George the Sugar Glider | Farm Raised With P. Allen Smith

Uploaded by farmraisedchannel on 10.08.2012

You'll never guess what's in here. A fun new friend for the farm -- at least for the weekend.
George, come on. This is George. George is a Sugar Glider. And I'm babysitting George.
This is a little marcupial -- a great little pet. Comes from Australia. Pretty much like
a flying squirrel, but a marsupial, in that it has a pouch. So it's more akin to a fly
possum. Are you a flying possum, George? They love to hide and snuggle. They're a nocturnal
animal, so they're very active at night. So I've jostled George from his sleep, so he'll
come out and play. I've given him just a little bit of food. Oh, come here. Come here, you
little rascal. Don't be camera shy, come here. Come here, come here. It's okay. Okay, that's
it. It's very soft. The more you handle Sugar Gliders, the more gentle they become and the
more socialized they become. George belongs to a little friend of mine who's gone to visit
his grandparents for the summer, and they asked if I would keep George over the weekend.
George loves to eat fruit -- crazy about bananas and apples. He loves yogurt and insects. Let's
get some yogurt. What an adorable face. Sugar Gliders will grow to about a foot long -- that
includes their tale. He'll nibble on my finger, but he's never bitten me. I don't think they
can. He stays in a cage with this sock, so can climb in there and hide. And he comes
out at night and plays with his toys. He has a drinking bottle for water. But I wanna show
you how he flies through the air. You see, these folds run along the side. They can jump
amazing distances and fly through the air. You can get an idea of the folds right here.
He has a beautiful tail, which is slightly prehensile -- meaning, that he can swing from
it and use it. Oh, George. Okay, George, it's time to go back -- let's go back in your cage,
and you can go back to sleep. Say goodbye to everybody. Bye, bye. Okay, here we go.
Okay, George, time to go back in your cage. Here we go. Good boy. Good boy. Good George.
Good George. He feels very secure in here. And if you have a Sugar Glider, you wanna
make sure you don't have any predators around like a house cat. That would make George crazy.
And you can imagine that a little guy like this doesn't have many defenses, except for
a really strange and very loud noise it can make. If you're enjoying these Farm Raised
segments, check in with us regularly. You never know what you're gonna find. You may
be introduced to a little friend like George. Subscribe to eHow Farm Raised. Okay, George,
you want some of your little bananas? Come on.