Little Girl gets to meet Loreen

Uploaded by LoreenDailyorg on 12.03.2012

How does it feel to meet Loreen?
Have you decided what to say to her?
Why do you think Loreen is so good?
Because she sings well.
Do you have any favorite song?
The song she sang last year.
Is it you I’m going to meet?
What is your name?
Can I get a hug, Emmy?
Do you know you’re wearing my favorite color? Purple is my favorite color.
Mine too.
And do you know that you have the world’s nicest hairstyle?
It looks like someone’s haircut. I don’t know whom. Isn’t it the best hairstyle?
Should I whisper in your ear what I’m going to wear?
I’m going to wear something green. Promise not to tell anyone. Japan inspired.
Now it’s only you who knows it. And promise not to tell anyone. It’s only you who knows it.
How does it feel to meet fans?
Totally amazing. Especially when they’re really cute and has the same hairstyle as me.
And also the same glove. Show the glove Emmy.