Justin Bieber - BOYFRIEND - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO - As Long As You Love Me - Tutorial!

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Hey guys, you can almost see how wet my hair is.
That means you can expect a hairstyling video.
I've got a lot of requests whether I was up for recreating the whole look of Justin Bieber's Boyfriend teaser.
And I thought I'm going to fulfill this wish.
I've asked you which celebrity look you wanna see very often,
which cheap alternatives for a look and a hairstyling do you wanna see.
Write your favorite stars into the comments whose look I should recreate.
Maybe even in combination with a female company for the one or other female celibrity look as collaboration.
My hair is almost wet because I've just washed it and I'm going to create the look for you,
and you're going to see the outfit.
I don't say it's the same one-to-one outfit but it's very similar
according to what you've seen in the teaser.
The official video will come out soon, I'm looking forward to it.
I bet with you that there are a lot of Justin Bieber haters but this boy has done it
and he deserves it.
Anyway, so that I don't look so ugly anymore let's start with the video,
hope you like it and let me know whatelse you like to watch,
so enjoy the video =)
The only things you need for the Justin Bieber hairstyling are a normal comb,
a hairbrush for men to turn your hair from the front.
I have studiet the video exactly how it is.
Then you need wax and there you can use the wax you like the most.
I have one by Paul Mitchel which I'm going to use
but you can also use cheaper ones like the "Smart Look" by AXE for a dulleffect,
because wax by itself is very dull and you wanna get that dull effect
or here's also one by ****
So you can take the wax you got.
In the first step I'd recommend you to take heat protection spray,
just to protect your hair...
I use this one by ****
And we're going to comb through the hair for protection
because we have to work in the product before.
Wow, I'm looking like a monk =D
By the way for everyone asking how I reach my hairstyle,
I'll make a seperate video about this.
But you'll take the wax first...
and take that much...
and spread it between both hands...
then work it into your hair.
Because we want the hair to go back from the front,
so you'll have to work with the blow-drier.
And we're done - No I'm joking.
Firstly we've got to take a blow-drier and blow-dry our hair.
In the first step we'll comb our hair this way.
And put it up in curles while we're blow-drying them....
As soon as you did that your hair should look this way.
The sun is shining into my hair now.
They should look like a wave in the front.
In the next step we'll take the comb and comb our hair forward.
That the whole style looks smooth.
The style would normally be ready but I'll make some touch-ups so you can see how it looks like.
No we'll almost add some wax and warm it between our hands.
With that we'll go through our hair like this...
Take your fingers and pull it forward...
This is how the product gets into your hair and we pull the hair a little bit down like this...
This is how the final hairstyle looks like.
It looks awesome and this is how my hair usually looks like.
You can see the difference.
I'd like to make a hairstyle video about my usual hairstyle.
This is one of the simple looks, you just need a hairdryer, a hairbrush and some wax
and a little bit of patience to reach this hairstyle.
You should twist your hair starting from the first quarter of your hair till your frontal
and turn your hair inwards with the hairbrush,
so that it looks like this.
It reminds me of the hairstyle of Bruno Mars,
but this is the Justin Bieber look.
Tell me how you like it, i think it's cool.
It's really very simple and smooth inside the hair
and it doesn't look like you've done so much with your hair
and you've seen it's not much work.
Let's get to the outfit to get finished with the Justin Bieber look.
And I hope you like the rest too =)
Justin Bieber wears a white v-neck shirt in his Boyfriend video.
It looks very simple and I like this style very much.
Combined with that I'm wearing a black Pearl Jacket with a fitting collar,
looks great, looks like the one Justin Bieber has worn too.
Got it from Zara and she's in by celebrities and still available.
And yes I love to dance =D ... however.
In addition to that I'm wearing my favorite jeans and a gray/black belt.
And to complete the outfit I'm wearing black highcut shoes for which Justin Bieber is famous for.
That's the outfit =)
So guys this is it with my Justin Bieber inspired look.
Let me know how you liked the video and the hairstyle.
It's very easy to do on your own.
I think that's very helpful for everybody who wants to recreate the look.
Well it doesn't have to be from Justin Bieber, it can also be from other celebs.
I have even seen Zayn Malik with this jacket and I like the whole look and the whole outfit.
You can't say nothing against it, the stylist did a good job.
Let me know which celebrity styles you wanna watch from me.
Give me some feedback, leave a comment and give thumbs up
and don't forget to check out my other social media for more updates.
See you, thanks for joining me. <3
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