Ghastly 2011 (기생령) Full Movie (Eng Subs)

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Mom, what are you doing?
Seo-ni Kim
This way, please
Estimated time of death is between 11 and midnight yesterday
Cause of death is hypovolemic shock from self-inflicted wounds
The deceased stabbed several parts of her body with that knife
She also tried to cut off her feet just like she did to her husband,
but she stopped in the middle the process Maybe she got tired
Take a closer look
Why would she be cutting her own feet off unless she was insane?
Is the kid ok? Why did he have a seizure?
He has hyperventilation syndrome Excessive breathing causing the seizure
It's a physical condition and not a serious one as long as he gets right treatment
Oh, yeah? How about the rest of the family?
Ga-hee Choi has a mother-in-law Gui-ok Jeong
She is listed as missing 2 months ago
I told you, I'll make the payment
Just give me time until the end of this month
I swear I'll pay you back
Yes, that's correct
Did they have any problem regarding their marriage?
We don't get in touch with each other much
What happened?
the fingerprints found on the body and the murder weapon are from Ga-hee Choi
As you can see, your brother and his wife are dead, but the child survived
In most cases like this Gui-ok Jeong, the mother-in-law
would become the legal guardian of your nephew
but because she was listed as missing 2 months ago
Yes, she is one of the suspects for the murder
Or she could be one of the victims
Anyway, we'd like you to take the custody of the child
until we can sort things out
Excuse me?
The test didn't show any problem so you have nothing worry about
I heard you are moving to a nice environment
Think of it as a change of air and try staying healthy
Any problem?
It's just that I'm moving to a house where people died
Why, are you worried about seeing a ghost?
When are you going to come out?
Hi, sis
I'm going to be a little late today
No, I'm not tired I'm fine
I'm sorry I couldn't help you with the packing
See you later
I heard that you moved to an awesome house
I'm not sure... It takes an hour and half by subway to get there
Can you believe it? I'm a senior in high school
This is the place?
What do you think? Isn't it nice?
You must be Bin
I'm your aunt We met at the funeral, didn't we?
There you are
Why didn't you say anything if you were here all along?
Bin, this is Yoo-rin
What should he call his sister-in-law?
Are you happy to have an older sister?
Wow, with your voice it really feels like I'm calling home now
You said you would be home early
I'm sorry
So you are going to keep on lying?
Let me make it up to you I'll bring your favorite chicken gizzard
That's all?
What was that?
Hello? You voice is breaking up
Since Yoo-rin will be a college student
You should have changed it to something simple and classy
Hey, I know better when it comes to her tastes
She prefers simple design rather than cute or pretty stuff, right?
I'm ok with it as long as you are the one doing the setup
Hey Bin, try this as well
Don't you like meat?
I like meat
Then why don't you eat it? Men should eat meat to be strong
And if you have any request for the meal, just ask me
I can make anything you want Okay?
All right, try this one
Wow, this looks so yummy
Could I get some water?
Oh, just a moment
Thank you for the dinner
Finished already?
Try to understand
About what? He is just adorable
He is very kind lsn't that right? Yoo-rin
Huh? Oh, yes
That's great By the way, today, I got...
Hey Choco You know that I too love bulgogi
But I noticed that she put the dish across the stew pot
Can you believe it? Across the stew pot!
- Hey sis - Yes?
It's my first day here so can I sleep with you?
I don't feel like sleeping alone in a new house
Are you jealous of your brother-in-law?
You used to look after me, but that changed when you got married
Now I'm bumped further down the list because of the kid... You have changed
Who says I've changed?
Hey, you are all grown up there
When did you grow up so much?
I already went past your size a long time ago
What was that? You went past my size?
Honey Can you get your leg off me?
I said move your leg
Cheer up
Thank you
Who was that?
Your dad is dead Do you have another father?
Hey, what are you looking at? You wanna get beat up?
My mom said that superstitious people like your family
end up in hell after they die
She said that they would suffer forever in hot flames
Hey, Chang-gi, hurry up
Okay, I'm coming
- That would be 20 thousands wons - Thank you
- Here - Thank you
Take care
Would it really grow up to be a hen?
Trust me. It won't die if you feed it well
and it will become a hen and lay 10 eggs a day
Wow, awesome
You could make some money with the eggs it lays
I say you are full of it I don't buy that story
Listen, you brat These are from a good bloodline
I'll take three Three, huh?
Hey, look at that
What's he doing there?
He just ignored me
You must have known that my brother's mother was a shaman
There's nothing to be surprised since you knew about it all along
But I can't stand having those stuffs in the house
So what do you want to do with them?
I don't know! I just don't feel like having those in the house
Can't you just get rid of them?
She is missing
What would she say if she comes back later and find out?
A dead daughter is shock enough Getting rid of those would make it worse
So are you telling me to do nothing and get it over with?
Hey! Why are you so late? Do you know what time it is now?
What have you done to your clothes? And what's that smell?
Did you eat dinner yet?
Get changed and wash your hands first I'll get your dinner ready
You know...
About the warehouse next to the front gate...
You shouldn't go inside there
I'm sorry
Stop being angry and let's get some sleep
Come on
I'm just fine, You should get back to reading your stock trade book
All right, I will do the nails for you It's been a while since we've done it
No thanks
Why did he decide to get involved with shaman family?
Don't ask. They even talked about removing his name from the family registry
Your mother was quite a character
The fact that they got married means they loved each other a lot
My sister-in-law was good-looking enough for that
You men....
I don't care about how they look
What did you say?
- You know what I mean - Get off me
What are you doing?
Stop that
What are you doing up so late?
I have test tomorrow! I have to be up all night, so...
Ok, I got it
Please keep looking All right
Hey, are you still looking for that old lady?
I'm telling you You are wrong
All the evidences say that the woman did it
Why are you wasting your time like that?
There's something wrong about her face
You saw it, didn't you?
What she has done to her own body
The people at the Forensic say that
She sliced her flesh with each cut a few milimeters apart
The surface of the skin is where all the pain receptors are located
A normal person just can't do this kind of thing
Yet she, with such a venomous mind, looked terrified in the picture
It doesn't fit It's out of balance
Out of balance, yeah right
You are saying the crime lab result is wrong just because a face doesn't fit?
Also, she did have hypovolemic shock from self-inflicted wounds
But her real cause of death is heart attack
What the hell?
It means somebody was there when she died
What's this?
I see the shaman blood is inside you Is this your grandma?
- Give it back - Stay still
Hey, Look at this! A picture of shaman drawn by shaman kid
- Give it back - Here
Give it back
Seong-wook Can you here me?
Stay with me
Somebody call an ambulance
Bin, I'm not trying to punish you I just want to know why
Why did you do it?
I didn't
What did you say?
I didn't do it
You little brat!
Several kids from the school saw it all So stop lying
I'm not lying! I'm telling the truth I didn't do it
Bin, what's wrong?
Come over here and massage his arms and legs
Hey, are you okay?
What's wrong?
Try to breathe Take a deep breathe
What are you doing? Keep massaging his arms and legs
Are you okay? Are you all right?
You will feel better when you get some sleep
Can I sleep with you?
Hey, sis!
You see, I got...
Something happened to Bin today and we should keep him stable
I got my grade from school...
Later, Yoo-rin
Is he sleeping?
No, I think I should stay with him tonight
Okay, then
It's okay Don't worry about it
Gi-jin did it
He also killed mom and dad
It's just a dream
A dream?
What's wrong?
Gi-jin is staring at you
Do you remember what you said last night?
Things about Gi-jin...
I don't remember anything
Eat slowly
Yoo-rin That is my cup!
Why is he using it?
Why do you make such a big deal out of it? It was just a mistake
Why are you giving him my cup? Why?
Are you gonna be okay?
About what?
I meam, I'm worried that your friends might bully you again
I don't care
¢Ü...Ianded on the flower
¢Ü SIowly, the dog...
- Can I help... - How are the plums today?
And what are the melons like?
The plum is so-so, but the melon is good
It's 10 thousands wons per a bag
- We've met before, right? - Excuse me?
I tried to say hello, but you ran away
I didn't run away
You have deliverery service, right?
Well, um...
From what I saw a while ago you had delivery service
Well, you know... I see
Is it because of the shaman thing?
There's that too, but the old lady is missing
There's saying that the she disappeared
because she angered the spirit she used to worship
She has been performing rituals in the house
several months before she went missing
And the rituals were only half of the problem
Her daugther hated that stuff and was so embarrassed
They fought about it all the time
But the old lady wouldn't stop, saying that she had to calm something down
Not long after the old lady disappeared, the daughter went crazy
and killed herself after killing her husband
I'd say that she was cursed by the spirit
Oh, no, I shouldn't have said that I mean...
Why didn't you tell me? Why did you lie?
I already told you that they died from an accident
You said it was a car accident!
How is a car accident same as a murder?
How could you drag me and Yoo-rin into such a dreadful house?
Stop it It's not such a big deal
Not a big deal? You say it's not a big deal?
My sister-in-law killing her husband is not a big deal?
A seemingly normal woman killing her husband and herself is not a big deal?
I already sold the old house and spent the money to pay off the debt
So that's why you were so desparate to move
And you set us up
- Hey! - I told you that this house gives me a creep
I was right This house is cursed
Give me the rest of the money I'll get a room somewhere else
It's too late I already used it for investment
Why you...
What's happened is already happened Just give me one more chance
It's a solid investment this time
It will double our money I'm sure about it
What a pervert
Hey sis, I don't like this house either
There's something wrong with Bin, too
Why are you dragging him into the conversation?
I'm home
It smells so good Are we having curry for the dinner?
Great! I love curry so much
It's just like last time
Where did you play to get so dirthy?
At a construction site
Hey, isn't that blood?
Why do you have blood on your shirts?
Are you hurt? Let me see
I helped my friend up when he slipped and skinned his arm and knee
You should have been careful
You found her?
I was surprised to see her name on the missing persons list
She didn't have anything on her that we could use as an lD
And she doesn't say much of anything
Has she been here for a while?
A little over a month
A hiker found her passed out in a mountain and our people brought her here
- A mountain? - That's right
She was saying some kind of prayer
I don't know about any details
What happened to her ears?
It seems that she hears some kind of voices
Then she hurts herself She's been a real pain in the butt
Gui-ok Jeong
Mrs. Jeong
Hello? Look at me
Are you aware of the death of Ga-hee Choi?
I told her not to do it
I warned her several times
But Ga-hee didn't listen to me She didn't listen
How is Bin?
It left my grandson alone, right?
Right? What's wrong with this old lady?
What's wrong with her? Calm down
How dare you kill my daughter!
Killing you isn't enough for me! You demon!
- You! - Let him go
You, You...
What's wrong with you?
No, I don't know anything about that
Are you sure it's Bin?
All right, I'll ask him
Hey, Bin. It's about a kid in your class called Chang-gi
Hey, Bin
I can't listen to the TV! I don't know anything about it!
Who do you think my sister is your friend?
What are you looking at?
Yoo-rin, stop it
More, more
Hey, come on Zoom in on that part
Come on, no smacking
Hey, Bin
There are some questions I'd like to ask
¢Ü The dragonfly flies around
¢Ü and Iands on the flower
¢Ü SIowly, slowly
¢Ü The dog
What are you doing? Why are you...
I just don't like it
I told you, you shouldn't be here
Honey, honey, wake up
Wake up
What's wrong? Did you have a bad dream?
Good morning, aunt!
I'm hungry! Please cook me something nice for breakfast
I'm starving Cook something yummy for me
Sis, let's play
Huh? I have to study...
Come on, let's play
What do you want to do?
Let's play hide-and-seek. I hide and you look for me after counting to 30
Okay, just this one time
All right!
From Here?
1, 2, 3...
4, 5, 6...
7, 8, 9, 10...
11, 12...
23, 24, 25...
26, 27...
28, 29...
Hey, what's wrong? Why didn't you go and hide?
Let's do it one more time
Yoo-rin! What happened?
What the...
You did that! You did that, didn't you?
Why did you... why?
- What do you have against Choco? Why? - Yoo-rin
- Yoo-rin - Why? Why did you do that?
Yoo-rin, calm down! Why are you so angry at him?
He did that! He killed Choco
He says he didn't do it Do you have any proof?
Don't blame him if you don't have proof
There's no proof that he didn't do it, either
What did you say?
I didn't do it, you didn't do it either Then the only remaining suspect is Bin
Why do you hate living with your only nephew?
It's not like I felt find living with my sister-in-law
So that's why you would peek at my body?
You pervert!
What the hell are you doing?
Do you know who paid for the living until now?
She should be grateful and instead, she calls me pervert?
How could you say that?
- Aunt - Grandma
- Grandma - What is wrong with you?
- Grandma - Grandma
You killed my daughter Now I have nothing left to lose
But at least I'm going to get my grandson back
- Grandma - Do you have the key?
The key?
Bin, are you all right? Grandma
Get off him
How could you let that bad blood come into my home
destroying the family... Do you call this living?
It wasn't enough to steal my son away
Do you wish to sever the bloodline of Seo family?
I need to have this baby I went through too much to give up
No way
What are you doing to a kid?
Oh my god... Bin
Grandma! Are you all right? Grandma!
Grandma! Are you all right? Grandma!
Ga-hee brought him here She brought Gi-jin...
Who the hell is Gi-jin?
The memory of horrible death did not go away
The kid's body has to be burned...
It has to be burned...
Grandma! Grandma!
He is not here now
As soon as he returns, I'll...
Damn it
Who was that?
First cousin, it seems
How about Cheol-ong? Did anybody locate him?
Damn it
Where the hell is he now?
When did the she come in?
We don't know for sure We were in the middle of conversation and...
- Do you know her well? - Not really. I just met her at the wedding
Yoo-rin, you should eat something
I'm off to my work
I'm looking for another house so hang on for just a couple of days
Let's go, Bin
I'm off to the school
There's a house for sale?
It's just that we don't have enough money for down payment...
Really? That's just fine with me
I'll be there first thing tomorrow Okay
Thank you Thank you
Hey, Bin
What are you doing with that knife? It's dangerous
I don't want to move
Bin, that kid...
Killed them all
You have to call the police
7 Missed calls
Come on, pick it up
Sis, sis
Help me It's hot
Help me
¢Ü The dragonfly flies
¢Ü and Iands on the flower
¢Ü SIowly, slowly
¢Ü The dog
¢Ü Killed it while catching it
¢Ü Killed it while barking
Why were you so late?
I've been looking for you
Why did you do it?
We will play and have fun
Sis, help me
Yoo-rin! Oh my god! Yoo-rin!
- Sis - Yoo-rin
Yoo-rin, no!
Can I take you home?
It's as if I kidnapped him
I told you, no No way
- Mom - I said no
Let me go, help me
Help me
Go on You have a long way to go
Let's play!
Gi-jin, stop it
Stop doing it
Why? I don't want to stop! They are all bad
They are all bad and mean
I didn't do anything bad but they cut my feet and threw me away
They locked me there and didn't let me out no matter how much I screamed
I know, they are bad
I'll apologize for them instead
I'm sorry I'm so sorry
But this is not right
This revenge doesn't help you any
I can't do anything
But everyone else is having all the fun
I hate them! I will take this body
Don't stand in my way I'll kill them all!
What are you doing?
You fool Are you trying to kill yourself?
No, don't do it You will get yourself killed
Is it Bin?
I don't want her to get hurt
Let go of it
You fool! Let it go
You really are going to die
Damn fool, let it go
No, no
How do you feel?
I'm not sure I keep getting nervous
Well, it's understandable since you just found out for the first time
that you are 6 months into pregnancy
It is quite a unusual case
Doctor, my stomach hurts
Why is it so hurt all of sudden?
Don't worry
It seems the baby is too healthy
Let's take a look