EVERYWHEN (2013) Official Trailer #1

Uploaded by JARANDandJENS on 03.06.2012

My time, your future.
It might seem bliss to you, with it's teleporters.
But I can assure you, even technology has it's faults.
It might not be so perfect after all.
Somewhere in this world, but, not in this world..
my five year old brother is trying to kill himself.
And there is nothing I can do to stop it.
I'm afraid so, Ian.
Your best shot would be to get a chip.
And to get that, you'll have to break into my old lab.
I can get you through the main doors,
but that's it.
To get access to these chips you need top clearance.
If you wanna be responsible for three billion deaths, be my guest.
Meet your new head chief of this investigation, Jane Scott.
What is this place,
what's going on?
This isn't your world, Ian.
You don't belong here.
One hand washes the other.