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Hey, everyone.
I'm Colleen Ballinger, and you're watching my recap of
America's Got Talent.
Tonight's 12 of the remaining 24 acts performed.
And the first person up was Andrew De Leon.
He sounded amazing tonight.
He did "Ave Maria," and it was perfect for his voice.
They told him to lose the eyeliner, emo look.
And I was shocked because I thought that was one of the
main reasons he's gotten this far in the competition.
Regardless, if he loses the Goth look or not, I thought he
did an amazing job, and you might be seeing him again.
Todd Oliver, the ventriloquist, and his talking
dog came on stage next.
Todd Oliver came on and was like, ah, it's my show.
I've got a talk show.
And his dog was the special guest.
He had some great one-liners and some good laughs, but I
don't know if this act can beat out some of the other
amazing talent that we saw tonight.
Next up were Donovan and Rebecca, the acrobatic duo.
Their strength blows my mind more than anything else.
This woman was lifting him up off the ground with her abs of
steel in heels!
That, my friends, is impressive.
Edon, the 14-year-old singer, was up next.
And I just love him.
But he came on with his little yarmulke and played the piano
and sang "That's What Makes You
Beautiful" by One Direction.
I fell in love with him, as I always do
with the little children.
Wow, I just sounded like a pedophile.
Anyway, he sounded amazing.
The Scott Brothers were up next.
They performed a funky, silvery, mannequin-like, hip
hop, pop-and-lock routine.
I felt like the choreography was lacking a little bit
because it started off a lot of pop-and-lock
and a lot of isolation.
And I was expecting it to go a little bit more hip hop.
And it kind of just stuck with isolation the rest of time.
It was like, watch me move my head like this.
After then was Eric Dittelman, the mind reader.
He had Howard color in a picture of himself and then
revealed a picture that he had colored in earlier.
And they had matching colors almost.
It was good.
I don't know if it was good enough.
Next up was Turf.
Here's my theory about Turf.
I'm pretty sure that he's not human.
He makes his arm pop out of its socket and come out of his
kneecap and then his foot comes out his ear, and his
stomach is in his butt.
I don't know how he does it.
He contorts himself in ways that are not humanly possible.
He added more choreography this week, which I really
appreciated because I felt like the last time he was on
stage, he didn't do enough choreography.
And tonight, he did a great job.
Everyone loved him.
He was awesome.
Brea Kelly, the 16-year-old singer, came on.
And she sang a Pink song.
She has a beautiful voice, and she's very talented for a
16-year-old girl.
But she was told the judges that she lacked emotion when
she was singing.
Joe Castillo, the sand artist, was up after her.
And he made sand look like music notes.
And then he turned the music notes into a bird, and then
the bird into two people holding hands, and then the
hands into a little boy hugging an older man that
Sharon Osbourne thought looked a lot like Jesus Christ.
He clearly has talent.
It's really beautiful artwork.
And he always has some sort of storyline that
goes along with it.
I've never seen anything like it.
And there's definitely nothing else like it in the
After him, we had William Close, who turns the entire
theater into a musical instrument.
And there are these masses strings going from the stage
to the back of theatre.
He also brought in some new instruments this week, which
was pretty cool.
I think that by sitting in our living room and watching it on
a tiny television screen, we're missing out on the
epicness that it must feel like to be in a theater that
has been turned into a musical instrument.
I got super-excited today, because I noticed that the
women playing the drums were on point.
If you're a ballerina, and you can play the drums, you are
top notch, the bees' knees, awesome-tastic.
The comedian Tom Cotter graced the stage next.
This routine was good.
He had some good jokes.
The audience seemed to like it.
The judges seemed to really enjoy him.
Thumbs up.
The final act of the evening was the Academy of Villains.
They were dressed in all red and black.
And they looked like mimes this week.
They did a really, really cool routine.
There are 30 of them.
So the fact that they're able to pull off choreography with
30 dancers and it still looks impressive
and clean is awesome.
That is not an easy thing to do.
That's my recap of America's Got Talent.
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