Knowledge Centers Connect Rural Communities

Uploaded by Cisco on 24.01.2012

HITAL MURAJ: I believe that giving access to information to the people is the only way we're going to get them out of poverty.
What I heard this morning from one of the community members, he said, before the existence of this center, he didn't even have access to news of his own country.
A CKC is a place where the local community can come and meet, and use technology as a tool to help them better their lives.
Education is something that is top priority for everybody here.
They cannot necessarily afford it, but such a community-owned facility is quite subsidized, so they can actually come here and learn.
Technology has been something that they embrace very easily, because they know that is where the world is actually moving to.
Cisco is a key player in bringing all the partners together, like Inveneo and One Global Economy and AppleSeeds, and creating an ecosystem of partners.
One of our CKCs has been able to connect to other schools.
They've connected to schools in Poland, they've connected to schools in Nairobi, and they have kids actually teaching each other different things, like about culture, even things like math they're learning from each other.
Now they're connected. They're able to share best practices, and they?re able to talk about what worked and what didn't.
FLORENCE KUYIONI: We can exchange ideas with my friends. We just see a very big change in the community through CKC.
HITAL MURAJ: It doesn't matter where you, in what part of the world or what community or society you come from.
As long as you have the Internet, you have a voice. You have a platform where you can share.
Once they have access to the Internet and they have the right education, they are in the same par as anybody else across the world.