Rockman de Western Show (English subtitles)

Uploaded by wikkyhorse on 12.09.2009

《Attention》 • The same unoriginal videos have been popping up everywhere.
• Many people are catching onto these wrong, low-budget videos.
• Crashman is more of a pervert than the incomplete video (nm4772639).
... ...Oケー?
Thanks. From Wily Numbers Shutai, here's a western show!
Rockman de Western Show
Hey Crashman, you're such a stubborn fellow.
Hurry up and give up on Rockman.
"Give up"? What a silly thing to say.
I'm definitely his Destiny!!
You two, stop it!
Aren't we enemies?
Well, you don't have to say such a thing.
Men compete with their heart!!
Rock's point of view
I, I feel somewhat scared......!
W, wait! Ah, he got away!
I guess they gave up.
I, I, I'm sorr...
My sweetest Rock boy I'm in love with you.
Let me tell you about the pain in my heart.
This isn't typical of us guys but
We want to steal your heart!
Cut it out, the two of you.
We're enemies!
It's not that big of a problem yo.
And men compete with their heart!!
Not important? But we came to fight.
Well... Eh? Behind?
Gotcha, Rockman!
... now I won't let you escape.
Me neither.
Of course, we won't let you either.
.......nothing more can be done?! I'm all scared...... !
Wait a moment. Aren't you forgetting someone?
Blues appears! Sorry to have kept you waiting!
KYKY Try to understand the atmosphere here.
The series has gone on too long? Let's exhaust you, shall we?
Enemy or not, I've had enough...... !
Anyway, I just want to go home!
Of course we're bad guys but
Well, men compete with their heart!!
Men compete with their heart!!
Are you men really competing for me?! (tears)
Translated by Wikky Horse
All tied up...
That's all. Thanks for watching!
......Next episode is Metalman?