gameplan that it is like instincts. It's there automaticly.
You go to a fight camp for example, and you train for your fight. Thats you're gameplan you train. So its there you know.
Tell me, how is the fight going to go - Round for round?
I'm going to win all three rounds through unanimous decision.
Oh, so you think the fight will go...?
I am hoping for that.
You are hoping for that? You don't want to knock him out?
Thats a bonus, but of course i want that. Still, the ultimate for me would be a decision.
I haven't gone to a decision yet. It would be healthy for me, and i feel i would want to go there with this guy.
Is it like, like a way to be humble when you say stuff like "I want to go 3 rounds".
Absolutely not. Instead of sayin, "I'm gonna knock him out after 10 seconds in the first round."
I have knocked my out opponents before. So I feel like i have accomplished that.
Well, it would be nice to ge a cool submission, for a change. That would be fun.
But i would want to go to a decision. I have gone to a decision against Krzysztof Kulak, but that was a 2 round fight, and I don't count that as a decision.
I want to go three rounds, to get a feel of it. You're in the UFC you know, and i haven't got a decision yet. I think its time for that.
You're also a stand up fighter. Have you trained alot on the ground for this fight?
I train everything. I train on my gameplan.
What do you want to say to your Swedish fans?
It's goin't to be a good fight. It's going to be very entertaining.
That was everything. Thank you, good luck!
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And of course, the Swedish people. Thank you so much, you are everything.