oneDrum Excel with voiceover

Uploaded by JasperWestaway on 27.09.2010

We are going to look at using oneDrum to collaborate on Excel.
We can see two desktops here...
showing two people who are going to work together to create an Excel spreadsheet.
We create a group called Usage Survey and invite different contacts into that group.
We then drag in an Excel file which creates a copy of that file on everyone´s computer.
We use the file view to open up the file and start editing the Excel straight away.
We can send messages to each other about parts of the document from inside Excel.
We can use the chat bubble to send the message and when it goes through to the other people...
there is a link included which takes them straight through to the part of the document we were discussing.
As well as editing values, we can also format the cell...
... and those formats will apply in real-time to everyone else´s copy.
We have switched screens and looking at the other collaborator.
They have accepted the invite to the group.
They open the file by clicking on the link in the message...
... and that takes them to the part of the document we were discussing...
... in this case cell E15.
They fix the value in that cell and send the message that they have fixed it.
On the other person´s desktop we can see where they are working inside the document.
Everytime the cell value changes oneDrum temporarily flashes the border around the cell...
... to highlight that the fact that the value or the format has changed.
oneDrum always shows you where the other collaborators are working inside the document.