Interview with Carmac @ IEM 6 GC Kiev

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jan 24, 2012

My congrats with the 2nd place on the tournament!
Tell us about the final vs Koreans.
- I forgot the build orders.
- Did you?
You actually won the 1st game.
- Yeah, I know.
I remembered but suddenly forgot them.
- Rotterdam taught you, didn“t he?
- Just a bit.
He's a moocher.
That's not the deal.
- I see.
Did you enjoy the tournament?
- Definitely.
- Was it well-organized?
Was it well-organized?
- Well...
It could be better,
but it could be worse as well.
- Which tournament was the best you've ever attended?
- It's hard to say.
Each one has its pros and cons.
This very tournament was good as people were awesome,
and the attitude was amazing.
Huge amount of people watched the stream.
However there are many other tournaments
where everything goes well.
This one is among the best I've ever seen.
- Could you please tell us about
the forthcoming tournament in Sao Paulo?
Is it the last stage of Intel Extreme Masters tournament?
- It's the last one where teams fight for points
in terms of Intel Extreme Masters rating.
It's the last chance.
It's the last chance to get into
Intel Extreme Masters World Championship -
ESL's biggest championship of the year.
In Sao Paulo we'll also see many worthy players.
I hope it to be as good as this one.
- Why is there no Counter-Strike?
- There's no Counter-Strike as
Campus Party who is running the event
had some problems with license for Counter-Strike.
I don't know whether it was zakazany...
wait, 'zakazany' is a bad word...
It was... banned.
- Banned like prohibited?
- Yes. There was a ban on Counter-Strike.
- I got it.
- 'Zakazany' is 'banned' in Polish.
- Rumors spread that it's going to be
the last season of Counter-Strike. Is it true?
- It's hard to say.
It's true that in America and Asia CS is dying.
There definitely are people who watch and play CS,
but I'm not sure if that's enough.
- And what about DotA 2?
- DotA 2?
- DotA 2 vs League of Legends -
the title discipline of the season.
- We always estimate the disciplines
by the amount of people playing them.
Both me and my friends... noobs...
and those playing professionally.
Plenty of people play League of Legends.
There are really plenty of them.
I.e. GO4LoL - I guess it's the largest tournament
by the amount of players.
The largest ever.
We also take into account
the amount of people watching stream.
We set a record today.
60% of our total audience watched League of Legends.
So I'm inclined to think that
it's a very good game for Intel Extreme Masters.
I can't imagine the next season without League of Legends.
- Right.
Here comes the last question.
As we can see the size of Cups increases year by year.
Will the next one exceed in size again?
- No, no.
- OK.
- It'll be like this...
2011 Natus Vincere.
The same by size.
- Thank you very much.
- I think it's the right size.
- Well, thank you for holding the tournament.
Give me a high-five!
- Thanks.