Survivor Israel VIP S06E08 [w/eng sub]

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[azam] azam will wash oshri and itay underwear? i don't even wash my own underwear.
- i am not doing it. no way.
- i will make coffee, i'll build a shelter, but im not doing laundry.
- i understand what you are saying, but those are just fun tasks - I can do other things...
- i want to say something: you will not wash anyone's clothes, we'll go with dirty clothes
- no one will be the servant, it is humiliating. - yeah, good.
[buki] those young guys should respect one another
- we are all stressed and hungry, we have an immunity challenge coming up
- we all have to keep our honor at home, so let's all respect each other in here.
[buki] buki, the responsible adult, is an asset to the tribe. sometimes you have to teach the young people about respect.
- good luck to all and have a great day - amen
[azam] despite the disagreement, i saw the love, there are people you can talk to. they can respect, unlike Turgi (itay t).
[guy] welcome to the tribal immunity challenge
- ana, i see you hair looking great - i feel like a new person. thanks to moshe.
(some more hair talk... )
[guy] azam and moshe, until after the next tribal you are part of your new tribe,
you will take part of the challenge with them, and in the tribal you will be able to vote.
but, for this tribal only, you will be immuned from eviction.
[michal] when guy said that moshe ferster was immuned, i knew i made a big strategic mistake.
there are 3 people in a strong alliance, moshe who is immune, and myself.
I took out the person who was suppose to be voted out next and put myself in danger. what was i thinking...?
- immunity up for grabs
[michal] we must win! if we lose I'm going home.
in front of you there are cubes, you must move all the cubes over the net to the other side
once all the tribe members are thru with the cubes, you'll build a tower using them.
the tower must stand still for 5 seconds before you can move to the next stage.
stage two will have a rope bridge. one member at a time can cross it.
after all the member crossed, you'll find a 2nd bundle of cubes. you'll have to built another tower
this time a taller one. the tribe who's tower will stand for 5 seconds wins.
- one man from dang must sit out - buki will sit out.
- ready ? go!
[azam] i'll give everything to beat Turgi. I'll show mr. turgi I'm bringing victory wherever i am.
- the cubes are different size, each cube has a specific location
- dang finishes the 1st tower
- tinium are also done.
[itay t] I wanted to beat Azam.
3 from dang, 2 from tinium passed so far
[michal] the rope was scratching my hands, my muscles hurt, but i'm not stopping, I'm giving everything.
tribes are even 3-3
[anat] now it's all up to me, i have to pass him.
tinium are in the lead
Dang wins immunity!
[azam] i gave everything to beat Turgi. this is my revenge.
- dang, you've won again. - we had Azam...
- azam, what do you think about this tribe? - i'm happy for them, they are friends, not enemies.
[itay t] i don't think they've won thanks to him, and even if they did, he could be more modest.
- idol is going back to you.
[michal] my eviction is getting close, just as i feared.
- i want to welcome Harel and Inbal coming from hope island.
- we get applause from the other tribe... - well, what did you expect...
[guy] harel, inbal, you have to pick your 'gladiators' only from the tinium tribe. notice that Azam is now in Dang.
- harel, as the veteran, you'll pick first
- i'll go with someone i like and who will give 100% - moshe ferster.
[harel] i chose the one i knew will do anything for me to stay in the game
- inbal? - for me azam and michal were the only options, so Michal.
[inbal] i'd never pick ana, anat or itay... it's rhetorical.
[guy] tinium, 3rd successive time you lose immunity. I'll see you tomorrow in the personal immunity.
both tribes, get back to camp.
[yulia] i was very happy. now i have 3 quiet days.
- yulia, i love you... - buki, i love you too...
- are you scared? - i just don't like it...
- so azam, you enjoy yourself with us? - i do, but it seems you are all afraid to speak
- what do you mean? no one is talking about what is going to happen in the game
- if michal is going home, my game is over. turgi will vote anat out next, he wants ana with him
- is there anything romantic going on there? - yes.
- they are always with each other, never apart.
- when did you last have a boyfriend? - about a year ago
- for how long? - a year and a half - yours? - mine are usually 2 weeks long...
[anat] what is happening between Ana and Turgi is beautiful
- i really love you and it's a gift for me having you here
[anat] at some point, i thought that when turgi will have to pick between ana and myself in the game,
he will pick Ana because of this romantic connection. that is not good for me.
welcome to the duel for the right to stay on hope island.
- moshe, harel's hope is in your hands - i still feel bad from his eviction
[moshe] i have to win for harel.
[guy] each of you has a stick and a bucket with paint
each round, i will announce a body part. the first to paint that body part of the opponent, will win a point
first to reach 4 points will win the duel.
one last thing, you will do this duel tied to each other.
- the winner will get a clue to the immunity idol.
[michal] other than being able to keep inbal in the game, this is a chance for me to save myself by finding the idol.
-moshe, your color is white -michal, black.
- first body part: buttocks
moshe wins. 1-0 to harel.
[inbal] michal is a nice smily person, but don't be mistaken ,she is a fighter
next body part: right knee.
michal win this round. 1-1
next body part: left elbow
michal wins again. 2-1
[harel] not sure what was i thinking selecting moshe... i hope it won't cost me the game.
next: right shoulder
- we are tied, 2-2
next: back of the neck
- moshe wins this round. 3-2
[moshe] michal, you are sweet, but you don't stand a chance against me...
- next: there is a famouse movie... - i know... left foot...
- moshe wins the duel!
- moshe you've proven yourself, well done. maybe you are better in 2D...
inbal, the game for you is over.
[inbal] i do not feel less of a winner. I leave with my head up.
[inbal] i like inbal, look up to inbal and its fun for me with inbal, and only with her.
moshe, here is the clue for the hidden idol.
harel, go back to hope island. moshe, michal go back to tinium.
coming up...
- lets bet... -i say, moshe won - i say michal...
[ana] i've prayed for moshe to win, the last thing i want is inbal back at the game.
- i just want to say to you that Inbal is no longer in this game...
- yes!!!! -well done.
- i've got a clue... -what is it? - i can't tell...
- maybe i'll talk about it later, no point now. - what do you mean no point? i'm going tomorrow
[michal] i have a bad feeling that this is my last night here
[michal] i don't want to go home tomorrow, i refuse to believe that the game is over for me.
tinium - night 11
(some more ana-itay flirting)
[anat] i feel alone on the island, the relationship between ana and itay made me thing of my boyfriend
(more flirting..... Anat goes on about missing home)
[michal] anat is the third wheel in the ana-itay alliance. everyone see that itay is closer to ana than to anat.
dang - day 12
[azam] i don't want to return to tinium. - i don't want to be next to itay even for a million.
- azam, just enjoy what you have, it's a vacation - it's not, it's a punishment
[buki] i'm here on a vacation. sunrises, sunsets, celebs... i may end up in the gossip columns...
(buki keep talking about the celebs here)
[azam] for me, if we take a poll, I'm bigger celeb than oshri, i don't care he was nominated for an oscar
people in israel care more about the army and security.
- michal, the game is not over yet. Pick me for the hope-island tasks, and i'll do everything to win.
- and don't care about azam, cause he hasn't beat me at anything yet
[moshe] turgi already decided that michal is going tomorrow. he has this arrogance about him
i'm mad at myself for not commenting him about it. he needs to lose once in his life.
- moshe, i need to talk to you. you know my position in the tribe, and also your position is not secured.
- maybe i can get anat to join us and be a threesome alliance, and turn things around.
- you know i have all my moral issues... but i should be more in control, so talk to Anat and we'll see.
[michal] if i won't win immunity, i'll have to turn the game around, and becone part of the majority.
- welcome to the personal immunity challenge
- aren't you a little fed up? 3 times in a row going to tribal... - can I not go... ?
[michal] I'm a realistic person, i know this is a must win task for me.
- each one of you will be attached to a leash which has a basket attached to it, on your back side.
there are 3 rings in the sand and an oar. using the oar you must pick the a ring and throw it to your basket,
thereafter putting it on the wooden device at the end of your route.
the first to put all 3 rings will win the task and the immunity necklace.
- do i play? - yes, if you win, you can give it to one of the members of the tribe.
[itay] michal cannot win the immunity, or one of us will go home.
ready? go!
[itay] it was much harder than i thought...
[michal] ana is a dancer, she did it with ease... she has a daily 'relationship' with her butt...
maybe if my butt was bigger i would be able to hit the basket...
- itay and ana with one ring each
- moshe throws... and is lands in anat's basket...
anat with 2 rings in the lead
[michal] i just couldn't get it in
- turgi and anat with 2 each
michal the only one without any ring
turgi wins personal immunity.
- for the 2nd time, the necklace is yours.
[michal] i've lost. i'm losing my place in the tribe, but im not giving up yet.
- itay, moshe, you are immuned at tribal tonight. girls, one of you is going home.
- everything can happen, I'll see you later on tribal.
coming up...
- its not over for you, anything can happen, nothing is as it looks
[michal] i listened carefully to anat, it looks like she wants to say something, but just can't do it.
- i had a hard moment seeing turgi and ana walking on the beach, and i saw myself outside that relation
[michal] anat felt she needs some kind of power against the couple, this is my chance to try and form a counter-power against Ana and Itay.
- at first i didn't feel like a 3rd wheel, but recently I've began to feel like that.
- i think it's an advantage to find a relationship during the game, a big advantage
- it also gives a lot of support at the hard times we have in here
- you can always add more people to this alliance - surely an advantage
[anat] my chat to michal only made my paranoia to intensify
i've started to get a bad feeling that Turgi and Ana were taking me for granted
it's not about ego or respect, it about feeling safe in our 3some alliance.
- they will end up voting me out because of you.... - how is it my fault?
- they want you out, and you win immunity, so they vote for me cause you are safe.
- if you go, it's cause they want you out, it has nothing to do with me...
- last time i almost went home only because you won the immunity necklace..
- yeah, im the first option, but you are the second option ahead of anat.
- you are more identified with this alliance than Anat.. - i never even wanted you in my alliance...
- thank you ana for taking me... - you owe me...
- i need to talk to you about something - sure
- i talking to you as friends, so take it that way. - okay
- i feel you are starting to take me for granted, in my real life, no one is taking me for granted.
- please don't let me feel that, because your relationship is getting stronger, that i'm a third wheel
- it is not us giving you that feeling, it's the others, and you are 'eating it up'
- nothing changed for us. - lets look at this objectively...
- the minute we have our solid alliance, we don't need to reassure each other every day
- it wouldn't hurt if you will reassure and say a good word every now and then
- don't be the poor person in the alliance and the victim...
- ive never said that, ive said a very specific thing.
[anat] it is true ive said im not a traitor and i don't betray my friends,
but if i'll feel that they are doing this to me, this is where it will end.
- you seem to be a stronger tribe than Dang, but you keep losing, any idea why?
- it's humiliating, the third time, and i don't understand why.
we are strong and motivated, but it seems small mistakes make the difference.
we really wanted to win and have a quiet day with those people, after all the yelling and fights
- strangely, we do win the reward tasks...
it's hard to point to reason, we always give a fight.
- could it be that all the problems you had with harel, inbal and azam are getting in your way of winning?
- the tribe was divided before this current group. i think the division was a good thing
cause everyone was scared for their place and had more motivation in the task.
- maybe becuase this 3some, ana, anat and itay, not being a part of them is difficult.
- what is difficult? it's hard to be with 3 strong, dominant, controlling people
I'm adaptable, so I can handle it, but maybe for others it's harder.
- i think this is not true, we are not bullies, we are a friendly alliance..
- but itay, not everyone is a friend in this threesome...
- everyone who is not part of the 3some, is justly so.
- moshe, does this 3some doesn't leave a place for others in the game?
- i agree with michal, they are united by their culture, all being from tel-aviv, in the good sense...
i want to me part of that world... so we'll become friends and go out back home...
- i have kids to raise, and i live in smaller town...
- moshe, you want to be the popular kid at school...?
- ummm... i did wash the hair of the 'queen of the class'... so i'm doing well...
- it was a great experience out in the sea...
- seriously, i need to have more presence, i have to be more decisive
even itay told me to be stronger. - it was annoying "yes... no... maybe..."
wake up, you got to make up your mind, we have an eviction today, you have to tell us where your head's at
- I try to motivate him...
- it's a problem i had for years... very hard for me if someone doesn't like me
- i can't hurt people, and i'm sure i've hurt people despite of trying not to.
this game is a mirror... i want to have a word here in a nice, polite way.
- so you are evolve in the game... - I'm learing, im 48 and i'm slowly maturing...
michal, when Anat chose you to join the tribe, what did you think?
i was scared at first, by natalie said that anat promised she will keep me safe.
- i did ask natalie for michal to join us. i wanted michal as i thought we had a lot in common.
we are about the same age, we both are moms, sort of single-moms...
Our kids seems similar even by names, Tommy and Tomer...
- we had a very strong connection, i really didn't want to be in this position, i feel bad about it.
- i have an hypothetical question, if you were left an alliance of 3, michal, who do you think will be voted out first?
Anat, obviously.
- cause they are very close, they are good friends... hmm...
- its a difficult question, but i think it has an obvious answer...
if turgi has to select between ana and anat, it's not going to be easy for him, but im sure he will go with ana.
- the alliance started with me and ana, turgi joined later after i convinced Ana.. cause she suspected him at first...
but as the time passed, ana and itay became closer, they had a strong bond
- ana doesn't have any advantage for me in our 3 person alliance.
i like anat and im friend with her and with ana. i really don't know what will i do if it comes to selecting between them.
- i honestly think that he will pick ana over you. you are the third wheel.
you promised me you'll keep me safe. we both have kids at home...
[Anat] i will do whatever i can to keep you safe.
- okay it is time to vote. itay, do you give up the necklace? - no...
itay, you vote first.
[itay votes michal] i'll do anything to get you back to the game
- time to read the votes...
if anyone wants to use the hidden idol, now is the time.
first vote: Anat
- michal 1 michal , 1 anat
- michal 2 michal - 1 anat
- 4th evictee of survivor vip - michal.
- the tribe had spoken
- tinium is disappearing, and with few options even the strongest alliance can break.
- good night.
Next time on survivor...
[michal] i can't take it....
I'm sure my kid saw I gave it all. I'm proud with myself, i hope he would be too.
[everyone voted michal. michal voted Anat.]