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"On the river."
"Waves dance."
"On the waves, dance boats."
"To whose tunes do we dance? No one knows, brother."
"No one knows, brother."
"To whose tunes do we dance? No one knows, brother."
"No one knows, brother."
"Like puppets, who makes us dance?"
"Like puppets, who makes us dance?"
"Who holds the strings? I can't see him."
"Who knows where life's going."
"Who knows where life's going with the wind."
"No one knows, brother."
"Where do we come from? Where are we headed?"
"Where do we come from? Where are we headed?"
"Strange are relationships. We don't make or break them."
"Does the cloud resemble a bride?"
"Or does the sun beam cast a shade?"
"No one knows, brother."
"On the river..
..waves dance."
"On the waves, boats dance."
Excuse me. - Yes?
My name is Mahim Ghoshal. - Mahim Ghoshal?
Yes, Kali Babu. - Who, Kali Babu?
You mean the erstwhile police inspector?
Before going from here, I had a chat with him..
..he mentioned you.
Am I worthy of a mention? I'm fortunate.
And for an officer like you.. have been sent here spells fortunes for this village.
It is good that I met you here.
You're the village chief, aren't you?
Sir, forget it. What's the big deal? It's the people. They love me.
I said, spare me, my health is failing. But who listens?
They forced me into it.
And no one cares if it hampers my business.
What business?
Farming. Baiting. Fishing. Wild honey.
Honey? - Yes, as in honey from bees.
Plenty of honey in the Sunderban forests.
And something about Madhu Chaudhary? Kali Babu mentioned him.
Surely you've heard of the royal Bengal tiger of the Sunderban?
Whoever comes in front of him, he kills them.
A beast was born in the royal family of Dhaniakhali.
Madhu Chaudhary.
He kills whoever comes in front of him.
A villain of the first order. - What do you mean?
His family held in fields, this entire area.. far as you can see.
Then came Madhu Chaudhary and he razed it all.
Drink, lowly women, smuggling, and hooliganism.
He possesses all these qualities.
Do keep a distance, sir.
Sir, there's Dhaniakhali, around the bend.
Boss, here we are.
All night I've been rowing. I'm sapped.
Boss, is this any business?
Mahim Ghoshal's shady business never sapped you?
Now you're into fishing making a respectable living.
That saps you? Idiots.
Boss, be it fishing or stealing, business is business.
Wow! How clever!
Boss, who's this new fish?
Look at Mahim, stuck like a gadfly.
Are you blind? - Why?
Don't you see the uniform?
Must be the new police inspector. - Okay.
Boss, he looks tough. - Seen his type.
A donkey trying to swim the flood..
..that has drowned elephants and horses.
Pass the bottle.
Give it. - Take this.
Bhada, take the catch to the trader in Kaligunj - Yes.
And ask him to settle the account.
Fine boss. Hurry up, row ashore. You always delay..
Welcome sir.
The plank is rotten. Careful sir.
Good day, boss. - Not me, greet sir.
My master!
What's this? - That's my servant, Pitu.
Yes, Pitu.
My humble home is quite close. If you please come to..
Not today, Mr. Mahim. I'm here, we'll keep seeing each other.
Okay, sir.
Here, give it to me. - Okay.
Pitu! - Yes sir.
Pitu you go home. - Yes.
Go on, I'm going to see the doctor. - As you say, sir.
Laxmi, why is your pot spilling? - It's full, that's why.
Water? Or the fervor of youth? - Get lost.
Hail the lord.
Hail the lord.
Make way. God's throne comes. Don't you see?
Who's stopping you? - Your shadow.
Step aside.
You hypocrite! By the light of the day.. even shirk the shadow of the women you chase by night?
The age of sin! Lord! Protect us.
Come on.
The age of sin!
What's wrong, priest?
Look those girls!
But why am I telling you? You're one of them.
Lord! Lord!
Hi, Dhanno.
Sir, you?
The tube well has become the city of love with beauties around.
Not yet. It'll become the city of love in sometime.
How? - Romeo is here.
Dhanno? - Get lost.
Is the doctor in?
You? Welcome.
Greetings. - Greetings, sir.
I bought a few things in town for your dispensary.
Why did you take the trouble?
Glucose, cotton, bandages.
Why did you have to get all this?
You serve everyone in the village. Can't I do this much?
I also bought a few things for Ms. Rekha.
Where is Ms. Rekha? - She went to the school.
Very well.
Please give it to her. - I will.
Tell her that I had come. - Yes.
I shall be back. - Okay.
Make sure you tell her that I had come.
2 multiplied by 1 is 2. - 2 multiplied by 1 is 2.
2 multiplied by 2 is 4. - 2 multiplied by 2 is 4.
2 multiplied by 3 is 6. - 2 x multiplied by 3 is 6.
2 multiplied by 4 is 8. - 2 multiplied by 4 is 8.
2 multiplied by 5 is 10. - 2 multiplied by 5 is 10
2 multiplied by 6 is 12. - 2 multiplied by 6 is 12.
Good. Now repeat again.
2 multiplied by 1 is 2.
2 multiplied by 2 is? - 4.
2 multiplied by 3? - 6.
You take this.
Why are you standing quietly today?
What's going on? Back to class. Go! Go!
Why scold the kids? I called them.
How are you concerned about them?
They are kids from my village.
You belong to no one but drunks and the wastrels.
What influence will a beast..
..a wastrel like you, have on the kids?
Have you ever considered?
So, I am a beast? A wastrel?
But have you considered what your hatred is turning me into?
I've neither need nor leisure to think about you.
It would be better if you stopped coming here.
Why are you laughing?
What's makes you so merry? - I just can't stop laughing.
Well Dhanno.
Been out to fetch water? - Yes, can't you see?
What is the matter? Won't you ask me to sit?
Treat me a betel leaf. - No betel leaf here.
No issues. No issues.
I bought trinkets for you in town.
Would you like to show me how they look on you?
Keep it for the girl who will pass off..
..your Idiot as someone else's son.
Your tongue is wagging! Wench.
I'll bury you in muck someday.
Get lost!
How dare you!
Let go. Let go!
Well Chief Mahim? You here? Among fallen women?
Mind your language, Madhu. I'm a gentleman.
Talking as though they are not respectable.
Idiot, you've snatched everything.
Shouldn't you be sparing something for me?
Are you eyeing her too?
Get out of here. Idiot.
What's this? Must you drink like a fish? Why drink this?
Let it be. Wretched woman. What an incorrigible chatterbox!
Sir, why are you ruining your life?
This hooch makes a beast out of a man.
If I don't become a beast, the dogs will tear me apart.
Pass.. Pass the bottle.
Tomorrow's spring festival. You must put up a grand show.
Distribute this money among folks in the neighborhood.
Take this and go.
Why have you come here? - To pay my obeisance to God.
Today's the Holi festival. - Holi? Celebrate it with your wenches.
What have you come here for? This is a temple..
For infidels and drunkards like you..
..coming here is forbidden. Understand?
I am an infidel because I drink? And you?
Despite your colorful nights, you still remain the priest?
There was a time when prayers wouldn't begin..
..until my family wasn't present here.
Matter of time.
Get lost!
What are you guys gaping at? Play on.
Don't spray color on me.
"There was someone I loved."
"Why is he a stranger today?"
"There was someone I loved."
"Why is he a stranger today?"
"Like a mirage in a sea of sand, dreams of love make me thirsty."
"There was someone I loved."
"Why is he a stranger today?"
"In colors of love we painted two destinies."
"In colors of love we painted two destinies."
"Then came a sandstorm.."
"..that wiped out images of the rain clouds."
"The same colors of love have left me tainted."
"There was someone I loved."
"Why is he a stranger today?"
"The boats man may drown but the storm doesn't care."
"The remains of heart felt desire is only a craving."
"Like dewdrops, they are useless."
"They fall no sooner than dew has formed."
"There was someone I loved."
"Why is he a stranger today?"
"Like a mirage in a sea of sand, dreams of love make me thirsty."
"There was someone I loved."
"Why is he a stranger today?"
Why have you come here? - Rekha, today is Holi..
I thought..
About getting drunk? - No Rekha!
Trust me. I haven't touched hooch today.
I don't wish to know what you did or didn't do.
This is my house, not a courtesan's house.
Keep to the filth that you have got into. Understood?
What Holi? For whom?
Drink. Come on.
Let the music play.
Dhanno, dance.
It is Holi!
It is Holi!
It's prayer-time in the temple.
How dare you raise a din? Stop it!
It is Holi!
Stop it, I say!
Begin. - It is Holi!
Stop it.
Stop it, I say! - We won't.
No we won't. - You won't?
Then I'm going to the police. I'll have the whole lot jailed..
..or I'm no priest. - Get going, you farce priest?
You abuse me? How dare you!
Jyoti. - Yes.
Hold this hypocrite and pour it down his gullet. - No.
Get him.
Nab that priest. - Dare you come behind me! Leave me!
It was fun.
Welcome, Mr. Bhuvan. Nice of you to have found the time.
Rekha. Rekha!
Why are you standing? Be seated.
My sister, Rekha.
This is Inspector Bhuvan Roy.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Ms. Rekha runs a school for the kids, sir. - I see.
She also helps the doctor in the dispensary.
Yes, she is a great help. She can administer injections.
She also handles delivery cases.
You're as good as a doctor.
Not doctor, you may call me an assistant.
To tell you the truth, Mr. Bhuvan.. one is willing to come here..
..not even an assistant comes to these deep jungles.
Then how come you're here?
I was holidaying here when the cholera epidemic broke out.
Coincidentally, I had some medicines with me, so I stopped it.
And then, the people here wouldn't let me leave.
And I thought, if all the doctors are away in the cities..
..what about these people? So, I stayed back.
My master. Save me, master!
I was told at the police station you're here.
The chief is here too.
What is the matter, priest? - The same, Madhu!
That Madhusudan Chaudhary.
Enough. I understood. You needn't say anything more.
Let him have his say. Go on.
That Madhusudan came totally drunk.
I forbade him from coming to the temple in a drunk state. That was it.
He raised a din, sat on my chest, got me in a stranglehold..
..and told them to pour the hooch into my gullet.
To pour it into my gullet.
Look, what he has done to me! You must take a decision.
This is Holi festival, so Madhu might've had a bit to drink.
He's a merry soul.
Priest, forget it.
On a day like this, you should spare even your enemy.
But it's an everyday thing. - You can go. I'll look into it.
I'll make a move now. Someday, I'll take a look at your school.
Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Hello Mr. president. How are you?
Is everyone in there? - Yes, but..
Go inside. Go.
Welcome, Mr. Mahim. What brings you here?
Are you all right, sir? - Yes, sit.
But what's all this?
Vegetables from my farm. Fish.
A gift for you. Maybe you haven't settled in.
So, I thought I'd get them.
Mr. Mahim, I may be a newcomer. The rest of my men are old hands.
No problem for me. Here you are.
Master! What are you doing?
I'm here to serve, not to be served. - Don't get me wrong.
It's a custom in our village. - Maybe, but I don't like it.
The policeman is crooked.
Won't flip so easily. He paid me for the gift.
Pitu. - Yes master?
Nasiruddin hasn't paid up? - He had promised.
But he's having a tough time. - Am I to let outstanding mount?
Collect from him. - Yes, master.
Sanatan. - Yes master?
What about the contract for the dam? - I went to the office.
But the new engineer is very tough.
Boys nowadays.. What are they made of?
They will even starve a man.
Do one thing, double the engineer's commission. - Yes.
And cut the wage rate by half.
Let's see how he refuses me. - Right approach, Sanatan.
Master, the policeman's here.
Mr. Mahim? Do you live here?
Yes master, welcome.
Not today, I'm in a hurry.
How can that be?
You won't leave without stepping into my house, will you?
Well two minutes, if you insist.
I'm taking a tour of the village.
Even if for two minutes, do step in, my master!
Nice place. - You like it? Welcome.
Pitu. - Yes.
Wonderful Mr. Mahim Ghoshal. Here in the jungle..
You've got a tape recorder, transistor and scotch whisky?
Doesn't seem like Dhaniakhali village!
Just a few fancies, master.
Do help yourself. - Water?
I don't fancy that. Sorry.
It's scotch. Imported. A peg?
I don't drink. Well, excuse me.
Someday, you must find the time.
Master, you saw his eye for detail?
Does he have any inkling?
Even he has got to stay here.
Push it, man. Or are your hands too delicate?
I'm pushing it, boss. - Bhada.
Yes. - Out with the bottle.
Bottle, boss? Bottle, boss.
That's the end of work. - Shut up.
Can the engine work without gas?
Okay sir.
Go on Bhada. Have a sip. - Yes.
Jyoti? - Yes, boss?
That's genuine alcohol. Two drops and you're feeling fine.
You're right, sir.
Greetings, Mr. Madhu.
Come Nasiruddin, tell me, how is your son?
Doctor told to take him to the hospital in town. But how?
Pitu took the little paddy I had. - Why?
I owed Mr. Mahim some money. So, he took that in return.
Don't know, why is God angry with the poor?
God doesn't have time for the poor.
Bhada. - Tell me, sir.
Give 20 bucks to Nasiruddin.
How can I go on taking money from you? - Keep it, Nasiruddin.
I'll spend it all on hooch.
No harm spending a bit for a good cause. Keep it.
How can I thank you enough? Bhada, keep an eye on my boat.
I must buy medicines right away.
Come fast. - Shut up.
Had the whole bottle. - Give it to me.
Boss, a small one?
Go on. - After you.
No, just have it. - No, after you.
Sir, Madhu Chaudhary.
Master, bottle's empty.
Jyoti, out with the next.
Out with it. - Yes.
Come on.
Isn't that the new inspector? - Yes. Looks like him, boss.
Will you have it all by yourself? How about sparing one?
That one's for later.
Pass me a matchbox.
Want some?
A swig?
Don't be shy. Pure hooch. Country made.
Do you know it's illicit?
Inspector, don't tell me what the law is. What is legal here?
Forget the made-in-India label.
What isn't being smuggled in? Japanese, American..
..British, watches, hooch, textiles.
Preaching the law for made-in-India label?
Go on, have a swig. Enjoy it.
I don't drink.
Then how will you survive in these jungles?
Won't drink? Won't have fun with the girls?
What else will you do?
Are you a reformist? - Maybe not. But I'm on duty.
What are you doing here?
Broke the boat of my life.
The fishing skiff is all I'm left with.
So I'm getting it repaired.
Go on. - Are you leaving?
Let's made each other again.
Bhada. - Yes, boss.
That cop ran away. - Not just ran, but ran as fast as he could.
Hey Jyoti! - Yes.
Isn't this Nasiruddin's boat?
Yes, why? - None of your business.
Boss, look who is here. The idiot.
Hey Pitu, what are you doing?
You can't hear?
Why are you untying the boat? - Boss's orders.
Nasiruddin owes him a heap.
But you took his paddy.
Is 4 sacks enough to pay off the whole debt.
Boss told me to take his boat.
Pitu. Don't be so cruel. I'll pay you, in installments.
How will you pay?
All your earnings go to pay for your son's illness.
I'll pay you, anyway I can. Spare my boat! Or it'll kill me.
Then die. Move! - Pitu!
Let go of his boat. He'll pay you.
Tell Mahim, I'm the surety. - And who stands surety for you?
Your father?
Idiot! How dare you mention my father.
Nasiruddin, take your boat away.
Leave me, let go. - Get up.
Idiot! You dare mention my father?
Idiot. Will you mention my father?
I'll put the soap on him. He will go home and have bath.
Use a cold shower for pneumonia.
Idiot lackey.
Idiot! I'll teach a good lesson to each one of you..
..or I don't deserve to be called as Pitu.
Get him. - You!
Stop. - No. - How dare you abuse our boss. - I'll tell sir..
What happened? - The three of them bashed me up.
Why even talk to them? They're animals.
He was taking Nasiruddin's boat. - Bhada.
Yes? - Jyoti, come back.
Come on.
You! - Let's go.
Master, grave atrocities. Look at poor Pitu.
Madhu did this to him. - Madhu?
But who else dares touch any of my men?
Madhu Chaudhary thinks he's a tiger. - What happened?
He beat me up mercilessly.
Look what state he has brought me to.
Ms. Rekha was there. You can ask her.
They would've killed me, had she not intervened.
Will Ms. Rekha depose? - Of course.
Mr. Sharat. - Yes sir?
Take down his report.
Come with me. - Yes sir, tell me.
Nimai. - Sir?
Bring in Madhu Chaudhary right away.
Yes, sir.
Get up, you're always sleeping.
Madhu? - Yes?
Come to the police station with me. Inspector's orders.
Tell him I'll come after work. - You didn't hear? It is sir's order.
If you don't come, I will arrest you.
What? - Yes?
Arrest? - Yes.
You? - Yes. - Me? - Yes.
Show me how to make an arrest. - Are you making fun of me?
I'll show you.
Oh God.
Don't laugh. Help him up. He's the police chief. Go.
You are great, constable. You fell with a style.
Wonderful. - I fell in the muck and you are laughing? - Not at all.
Smile while you can.
Fatso, like some help? - Shut up.
Some help. - Oh God!
Manhandling a policeman! I'll fix each and every one of you.
I'll fix each and every one of you.
I'll fix each and every one of you.
I'll not spare him now.
Foul-mouthing me?
He abused me?
Madhu, got violent. When I told him about your order..
..he shunned you. Told you to do whatever you like.
And then he tripped me. - How dare he?
Mr. Sharat, take two armed men along. Arrest him immediately.
Never mind, inspector.
You needn't trouble them. I'm here, in person.
You? - Yes.
..Roy Chaudhary.
This is a police station, not your residence.
Look, I'm here to lodge a complaint.
Do your men have the right to call me names? Like pigs and dogs?
Shut up.
I expected you to give me a just hearing.
Did you see that, sir? - Shut up! Lackeys.
There was a time when this Mahim Ghoshal used to be..
..a clerk in my office.
And Pitu was my watchman.
Today, he's a rich man. And I'm homeless.
I'm not about to tolerate them if they use abusive language.
And resort to hooliganism?
You will beat up a policeman?
I won't tolerate injustice.
If he uses foul language and if Pitu tries.. grab poor Nasiruddin's boat..
Then you decide? - Yes I will.
How dare you? I'll thrash you. - You can do nothing to me.
I'll flog you! - what did you say? You will flog me?
Are you going to use a whip on me?
Then cut out the talk and show me what you can do?
I'm ready.
That's all?
Or more?
Keep quiet.
May I take your leave?
Get out.
Yes Inspector, I shall leave now.
But before I leave, I'd like to tell you something.
You did not dispense justice.
You saw that insolence, sir?
You all leave.
You're bleeding. Apply medicine. - Leave me.
Madhu, what is the matter?
What happened? - See this, sir.
See this. He hit him with the hunter. - Oh god!
Come inside.
Without medication, you'll get septicemia.
I'll wash it in alcohol. Everything will be fine.
The doctor is right. - You aren't leaving without medicine.
Come sir, let's go inside.
Come on in, you mustn't be so angry.
Sit. Wait.
Let me take off your shirt.
Those are deep wounds.
What else can the village offer me?
The villagers might think you're bad..
..but I can never think ill of you.
Really, doctor brother?
Yes, Madhu. For you, I shall always remain doctor brother.
I understand everything, but I keep my mouth shut.
Whipping? This is unacceptable.
The whip doesn't hurt anymore.
What hurts are words that I still remember.
Whipping so mercilessly is unwarranted.
You may express your opinion only if you are apprised.
What a thing to say! Look at the blood.
Can there be two opinions about it?
One who commits a mistake must suffer.
I made no mistake. If need be, I'll do it again.
Where are you going? - Leave me.
Fetch bandages. - Let go.
Untreated, it'll develop septic. - Nothing will happen.
Here in the Sunderban, I'm one of the beasts.
They're shot and wounded.
But don't get their wounds dressed.
Boss, listen to me at least. - Shut up.
Madhu! - Come. - Madhu!
What's come over you? Did you have to say all that?
I said what I saw. I never said anything wrong.
Rekha, I see everything too. But I keep mum.
If only you understood Madhu's pain.
Brother, who has cared to understand me?
Is anybody bothered about my pain?
Were it not for your love and this school.
I would've had a breakdown long back.
Hello doctor, where to? - I was coming to see you.
Really. Go on Mr. Sharat. I'll join you.
How may I be of service? - I got a grave complaint against you.
Complaint, against me? Have I erred?
You were unjust with Madhu.
Anyone who takes the law in his hands will suffer the punishment.
And you will flay a man with a bull-whip?
Sorry. I am sorry.
I'm a doctor. I try not just treat but..
..also to eradicate the disease.
Madhu is basically a nice man and he is good at heart.
Are Mahim Ghoshal and Pitu lying?
They could've instigated him for an attack.
Sir, you don't know them.
They're the ones who brought about Madhu's ruination.
Poor thing was driven out of his home.
They even brainwashed Rekha.
Ms. Rekha? Your sister? - Yes.
They were deeply in love.
Now, she throws a fit at the mention of him.
I see.
Doctor, you have my word.
If I have erred then I will repent.
I'm human too.
When I lose my head, I can make mistakes too.
Hello, brother Umer Singh.
It took you 6 months to get here?
It was too dangerous, Mr. president. That is the reason I didn't come.
Why? Is the robbery case still on?
It will be closed. The police is still looking for Ram Singh.
What they don't know is Ram Singh and..
..Umer Singh are one and the same.
Sir, Ram Singh, Umer Singh.
Forget it.
Are you having fun, Mr. president?
No, Madhu is heckling me.
I don't know what to do with him.
I'll do the explaining to him.
Why worry?
What a lovely piece, president.
Must take a look.
What is it? - Umer Singh is back.
So, what do I do? - Boss, what are you saying, he's after Ms. Rekha.
What? - Yes, he went after her in the market.
Let's size him up.
How much?
Look at this.
How much? - Ten rupees.
Ten? Give me a better price. - Look, it's fresh.
Okay, I'll take it. - Here.
Nice fish! How much for this?
I've bought that fish. - Maybe you did. But I like it.
What is this? Tell him that the fish is taken.
Yes, she bought it. - Shut up.
Umer Singh never spares anything he likes.
What do you like, Umer Singh?
Go on, boss.
Hit him.
Get him.
You idiot!
Wonderful, boss.
Get lost, idiot.
Hit the idiot.
Hit him hard. Boss, hit him.
We'll take care of him. Get up, mosquito.
Jyoti, give him a swig. That'll bring him around.
Wrestler, try this.
Like it? - Get out of here!
Umer Singh! Are you hurt?
Is he dead, sir? - Get up!
Get up!
Who's brawling? - We never did anything.
Lies! They're lying! See for yourself.
Madhu Chaudhary knocked him out. - You are the one who's lying.
He misbehaved with me. That's why Madhu beat him up.
Yes, he misbehaved.
I see, you may leave.
Pick him up. - Get up.
Hello, master. - What's your name?
Umer Singh.
Umer Singh, sir.. is a respectable gentleman.
An enterprising gentleman.
Enterprising, are you? - Yes sir.
I hear you use two names? Umer Singh. And Ram Singh?
No point trying to escape.
So, you were the one in the robbery?
What are you saying, master?
Wanted for robbery? I knew nothing of this.
Gradually, you will get to know everything.
Arrest him!
Come on.
Rekha! Are you alright?
I nearly died of shock when I heard of Umer Singh was in the market.
Not to worry, brother. I'm perfectly all right.
I heard about Madhu. Had he not arrived there..
..we would've been ruined.
I hope he wasn't hurt? Where is he?
Rekha, listen where are you going?
'You're always scolding me. If you scold me ever again,'
'I'll drown myself into the river.'
What? In this river?
Will you force me to build a Taj Mahal right here?
This is going to be expensive. - Stop joking.
A small house will suffice for us.
Poor man's house is his Taj Mahal made from love.
Will you be able to manage that much?
Sir. I've been searching for you all over. And you're here.
What do you want?
I heard you picked a fight?
Whatever I do, why are you concerned?
You've lost all you had.
What are you picking fights for?
Don't you care for your life? - What makes you worry about my life?
Sir, I don't know why I feel for you.
Dhanno, this soul will not leave this form so easily. Get it?
Go home. - I won't.
You won't? - No.
I'm not leaving without you.
You haven't eaten anything all day.
I can't bear to see this. - Alright, come on.
Chatterbox, move.
Stop it, sir.
Not more.
Why do you irritate me? Let me drink.
I want to forget everything.
Why? What's your sorrow? - Sorrow?
You won't understand. Get back to work. Go.
"Love is sorrow's cure."
"Wine is no cure for sorrow."
"Do not reject my love."
"I'm not that ugly."
"Love is sorrow's cure."
Where is love?
There's no love, Dhanno. No love, only hatred.
"Let go what has left you."
"Welcome what is coming to you."
"Let go what has left you."
"Welcome what is coming to you."
"The past is gone."
"Let a new spring blossom."
"Blossoms bloom in thousands."
"The rose isn't the only flower."
"Wine is no cure for sorrow."
That wound will heal, Dhanno.
But what about the wound within?
"Let's heal the wound in your heart."
"Let's heal your broken heart."
"Let's heal the wound in your heart."
"Let's heal your broken heart."
"Let's be companions, never to part."
"Then no one will be able to make you suffer."
"No one has guts.. trouble you now."
"Love is sorrow's cure."
"Wine is no cure for sorrow."
"Love is sorrow's cure."
Who is it at such late hour?
Who is it?
Inspector! So you're here too?
What's wrong?
You're coming with me. - Why?
Is living in Dhanno's house a crime?
Let him eat at least. - I can have my fill of flogging.
Right inspector?
Let's go. Let's go.
Inspector, hit me. I'm ready.
Take the whip.
What are you waiting for?
You didn't get it treated?
What was that?
How strange?
Can your conscience hear the swish of the whip?
I regret it, Madhu. I am really sorry.
Can you forgive me? - A flogging I can take. Not tears.
No please, wipe them.
I'm afraid those tears might force me to become human again.
Madhu, for what sorrow do you drown yourself in hooch?
Why have you cultivated hatred?
Won't you tell me? - Inspector, sir.
Forget it, that's old hat. What's the use of reminiscing?
Forget it. Forget it.
If you wish to say nothing, then so be it.
Just tell me one thing. Why does Rekha think ill of you?
How did you know? - I'm a policeman after all.
Why this hatred between you both? - First tell me who told you?
It's all lies.
That ring too? That name too?
No, this isn't a lie.
It is the truth.
Rekha and I loved each other dearly.
What have you done? I bungled on the dosage.
It is good as that'll cure your patient faster.
A few doctors like you could wipe out the whole village.
Have you spoken to uncle? - About our wedding?
Is it the only thing on your mind?
It's the store house. I told you, I want to run a school there.
Oh, yes. - You forgot.
Completely! Rekha, you have done something to me..
..that I think of you all the time.
I'll talk about the school today.
And don't forget about it this time. - Not at all.
There. That's a memory tag.
Wonderful. You have to remember and you're tagging my dress.
Mistake, again.
Silly boy.
Why such huge difference in the accounts, Mahim?
Where is all the money going?
Do not force me to speak, master.
If not my estate manager, who else will tell me?
Sir, Mr. Madhu doesn't abide by propriety. - How come?
He's your nephew. You should tell him.
So Mr. Mahim, here you are. It is good.
I hear you are sponsoring gambling at the Holi festival?
Gambling is part of every festivity. - You hear that, uncle?
He's out to rob the farmers. Poor guys, they're starving already.
Listen, no gambling. Is that clear? - Right, none of that.
Yes Mahim, if Madhu says no, then let it not happen.
As you wish, master.
Uncle. - Yes.
Can we clear out the store house by the river?
Why? - You know Dr. Anand's sister, Rekha?
Yes. - She wants a school for the kids there.
School for the kids? How nice.
But master.. - What?
Wasn't I supposed to have it? - Did I say that?
We'll find something else for you.
If Madhu says so, let the school come up there.
Sure master, the school will be there.
Mr. Mahim, clean up the store house in a week's time.
Mr. Madhu, it will be done.
If my Master says so, anything will be done.
Excuse me, uncle. - Very well, son.
I'd like to rest a while, Mahim. - Sure, sir.
I'm not feeling well.
Mr. manager, the little master aced you.
52 cards in a deck. Just watch, Pitu.
Little master, the gambling has been stopped. - Really?
The store house is being cleaned.
That's rather quick. - Yes, little master.
What with these servants? - Yes, your room is in disarray.
Shall I hire help?
Just send in someone. My room is always open.
Then Champa? May I send her?
Yes, send her. - Well, excuse me, little master.
Champa. - Yes, Mr. manager?
Listen. From tomorrow, you're taking care of Mr. Madhu.
Got it? - Yes.
Keep this.
Tonight, come over. - I'll come.
Little master. - Yes, priest?
Your uncle is sick.
Won't you come? At the temple, we're waiting for you.
Must you force the God to wait for us?
It's an old custom, little master.
Then break the custom. Set God free.
You always get into pointless altercations.
Just do as the priest says.
Yes, come on little master. - May I?
Yes, go on. - Let's go.
I'm going.
When I'm not with you, this ring will remind you of me.
Why won't you be with me? - Can't trust you.
After all, you're a landlord. - So what?
Tomorrow, you might take a liking..
..for someone else, some other girl?
Yes, that's a possibility. - What did you say?
Might just happen. - Another girl? While I'm around?
Why not? After all, I'm a landlord.
I'll not talk to you.
I can't bear this baby, Mr. manager.
Do something. I'm about to lose face.
Don't worry. I own 10 places.
I'll send you somewhere.
But there's something you must do. - I'll do anything, Manager.
Just help me out of this predicament. - Listen.
Good God! What are you saying? - Just do as I say.
I'll treat you like a Queen.
Sister. - Who?
Here at this hour? - How can I tell you this?
I'm in big trouble. - Sick?
I'll give you a medicine.
Not medicine, give me poison.
What are you saying?
Come inside.
Tell me, what is the matter? - I've lost face.
Where am I going to hide my sin?
Who did this to you?
Don't be scared Champa. Tell me.
How can I say this?
And who will believe me? He belongs to the gentry.
Gentry? - Yes, Mr. Madhu has ruined me. M. Madhu..
What? Whom did you name?
Are you in your senses? - I'm telling the truth.
And ever since it happened..
..Mr. Madhu doesn't even care. - You're raving.
I came in hope that you'd listen.
Oh, I have no one else.
Here you are!
What do you want? Medicines for Champa?
Champa? - No guts to tell my brother?
What are you saying?
I never imagined you'd stoop so low.
You go for meetings at night, right?
Revolution in farmers..
You haven't the courage to own up?
What have I done?
What are you saying? - Get those filthy hands off me.
I hate you. Go away.
You hear me? Get out of here.
Rekha, listen to me!
Rekha, listen!
Hurry up.
Now there's no more danger.
Sir is here.
Bhada. - Yes. - Make sure this part of the embankment is buttressed.
Right away, Mr. Madhu.
Hey, buttress this part.
You skipped dinner last night. Come, let's have tea.
Hello inspector.
Official business. - Yes?
There's an arrest warrant against you. - Warrant? Against me?
Your uncle's safe has been robbed of Rs. 50,000. - What?
Uncle has been robbed?
Yes. And you are the accused. - What are you saying?
Does anyone rob his own safe? What proof do you have?
Proof? The money was recovered from your room.
From my room?
Sir, I tried my best to convince your uncle..
..but he's being very stubborn.
Best for you to go along. It's up to the police now.
Come on!
Jyoti, the boss.
How are you boss? - Boss.
How have you been? - Great.
Come on, boss.
Who is it?
Don't you recognize me, Mahim Ghoshal?
Who? Master Madhu?
You're the master now, right?
How could you say that, master Madhu?
When did you come out?
Do sit.
My days of sitting in peace were over..
..the day you framed me, Mahim Ghoshal.
What else do I tell you?
You're getting me wrong, master Madhu.
I tried my best to get you off the hook.
Forget it. I'll see to that later what happened with me.
Start by telling me.
How did you kill my uncle?
Murder? Who says I committed murder?
His health failed him. He died, all of a sudden.
Died all of a sudden? - Yes.
All of a sudden?
What if this goes off all of a sudden?
What are you doing? It's loaded.
I won't kill a coward like you with..
..the same gun used for hunting tigers.
You can keep that too.
Just tell me what you did to my uncle's estate.
The government auctioned it off. - And you bought everything.
I thought, why not let it stay on in the family?
All this is yours, master Madhu. If you wish, you may live here.
I won't. But I'm not leaving this village either.
I'm staying on, until I've seen the end of you. Idiot!
Why have you come here?
You still despise me?
Have you forgotten what we shared? - I wish I could forget..
..that we ever met. - Rekha, I'm innocent.
Try to understand and trust me.
Trust who? You or Champa?
Champa? - Yes, the girl you ruined.
What did I do to Champa?
You ask me? Champa mothered your baby. - Rekha.
Who? Madhu. When did you come?
What happened? Come inside.
You're here after ages. Come in. - No.
Where are you going? Madhu! Listen.
Listen. Champa lived here.
Actually, she.. - Tell me where is she? Why don't you tell me?
Why don't you tell me? Where did Champa go?
Champa! Champa!
Who? Who's asking for Champa?
Sir, You! When did you come? - Dhanno, where's Champa?
Champa? Come home with me. - First tell me where Champa is.
I'll tell you. Come home.
I tried my best to find Champa. But there was no trace of her.
It's my job now, Madhu. I'll hunt her down.
No use, Inspector. He erased every trace of her.
Ever since one thought has plagued me.
How do I convince Rekha I'm not guilty?
I can understand your plight, Madhu.
I'm torn between Rekha's hatred..
..and the compassion that Dhanno and those poor folks have showed.
I could not remain human nor could I become a beast.
At the end I'm inhuman.
A half man-half beast. - Madhu, you can lose hopes like this.
You're man enough to give it a try. Everything will be fine.
Are you ridiculing me?
No Madhu, I want to help you. You'll begin life anew.
Again, you will be loved like you used to be earlier.
To tell you the truth..
..I'm scared of turning human again.
No, why don't you do something?
The engineer in charge of public work is a friend of mine.
Meet him.
I'm sure he will give you work.
Then it's decided. You're building the embankment.
Thank you for awarding the contract to me.
But where do I get the money?
Don't worry at all.
You can draw the money in installments as..
..the project progresses.
But why are you so kind to me? - No kindness.
My friend recommended you.
I'm confident that you will be honest in executing the work.
Fine Mr. Mitra, but get this clear.
I'll thrash anyone who asks for bribes.
Going to jail is no big deal for me. Been through it.
Rest is up to you.
Of course, but try not to let it happen.
Sir, tea.
Keep it. Have tea.
Boss, anything happened? - Anything happened?
Yes? - Anything good?
The job is mine. - You've made it, boss.
We must celebrate. Jyoti?
How can we not? - Give it.
At least wait till we're out of here.
Got it.
Master you've bagged a big deal.
How about something for me?
Something? - Yes.
Want some?
Bhada. - Yes boss.
Give him his bribe.
Go on. - Goodness! I don't drink hooch. - Idiot.
You can take bribes, not hooch?
No. Give it to him. - Oh God, save me.
Came asking for bribe.
Let's go.
Damn! Such a profitable contract.
You're useless.
What could I do? I fixed the others.
This new engineer called Madhu..
..and he awarded him the job. - These boys nowadays, are mad.
The engineer couldn't find anyone better than Madhu Chaudhary?
Even I'm baffled, sir. - Get lost. I am baffled.
Master, I guess the inspector is involved.
Yes, the inspector.
Come on, Pitu. - Let's go.
I'll ask him.
Hello Mr. Mahim, where to? - I was about to meet you.
Tell me.
I hear you awarded the embankment job to Madhu.
I awarded the job? Am I the chief engineer?
Anyway what's wrong if Madhu has won a contract?
Is Madhu worthy of it? - Why, is there a problem?
Can't Madhu be worthy of it? - Yes, he can be, sir.
Let's see what he does on the job.
Wait, first I'll get off.
Next, you. Come on.
Get down. Very good. Come, let's go.
Sir, you see how worthy he is?
The teacher and his disciples are on double doses.
President. - President.
Hello, Mr. president.
My greetings to you too, Mr. Bhuvan.
Your friend, the engineer has landed me in a soup.
What happened? - Dumped the embankment contract on me.
The making of a gentleman is tricky, Mr. Bhuvan. - Very tricky.
Why are you doddering?
He's worthy, sir.
Mr. president.
Why don't you convene the meetings of the village council?
Being president is big time. - Is it? Big time?
No more is he Madhu Chaudhary's uncle's manager.
Now he is the king of Dhaniakhali. - King?
Master, when will you convene a meeting?
Madhu, can you not give up drinking? It's poison.
Poison? - Poison.
"Don't ask me."
"Why I'm drinking poison?"
"In this poison,"
"I find a bit of life."
"Don't ask me."
"Why I'm drinking poison?"
"In this poison,"
"I find a bit of life."
"Don't ask me."
"Why I'm drinking poison?"
"In this poison,"
"I find a bit of life."
"Don't ask me."
"Drink and forget hunger."
"Drink to ease the pain."
"Not in another being can a poor man find this empathy."
"Drink and forget hunger."
"Drink to ease the pain."
"Not in another being can a poor man find this empathy."
"For how long will we live in pain?"
"What else can we do but drink?"
"The fire is consuming us, the snakes are spewing venom."
"They say venom is venom's cure."
"Don't ask me why I'm drinking poison."
"In this poison, I find a bit of life."
"Don't ask me why."
"Like useless clay, I'm abandoned."
"Like an empty bottle left on the wayside."
"Like useless clay, I'm abandoned."
"Like an empty bottle left on the wayside."
"Bow and you will be spared."
"That's my real punishment."
"The innocent is guilty."
"Justice stays mum."
"God's justice."
"Don't ask me why I drink poison."
"In this poison,"
"I find a bit of life."
"Don't ask me."
"Why I'm drinking poison?"
"In this poison,"
"I find a bit of life."
"I find a bit of life."
"I find a bit of life."
Hello Mr. Bhuvan.
Hello Mr. Bhuvan.
Why are you pursuing me? - I know you're angry with me.
Believe me, I didn't sleep last night.
What do you want from me?
I'm ashamed, Mr. Bhuvan.
Yesterday after I bagged the contract..
..Jyoti and Bhada wanted to celebrate.
So, I couldn't hold back and I drank.
You couldn't hold yourself back..
..but you embarrassed me in front of Mahim Ghoshal.
Forgive me, Mr. Bhuvan. I swear.
I will never cause you any embarrassment.
One drink and you'll forget everything.
Mr. Bhuvan, don't make me more ashamed.
I swear by you! Never again will I repeat this mistake.
Will you remember that? - Absolutely.
Go and start the work at the dam. - Okay.
Got the file? - Yes.
Let's go.
Sir, I heard you are leaving? - Yes, Dhanno.
I've won the contract.
If you go away, what will happen to us?
These beasts will tear us apart.
No one dare do that. I have a job to do. So I'm leaving the village.
I'm not dead. - Won't you take me along?
What? - I'll cook for you. I'll serve you.
How shameless!
If I take you with me people will say, we've eloped.
You must think before you speak. Go home.
Go. - I'm going.
Boss, whatever you say, home is the best.
Leaving hurts.
Boss, what about you?
Yes Bhada, but..
I'm leaving.
Maybe it will douse the fire of your hatred.
I hope you can live in peace.
Boss. The launch is leaving.
Kalwa. - Yes sir.
When does the boat leave? - At high tide.
By daybreak, we will be in Kolkata. - Is the stuff concealed?
Trust your servant, master.
Master, Ms. Rekha.
Hello Ms. Rekha. On your way back from school?
You put in such hard work. All day, with the children.
And then helping the doctor in the evening.
Wonderful! - Anything else?
Yes. Good news.
Good news? - Madhu has left the village in the morning.
Now you and I can live in peace. - What do you mean?
I mean, everyone in the village will be able to live in peace, right?
You for one, will surely be at peace.
Do you consider me a stranger? I thought that..
..we might together expand the school.
I'll pay all the expenses.
How come you are so concerned about my school?
Are we different? - As different as man and beast.
Master, she called you a beast. - She said it lovingly.
Beast? Lovingly? - Anger is an expression of love.
And I love anger.
You won't understand, Pitu.
Yes, make it fast. - Hurry, we got to finish fast.
Come on, make it fast.
Put some mud here.
Badha! - Yes?
What are you doing? - I am fixing this pole, sir.
Come on, hurry up. Make it fast.
Hurry up. We have to finish this work before Dussera.
Brother. - What? - Work started? - Yes.
Going ahead full steam? - Unlike Mahim, I can't thieve.
I put in hard work. - Keep it up.
Yes. Idiot.
Push it.
Madhu is going ahead full steam? - Yes.
The lands there will yield gold, as soon as the dam is made.
If you wish we can start grabbing tracts of land.
Sit. - Yes.
Let it brook no delay. - No way.
It mustn't be known that I'm involved.
Have nothing to worry, master. Shall I leave now? - Yes.
Pull down the houses. Throw everyone out.
Mr. Ramlal, what are you doing? - Mr. Ramlal.
What are you doing, sir?
This is our land. Get out of here.
No. Don't be so cruel. - Get out.
They broke everything. - We're ruined.
Get out!
Help us.
Mr. Madhu! Help us.
Mr. Madhu, we are ruined.
We're ruined.
Tell me what happened? - Sanatan is taking away our farms.
Yes. - The land was fallow.
After you've built the dam, these lands will yield gold.
Sanatan assaulted us and threw us out.
Where will go with our family?
Do something, please Mr. Madhu. - Come, let's have a look.
Yes Mr. Sanatan. So, you have seized their lands?
Why seize? The lands are mine. I only let them live here.
While the lands lay fallow, you never farmed the lands. Why?
Who are you to interfere?
I.. I am your boss. Idiot.
Idiot! Harassing the poor? - Mr. Madhu, spare me.
Call your boss in. - Forgive me.
Get lost. Cur.
Come, let's go.
Brave men, indeed. Came to take the land away.
Puran.. Go on, go home. - Thanks, Mr. Madhu.
Boss, how about a swig? - Shut up.
Faster. Put more mud.
Keep it up. Yes, continue doing it.
Greetings, sir. - Where's Mr. Madhu?
There he is. - Okay.
Mr. Bhuvan! What brings you here? Greetings. - Greetings.
Nice progress.
Will you be through before the rains? What say?
We're trying our best.
Send in tea. Quick.
What else can I do for you? - Mr. Madhu, just tea won't do.
I have a liking for this. - You told him?
Sorry Mr. Mitra, not available. We have only tea.
How do you make it, Madhu? - I got a promise to keep.
And I've got a job to do. I'm satisfied.
No jokes, Mr. Bhuvan.
I am very happy, Bhuvan! Very happy!
Let's give you a tour of this place.
How can you leave like this?
Why not? - Have tea before you leave.
Baddha! - Madhu.
No time. I'm inspecting another dam.
I see. - Some other day.
Well, let's go. - Come on.
Hello Ms. Rekha! - Where did you vanish?
Haven't seen you around..
Duty. I was touring the area. Homeward bound?
Come along.
Rather long hours at the school? - I had some work.
Today, I had been to Aamtali. I met Madhu.
He's working on the dam. - I see. He must be..
He has done wonders. I never expected he'd achieve so much.
Folks there are very happy with him.
Madhu seems to have made quite an impression on you.
Nothing of the sort. But it's nice to see someone doing well.
For you, maybe. But I have no interest in someone..
..who ruined innocent Champa and forced her to commit suicide.
Champa didn't commit suicide. She was murdered.
What? - When she was killed Madhu was in jail.
How can you be so sure?
Until the investigation is over, the killer cannot be named.
As of now, all I can say is, Madhu is innocent.
What about the robbery? Is that a lie?
Maybe someone framed him to get him out of his way.
I too took him for a drunk and a vagabond.
But up close, I realized I was wrong.
In that drunkard, I found a man of integrity.
Only you can save her, doctor. Hurry, please.
Nibaran, I'm sick. I can't even get up.
Go to Doctor Sinha in the next village.
By then my wife will be dead.
What is the matter, Nibaran? - Sister, my wife is in labor.
She's in pain.
But my brother is very sick.
Can I go?
You? In the middle of such a storm? A delivery can be complicated.
How will you manage? - You have no faith in me?
It isn't like that. - You don't worry about it.
I'll save her from the high tide waves. I'll take her responsibility.
Come, sister. - Let me go.
Let me carry that. - I'll be back soon.
What happened? - Aunt, what happened?
Congratulations Nibaran, you have a son. - Son?
May I go in and see? - Make it quick.
You have to escort me back. - I'll be right back.
One more. - Yes.
Yakub, here. - Yes.
Ramjan. Get me one more bottle.
I am getting it, brother Yakub. - Hurry up.
Take this. - Idiot is high.
Here, hold this.
Brother, Yakub. - Yes.
Won't you give her some? - Go on, give her a drink.
Brother Yakub, give one more.
Have a drink.
Yakub! She pushed me.
It's Mr. Mahim's launch, isn't it? I'm going to complain to him.
Complain? - Mr. Mahim?
Why did the engine stall?
Brother Yakub, something wrong in the distributor?
Nothing's wrong. You did it purposely.
Purposely? Yakub? - Yes.
She's high.. without drinking.
Why are you guys cackling? Why has the engine stalled?
The engine is acting pricey. - Acting pricey, is she?
Give her a drink. She'll start up.
Row over to the bank. I'm getting off right here.
Where did you take her on?
Nibraran's guest. Said it's urgent. She's good, right?
Idiot! You talk to a lady like that? - Forgive me.
Forgive me, I'll never say that again.
Will you? - No.
Will you ever say that again? Yousuf.
What are you gaping at? Fix the engine, now.
I'll fix it right now, Mr. Madhu.
I'm not likely to get it running before daybreak.
I can't quite understand now. - Is that so?
If you drink so much, how can you? Moron!
Have dinner and sleep.
Yes, I'll sleep.
Yes, I'll sleep.
Until they come off their high, no hopes for the engine.
If you wish, you can use the cabin upstairs.
Madhu, sir. - Yes.
You must be hungry. Eat. - Yes.
It's me, Madhu
What is it? - I've brought food for you.
I'm not hungry. - Will you stay hungry all night?
Maybe they did something wrong. But why blame it on the food?
I don't care who is to blame. - You won't eat? Really?
I told you, I won't eat.
"My heart..
..was broken by someone."
"And sent me to my ruination."
"My heart was broken by someone."
"And sent me to my ruination."
"I was a good man but I was..
..turned into a beast."
"My heart was broken by someone."
"And sent me to my ruination."
"Ahead lies a sea."
"Yet I thirst for life."
"Ahead lies a sea."
"Yet I thirst for life."
"So much thirst, yet so little to live for."
"And sent me to my ruination."
"My heart was broken by someone."
"And sent me to my ruination."
"The pathways of life ask me whether I have no goal."
"The pathways of life ask me whether I have no goal."
"I'm tied to failures."
"And sent me to my ruination."
"My heart was broken by someone."
"And sent me to my ruination."
"By rising again, the setting sun dispels darkness."
"My sun deserted me. I've never seen a dawn again."
"Sunshine deserted me."
"Turning me into a beast."
"My heart was broken by someone."
"And sent me to my ruination."
"I was a good man, but I was turned into a beast."
"My heart was broken by someone."
"And sent me to my ruination."
Mr. Madhu. Tea.
Had a good night's sleep?
You're still angry?
You didn't eat anything last night.
Neither did you.
Get me another cup. - Coming up.
I'll send the shawl back.
I've worried myself sick waiting for you.
The launch stalled midway. What could I do?
Hello, Mr. Bhuvan. Hello doctor.
So the Mahim president is here too.
The sailors on your launch are just like you.
Last night, they drunk themselves silly.
Just take a look at their faces.
You were aboard too? - I thought I'd return after work.
Mr. Bhuvan.. I feel homesick.
Mr. Bhuvan, nothing other than this village seems good.
Excuse me. Bye.
He's back, sir? Master, you ought to rein him in.
Not only him, Mr. Bhuvan.. some others need to be reined in too.
Brother, let's go home.
Bye, Mr. Bhuvan. - Bye.
You heard that? Sir, did you hear that?
Back? - Dhanno. You seem to get every news.
How have you been?
While you were away even the mongrels thought they had become tigers.
Really? Now I'm back, I'll fix all of them. Sit.
I haven't the time to sit. - What?
Time. I got to go. - Where to?
To Ms. Rekha. She wants me to see her. - Really?
Yes, I'm off.
What's the mattet, Dahanno? Why are you so happy?
May I come in Mr. Madhu? - Why did you take the trouble, Mahim Ghoshal?
No trouble at all, just came in to see you.
Maybe the timing was wrong. - Mind your business.
Yes. Ms. Rekha seemed quite pleased.
What is it?
Last night she was alone with you on the launch.
Must've been fun..
Idiot! Another word and I'll rip your tongue out.
Let go. Let go.
The truth is bitter? - Get out of here.
I shall.
But remember when Ms. Rekha gets to know that..
..Dhanno is your mistress..
What did you say? - Why just me?
The whole village is talking. - Talking about whom?
Dhanno is your mistress. - Idiot!
Were you not standing in my house, I would've killed you.
Kill me, if you dare.
Dogs are killed on the streets. I'm waiting for that day.
Get lost!
You're in love with Rekha.
Take sir's dinner.
Looks like a storm is brewing. Hurry.
Make sure he eats right in front of you.
Can I suggest something, sister? - What?
Why don't you come along? You could feed him with your hands.
He'd like that and you'd enjoy it too?
Enough of your wisecracks. Get lost. - I'm going.
What a torrential downpour!
Kalwa. The dam is cracking.
Run. It is raining heavily.
Mr. Madhu!
Mr. Madhu! Mr. Madhu!
Why did you come here? What do you want?
Mr. Madhu, the dam is cracking. You must do something.
Hurry, please.
Else the village will be submerged. - Yes, Mr. Madhu.
Go away. After all that I did for you, how have you repaid me?
Heaped insults on me and false allegations.
Mr, Madhu.. Forgive me. - Get out.
Mr. Madhu. - Go.
Come, let's go.
Started drinking already? - I have taken a decision, Dhanno.
What decision?
I'm leaving this village for good. And you are coming with me.
Didn't you say you'll come with me. You'll do the chores for me?
That day I was afraid about what people might say.
What are you saying, sir? - The villagers are talking.
They say you are my mistress. So, why am I afraid?
Say, will you come with me?
You aren't in your senses. - I'm completely in my senses.
I too want to live. I want someone's love.
But Rekha loves you. - No Dhanno, your sister can never love me.
She only despises me. - No, she loves you, dearly.
That's why she cooked this meal for you.
What? - Yes, look.
Rekha cooked?
You men will never understand a woman's love. Never.
Dhanno, listen.
Did you approach Mr. Madhu? - Yes, we did.
He threw us out.
He did? - Yes.
Proceed to the dam. I'm coming.
Okay brother, get going.
You? - Still sitting tight?
The village is in danger. - Why, what happened?
The dam! It can crack any moment! The villagers approached Madhu.
Idiot! He turned them away. So I came to you.
Come aboard the launch with me. The doctor too.
You aren't worried about anyone else in the entire village?
You came here?
I consider you my kin.
That's why I came to both of you.
I ran all the way. - Get out of here!
What are you saying?
I'm right, brother.
I don't think all is lost for the village.
Rekha! - Let me go.
You saw that?
Die if you wish, what can I do?
Madhu. - Who?
Rekha? - Yes.
You turned everyone away.
But I'm back, hoping that you won't turn me away.
Rekha, you shouldn't have come. What will people say?
For me, this is no time to think. The village is endangered.
The dam might break any moment.
You're the only one who can save it.
But Rekha. - Forget everything.
I promised them, I'll bring you to save the dam.
Do you want me to lose face?
No Rekha, you will never have to lose face.
Go home. You go home.
I'll save the dam.
Badha, put some mud over here. Hurry.
Jyoti. Come here, everyone.
Hello, Mr. Bhuvan. Come. Welcome. - Come on.
Madhu, it's you? You've saved so many lives by saving the dam.
Wow! I must congratulate you.
Character certificates later.
Can you organize food for these men?
I don't have the means. How can I raise food for so many men?
How come a policeman doesn't know..
..that there is so much grain at the store house of Mahim Ghoshal.
In Mahim's store house? - Yes.
In that case, I'll get it.
Look who's here.
In such torrential rains? Why have you come, Rekha?
So what if I get wet? Besides, everyone else is out.
But you shouldn't be out so late at night.
I was out that night on the launch too.
Was that right?
Well, that night.
Yes, that was a terrible night, but I found a new confidence.
It was a confidence I had lost a long time back.
Had that night not come, my life might've been empty.
Is Mr. Mahim at home? Mr. Mahim.
Master, you? In the rain?
Had you sent word, I would've come.
Mr. Mahim, I need rice and puffed rice. Ten sacks right now.
Such a lot? I don't have it.
Show me the store house.
All that belongs to the traders.
Let's find out later who the owner is.
If you refuse, I'll seal the store house.
This is injustice, master.
How can I give you what isn't mine?
Mr. Sharat, go over with two men.
If he refuses to part with it, seal the store house.
Come on.
Sanatan. - Yes, master.
Give him ten sacks of rice. - All right, come.
How did he get to know? - Madhu Chaudhary must've tattled.
Madhu? Yes, Madhu. - Yes, master.
He's in love again.
He's flying.
I'm going to clip his wings.
I'm going to clip his wings.
Madhu. - Yes.
Hello, Mr. Bhuvan. - You went to town?
Yes, but the trip to town proved to be troublesome.
Why? What happened? - I met your friend, Mr. Mitra.
An embankment was washed away. Mahim Ghoshal built it.
So he says, I get the contract. - That's good news.
Making dams has made me human again.
Dams? No Madhu, it's something else.
What's all this? - I received a payment.
So I bought medicines for the dispensary and for Rekha..
I mean, books for her school. - And this?
Medicine, for me. What to do? I can't keep away.
Excuse me.
This is trouble. - What happened?
One of the dams we built was washed away.
Washed away? - And there's an arrest warrant for you.
Arrest warrant? - Yes.
Pitu. - Yes Master.
Get hold of six big boats.
Big boats? - Yes.
Empty the store house.
We're leaving tonight, hurry up, Pitu.
Yes master.
Arrest warrant.
For me.
Before I'm arrested, I'll make sure everything is destroyed.
I'll burn this village down!
My school.
Fire. Someone has set the school on fire.
What? - Look.
Nab that idiot. Come out.
He was hiding. - So you set the fire.
Who told you to set the fire? - I don't know.
Talk. - Don't know? You're lying.
The truth. Or I'll throw you into that fire.
I'll tell you. - Tell me.
Mr. Mahim.
Mahim? Where is he? Where is he?
He went to the riverside. - Are you telling the truth?
Who started the fire? - They burnt the school down.
This idiot did it. Arrest him.
And Rekha is missing! Do something, please.
Arrest him.
Where's Mahim? Tell me.
At the riverside. - And Ms. Rekha?
She is with him. - Arrest him.
Doctor, go home. I'll take care of this. Don't worry.
Let go. Where are you taking me?
Pitu. - Master?
Is everything ready? - Yes, master.
Leave me.
Of course, I'll leave you. No point screaming, is there?
You will strain your neck. Let's go.
Where are you going? Get her here. - Let go off me.
Sister, I'm here! I'm going to kill the idiot!
Dhanno, you don't come here.
Idiot! - Dhanno.
I'll kill you.
Where did she come from? Kill her.
Can't even handle a girl?
Come on.
Come on.
Split up.
Who is this? Dhanno? Pick her up.
Take her.
Why be so harsh?
She's so delicate.
Sir. Your gun.
Little need for this.
How delicate!
Anyway, I'll keep it.
Start the launch. - Right away.
Pitu. - Master?
Tell your men to be cautious.
Okay, sir.
If anyone tries to come here just kill him and throw him in the river.
Okay sir. Come on.
Shut the door.
I'll do that.
Money. Money.
I have the money.
I'll treat you like a Queen!
What can Madhu Chaudhary give you?
Wait. - Help!
No point screaming. And where can you go?
Who can save you?
Idiot! Now, who can save you?
Idiot! Now you can't escape.
Get up.
Idiot! Get up.
Where to?
Are you pulling a gun on me?
Idiot, leave him!
Leave him!
Idiot. - Pitu!
Call who you will.
Shambhu! - Master.
Climb up!
Idiot, climb up.
Idiot! Go on, let's see who comes to your help.
They will help you?
Hi Pitu! How are you, friend?
Don't kill me.
How can I give you such an easy death Mr. Mahim president?
I got a big score to settle with you.
Up. On your feet!
Now talk. Who robbed my uncle? Tell me, idiot!
I did.
Get up. Come on!
Who ruined Champa's life? Tell me!
I did.
Get up! On your feet, idiot! Get up!
Who started the fire?
Leave him!
What you don't know is that this idiot ruined my life.
Let the police handle this.
Arrest him and his accomplices. Let's go.
Ruined my life.
Don't worry, you'll be fine.
Sister? Sister..
You better wait out for a while.
She shouldn't be getting excited.
Hello Mr. Bhuvan. Greetings. - Greetings. How is Dhanno?
She has come to senses after two days. But she is out of danger.
That is heartening news. But I got some bad news.
Bad news? - I have been promoted.
Promotion? - A promotion? Is that bad news?
Thank you. - I feel so happy for you.
More news, Madhu. I've been transferred.
What? You've been transferred? - Yes. I'm moving out tomorrow.
The transfer is no good news.
It's the job. Got to move on.
Sure, go on, your job is over.
Have nothing to do with us anymore?
You'll move on.
That isn't true, Madhu.
You don't know how much I like everyone here.
But you are leaving.
For the sake of beasts, you could've stayed on, Mr. Bhuvan.
But why would you stay on for Madhu Chaudhary who has been reformed?
They're right when they say that policemen are cruel.
The job is a compulsion. Much as I want, I can't stay on.
Which fool is stopping you? And what have I to offer you?
Why tomorrow? Leave right now.
And if you can, forget all of us. Understood?
Madhu, listen!
How can I forget these people?
I can never forget.
Mahim Ghoshal, I came here with you.
Now you are coming with me.
You were pronouncing people guilty.
Today you are the criminal. Take him away.
Come, Pitu.
Hello, Mr. Bhuvan. - Yes, doctor?
Ready to move on? - Yes.
Hello Rekha. - Greetings.
Dhanno is here too? - Hello inspector.
She refused to stay back. - Madhu hasn't come.
I don't know where he vanished since morning.
How strange. Understanding him is difficult.
Actually, he needs a lot of love.
Only you can give him that love.
Take care of him.
Won't you share a smoke? - Madhu, where have you been?
I've been cooking, for you.
You don't even care for us, but we care.
It's a four hour journey.
If you feel hungry, what will you eat? Air?
Keep this. Now go on.
What are you gaping at?
You think I can't live without you?
I'm going to have a great life, what do you think?
Madhu. Listen to me! Madhu..