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Highlights of the news today Friday 20th July
Strike action by ‘militant minority’ will affect Games
Catholic School where 90% pupils are Muslim A Dark Knight Rises!
Rebels withdraw from Damascus Commission set for fresh collision course
over ACTA copy-cat clauses From the Belly of the Beast with Nick Griffin
MEP Thought for the Day – The Margaret Walker
update Finally – Sex or the Bible?
UK NEWS Union bosses have given the go ahead to a
potentially devastating strike by Border Staff next week. The Home Secretary, Theresa May
last night accused ‘a militant minority’ of attempting to sabotage the Olympic Games,
as the walkout on Thursday could paralyse the UK’s airports on the eve of the Games
opening ceremony. This strike and the fiasco over G4, security and having to bring troops
in are just several of the many setbacks these games are facing. Most of the troops are not
being paid anything like the G4 staff and some are just back from active service. A
W@8 reporter commented ‘I personally have no time for the Games but I do feel that there
is some sort of underground action going on to foul it up. Could it be coincidences that
one of the union ‘spokespersons’ on ITV News, was a Muslim female in full Islamic
dress? She was obviously enjoying the whole shebang!’Put this with the sheer number
of ethnics actually involved in our Olympics I am not surprised things are not going according
to plan. This would not have happened in China!’
A Catholic Primary school built in the 1930’s for Irish families in Birmingham is now filled
with Muslim children, in fact 90% of their intake is Muslim. Father Bernard Kelly seems
quite happy with this and classes it as a ‘changing Parish’. He says that these
children come from Muslim families ‘quite happy for them to go to Christian schools’.
At school the pupils apparently ‘hear about the teachings of Jesus but it is not forced
upon them’. This September 8 out of the intake of 50 pupils will be Catholic and they
are from Polish and African families. A W@8 writer comments ‘Well that is a load off
my mind. When I attended Catholic school as a C of E child, saints and sinners were rammed
down our throats and we all expected it. Why the difference now? Surely the Roman Catholic
Church has more guts to it? Why step back in the face of Islam? This school is free
to these immigrants and they are not going to argue about that, so it is a bonus that
their children are not being converted or indoctrinated as other non Muslim children
have been through the ages. RC schools used to give the best secular education in the
country and I think it is awful they have to change their curriculum for children who
simply should not be over here in such vast numbers for the British Taxpayer to pay for
their education.’
Now we have Nick Griffin MEP. From the Belly of the Beast.
Well, the Belly of the Beast is empty now! The European Parliament broke up a week after
Westminster and we go back well before them, but it's still a much longer break than real
people get. Which, considering whose sweat and taxes pay for it all, is a tad unfair.
  Still, at least it means a temporary respite
for Britain and especially hard pressed British businesses, from the otherwise endless flood
of meddling EU regulations and red tape, so there's a plus.
  So I'm working on this Dispatch not in Brussels
but on the way home from an enthusiastic meeting on Tyneside last night. Everyone there was
buzzing after the most successful and easily the best attended demonstration in the North
East in the entire history of the British National Party. A year or so ago, I joined
our activists up there on a demo against corruption in the local Labour council. I remember being
quite pleased with a turnout of 20 or so on a working weekday. The speed and scale of
our recovery from the dark days when the opposition plants and the wreckers had gutted our organisation
is shown by the photos and video footage from yesterday.
  It's fantastic! Take a look and see for yourself.
On top of a great attendance by existing activists from the region and further afield (special
thanks, yet again, to David Orr and members of his elite Scottish team), we saw the welcome
return of a fair number of 'old hands' who haven't been seen for a while, a number of
new members and - most heartening of all, members of the public who had read about the
demo in the local press and had come along to join in. Also very welcome were members
of the English Defence League, defying the orders of that organisation's Zionist leadership
not to join in with our efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of creeping Isamisation.
  On top of all the nationalists, local people,
ranging from teenagers to housewives and pensioners, who heard our message over the loudhailer,
saw our placards and read our leaflets, then joined in.
  The 15 or so Communist flag waving Islamophiles
from the Establishment's Politically Correct street thug group Unite watched with growing
frustration and alarm as literally dozens of members of the public flocked to swell
our crowd. By the end of the demo, the best part of 200 people had joined in with us.
  "The atmosphere was electric," local BNP stalwart
Martin Vaughan told last night's meeting. "It's not long since we pressured another
branch of Subway stop selling Halal, and I'm confident we can do the same in Sunderland
too. South Tyneside organiser Chris Thornton agrees that it was a landmark day: "It was
the best BNP event I've ever been on. We'll be back, because we're on a roll now. It just
proves that making the effort makes a real difference," he told me last night.
  The speech I gave at the meeting was very
different to my usual off the cuff delivery on our standard bread and butter issues. I
touched on those at the start for the benefit of the newcomers there, but then gave a lecture-style
introduction to the remarkable but complicated story of what really lies behind the manipulation
of the many good people in the English Defence League.
  My talk was filmed by BNPtv, so I hope you'll
watch it. The whole subject takes a bit of following, but if you want a glimpse into
how some of the wealthiest and most corrupt corporations and individuals on the planet
are running a multi-faceted campaign to mould public opinion in favour of wars in which
they make mind-boggling profits, then do set aside an hour to find out more, and then some
more time to check out some of the culprits on the Internet and confirm for yourself that
everything I'm saying is true.  
In my talk I touch on the use of the Hollywood movie entertainment industry to manipulate
public opinion, but didn't have time to develop that important theme. So let's do that now.
Give a moment's thought to the contrast between two Hollywood movies, separated by several
decades, but produced by the same kind of people. First, think of the early 70s film
and TV series M*A*S*H. Supposedly set during the Korean War, it was of course designed
to undermine support for the anti-Communist struggle in Vietnam.
  Now, like most serious nationalists, I'm no
fan of that war. The phenomenal determination of the Vietnamese underdogs was the product
of their nationalism far more than it was on Communist dogma. But the vast majority
of the 55,000 American boys who died there were no different to our sons, and the leftist
pacifist effort to undermine their sacrifice was just part of a much wider propaganda war
against people like us.  
Now fast forward to Black Hawk Dawn, the story of the ill-fated American intervention in
Somalia. It's a ripping yawn, in which the white man is finally shown as fighting back
and taking scores of black Muslims with him in a hail of bullets and heroic death. As
you know, I am most definitely NOT a Muslim sympathiser. I have spent a good decade trying
to alert our slumbering countrymen and women to the dangers posed to our society, our freedoms
and our children by the vicious, wicked faith of the 7th century desert.
  But that doesn't blind me to what Black Hawk
Down, and other such 'entertainment' really is - war propaganda. Hate and violence and
glory mixed into a heady cocktail designed to make young men want to kill and to risk
being killed. So while most of Hollywood spent decades striving to turn our young men into
pacifist wimps, the new fashion is to wind them up for war. The endless war planned and
rolled out by the other criminal elite scum.   
From George Bush, Dick Cheney and Halliburton, through to the neo-con Tories around Cameron,
such as William Hague, his oil-man friend Alan Duncan, Michael Gove and Liam Fox, these
people have agendas and interests very far removed from the humanitarian cant that they
use to herd the sheeple to be fleeced and bled in their wicked wars. The truth is out
there. It will take a lot of work to get the facts into popular circulation, but thanks
to the ever-growing power of the Internet alternative media, it can be done. Especially
as we've already made a good start.  
"Educate, agitate, organise", the far-left used to say. Very good advice, and exactly
what we're doing, right now!
Jessica Ghawi who was an aspiring sports caster, was amongst the 12 victims who were gunned
down in a Denver movie theatre showing a late night screening of the new Batman film, Dark
Knight. Jessica, who wrote for sports blog Busted Coverage and moved from San Antonio
to Denver last year, was shot after a gunman, James Holmes, 24, broke into the Aurora Mall
cinema and fired at random 30 minutes into The Dark Knight Rises screening. The tragedy
was even more poignant because Jessica had avoided another deadly shooting just weeks
earlier in Eaton Mall, Toronto, where one man was killed and seven were injured on June
2nd. There were also 38 people injured including 3 month baby and the youngest victim was just
12 years old. As to the killer, what are most interesting to those in the UK are the statements
found in the CNN and BBC reports. CNN reports “Two federal law enforcement sources involved
in the investigation identified the suspect as James Holmes, 24, of Aurora, Colorado.
“Whilst our BBC says “FBI sources named the gunman as Aurora resident James Holmes,
a white American. They said no terrorism link had been established.” Our reporter said
‘The BBC has no compunction about playing the race card when it comes to WHITE Americans’.
Free Syrian Army withdraw from Damascus district. The Free Syrian Army withdraws from central
Damascus as Syrian Army tightens control following the Wednesday assignations. Syrian Army forces
retake Midan and border crossing. Thousands of refugees are flooding into neighbouring
countries as the UN seeks a way to move forward. The EU Observer reports EU foreign ministers
are to meet in Brussels this coming Monday, 23 July. They are expected to extend sanctions
on Syria while trying to clamp down on weapons making their way to the Assad government.
The move is in part to show the EU's determination to press ahead with being tough on Damascus
even after China and Russia on Thursday (19 July) refused to endorse global sanctions
through a UN resolution. The veto by Russia and China has effectively stalemated the EU.
Commission set for fresh collision course over ACTA copy-cat clauses. The EU Observer
reports the European Commission appears set for another intellectual property rights clash
with MEPs. Leaked documents reveal that proposals from the rejected counterfeit treaty ACTA
are included in a draft trade agreement between the EU and Canada.
Thought for the Day I have just come from the Magistrates Court
in Fareham this afternoon where we had the second hearing for Mrs. Margaret Walker and
her now famous ASBO! I arrived at the Court and of course we had our usual supporters
and a few I did not know from other groups. We also had the dubious pleasure of the great
unwashed in the horrendous form of the local student Unite against Fascism bods in a small
sized ball of miasma clinging to the rails. We left Gavin Miller, Hampshire SRO, Steve,
our Berkshire SRO who also had charge of the camera today and other worthies to deal with
them. I did see on coming out later, that the Police were very pally with them whilst
although they did their jobs and kept the UAF away, they did not mingle with us Nationalists
at all. Probably because they would forfeit their pensions! Apparently at some time during
the hearing, the UAF tried to nobble the camera but the fuzz stopped them and 2 people were
I believe led away. Now to the hearing, of course I cannot speak
about certain things but will say that we did have a Barrister present, thanks to Mike
W up North and she was excellent. She had the interim ASBO amended so that although
Mrs. Walker has another interim order it has been changed so that she can send normal correspondence,
texts, emails, postcards etc as long as she puts her name and a return address on them.
It was argued from her side that putting a total ban on all correspondence infringes
on Margaret’s Human Rights and Freedoms and that she has already ceased sending leaflets
through the post. The whole kit and caboodle took hours but the next date is the final
hearing, which Margaret is defending and will take place on the 10th and 12th of September
in Fareham at the same venue. Margaret Walker is not denying she wrote and posted the said
leaflets but she is asserting that she had the right to bring certain members of the
establishment facts on a few concerns that are never put in the public view. She never
wrote anything ‘racially offensive’ despite some witness statements and only targeted
certain Councils, Councillors, a Pub and M&S. She deliberately avoided sending any documentation
to anyone of ethnic descent or of the Muslim persuasion because in her words ‘that would
be inciting hatred’ – which was not her aim.
Some members of her family were there today to support her and she was given a lovely
bunch of flowers from Gavin Miller on behalf of those present who had had a whip around.
In fact the flowers were so colour coordinated to Gavin’s’ outfit that we had to prise
them off him at the end!
There was no going onto a Pub today because everyone had work to do me included, thus
the news today! But rest assured, I hope we will be celebrating in September and let us
hope that justice is not blind in this case. What is the system coming to when they let
illegals rape and murder and if prosecuted, serve out their light sentences in comfort
and yet they continue to harass an elderly lady over a few leaflets? Margaret was in
fact harassed last week by the Police who took her down to the local Station because
one of the old leaflets had been readdressed so much it had just turned up on a local councillor’s
desk and he complained. Her interview was recorded, which it should not have been as
it was classed as ‘informal’ and when Gavin Miller went down to the Station to see
her he was told ‘that Mrs. Walker had never been there’ – when in fact she had been
dropped home shortly before. Still, we will all keep our fingers crossed
for the next bout of legal goings on and hope that common sense will win.
And finally, A Vicar has condemned a hotel manager for
replacing the Gideon Bible with 50 Shades of Grey. The Manager, Wayne Bartholomew runs
the 40 bedroom Damson Deane Hotel, Crosthwaite, has put the erotic best seller by the beds
of all comers (excuse the pun) to the 40 odd bedrooms. Bartholomew is brazen about his
switch and says one copy of the Gideon Bible is available at Reception if anyone wants
it, but they will have to ask. His defence is that the Bible is also full of references
to sex and violence and this ‘shades’ book is easier to read. But the local Vicar,
The Rev Michael Woodcock has accused the hotel boss of cashing in on the EL James novel's
runaway success. He said: "It is just a gimmick really.
"It is a shame that the Bible has been taken out. This W@8 presenter says ‘It is really
being pushed into the public’s face, our little local library has 4 copies of it! Read
it, not impressed, got the t shirt, not impressed – but it gives the Kama Sutra a run for
its money in the boredom not bedroom stakes!’
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I and the team at W@8 and Radio
Britain wish you all a very happy and safe weekend.