Billy and the Bitch - Worms (Ep #6)

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[DOG] Mmmmm.
[DOG sniffs]
[DOG] Mmmmm. So excited for our trip to the zoo tomorrow!
[MAN offscreen] Hey, are you hungry?
[DOG] Ah, do you lickadickaday?
[MAN] Here, have some cheese.
[chomp, chomp, chomp]
[MAN] Tasty?
[DOG] Mm-hm. I think this is yours.
[MAN] Please, just take it.
[DOG] Hiding shit in my food. Unbelievable!
[MAN] You’ve got worms.
[DOG] You’ve got AIDS!
[MAN] No I don’t.
[DOG] Well, you will soon, tomorrow’s trip to the zoo,
you’re gonna fall into the monkey pit and get bummed by an AIDS chimp!
It’s gonna be awesome!
[MAN] Is that why you’re so excited about the zoo?
You’re gonna try and push me into the monkey pit?
[DOG] I’m not gonna “try”.
[MAN] Well we’re not going now.
[DOG] Scared?
[MAN] I’m not scared, I’m punishing you for plotting my death.
[DOG] Oh come on, AIDS isn’t a death sentence anymore!
You can still lead a really fulfilling life!
Before your scrote falls off!
[DOG scratches his bum]
[MAN] Look at you scratching. Just take the tablet.
[DOG] If I take it, can we go to the zoo tomorrow?
[MAN] Ah, if you swallow it, and don’t bring it back up, yes.
[DOG] Done.
[DOG] Ahhhh.
[MAN] Show me.
Good boy.
[Straining sounds as Dog pushes tablet through his body]
["POP" sound as tablet comes out]
[DOG] So excited for tomorrow.
[Closing theme music]
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