MW2 Nuke Boosters Ep. 51

Uploaded by PS3HouseMDPL on 18.07.2010

I really thought that I would speak to you in another 6 months.
But after publishing that last Episode, with my first ever voice commentary,
your response was unbelievable.
I have to admit that Episode 50th was meant to be the last one,
that's why I decided to reveal the terrible sound of my voice...
and of course the funny Eastern European accent of Very Nice Person,
Hello Cheatty, Pest Control, Boosters Slayer.
And after I clicked Make This video public button,
I was waiting for the flood of negative comments...
I was waiting and waiting...
And I haven't received even one.
I keep wondering how is that even possible?
All haters must have been on a summer vacation or something.
Or may be I have already blocked them all?
That would explain it :)
I would like to thank every single one of you
who commented and messaged me after the 50th Episode release.
Thank you for all kind words of support, for all the wishes,
and also for additional questions and requests.
I tried to reply to all of them and I will try to address most of them soon.
It's been a long time since Episode 50!
I was quite busy with testing live broadcasts.
I was doing that just to make this channel more entertaining.
And to make it even more viewer friendly,
I decided that the next step would be testing open lobbies for both PS3 and 360.
How do you like the idea?
Anyway, now - it is me who would like to ask you a few questions.
For the longest time I was wondering how it is possible that so many people keep finding my channel.
I am really surprised how fast the subscriber counter goes up. It's crazy!
So my questions to you are:
I'm really curious about your answers :)
And for me - it is also a nice opportunity to learn more about all of you.
I would like to take an advantage of the most powerful perk
of the modern technology - making the big world smaller for us, communication wise.
And in this video you can see me learning how to quickscope.
I tried to learn it so many times and I always ended up in the boosting game.
I always resigned of using the sniper rifle,
being too scared that I couldn't stop the boosters from getting their goal.
But this time it was different.
I decided not to change the class and see how quickscoping lessons go on boosters.
I'll see you all amazing people soon!
Enjoy this vid :)