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Your mom and I were Mathletes.
Yeah, she loves to brag about that.
Yeah, I was pretty good. Cooper was a super nerd. And he always walked around with these little powdered donuts, because he was such a roly poly little thing.
They were delicious. He was--you were a pudge-ball.
That's a euphemism for fat.
And what was that girl? Um, Isabel--Isabel-- Isabel Trujillo. What happened to her?
Isabel Trujillo became an orthodox jew. Shaved head, wig, the works. I guess that's what love will do.
So what do you do? Job-wise.
I, um, I work construction, while I'm looking for better work.
Oh cool. So what were you doing before?
Josh, there's no need to grill him.
I just spent four years in a correctional facility.
Prison. Not maximum security. Not too many wild animals. But still I wouldn't recommend it.
He's not Jack the Ripper.
So what'd you do? Josh--you can't ask him that.
Well, what can I ask? I want to ask something.
You can ask someone what they were accused of.
I cheated on the accounting for a big time company, so they wouldn't have to pay so many taxes.
Is that hard to do?
Good one. Thank you.
So why'd you do it?
Well that is the question, isn't it? Um...
They were paying me a lot of money, to do it. I had this, sort of, bullish pride about getting away with it, but, mostly it was to prove a point.
To whom?
Take a guess.
C'mon Francine.
To whom?
Cooper's dad is... he's a complicated person.
Complicated how? In more ways than I think I'll ever know.
He, um, he's someone who I think never really wanted to be a father, just didn't have the patience for it.
I mean he was a little better with my sisters, you know. He'd make them laugh when he was in the mood. My sisters' girl friends always liked him. But...
He was always pissed off at me. It was like... It was like he had a bug up his ass about me his whole life.
I never knew why. You have any theories about that, Blue?
It was almost like I wasn't really his son.
But now, guess what?
He calls me almost every other day, he's helpful, he listens. He never remembered my mom's birthday, like 100 years, now he's throwing her this huge birthday bash. It's like a huge block party.
I don't know what's come over him, old age? He's not that old.
That's good, right? That he's being cool?
Yeah, well, yeah, I mean, I hope it lasts. You know what the word volatile means?
Yeah, unstable.
I was going to say unpredictable, but unstable is a winner.
No, stay.
Roll over, play dead.
So, what about you, hm? Got anything else going on, or are you just a brainiac?
Um, well I design and build my own kites. That is cool, that is very cool. It's a little bit nerdy, but it's very cool.
Do you have a girlfriend? No.
Do you have anybody you've got your eye on? What're you talking about, no?
What? C'mon, there's gotta be somebody that makes you breathe shallow when they walk by.
No, what do you mean, breathe shallow?
I mean makes you nervous, like a babelicious cutie-pie.
Do you want me to leave? Oh, shut up, ok?
Mom, c'mon, you're cramping his style.
Alright, thanks for dinner. Thank you, for helping Josh. Yeah, yeah, thank you.
Will you let me talk to Cooper alone for a second, please?
Yeah, yeah, sure. Alright, later.
Take me out to fly those kites sometime. You're on.
Why are you paying for sex?
You're offering me a freebie?
In your dreams.
So I get a discount but I don't get a freebie.
Stop that. Stop.
Why are you paying for sex, Cooper?
Ever since I got out I just feel weird, ok? Like about the intimacy of all of it. I just don't want to connect with a woman on that level.
So I resort to pros, you know? Get in, get out, so to speak. Anything else?
Next time you call, ask for Annabel. You'll like her.
You know, how do you know what I like and what I don't like?
Well, we'll see.
Let me know if I'm wrong. I will.
Get out of my house. Goodnight.