Gönülçelen )) Episode 34 - Part 2/3 [English Subtitles]

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what did he say?
I didn't understand but I think he did really embarrass him
I want to change my news report for tomorrow
some wise man needs a lesson
Even freaks in the asylum would not do what she did..
I knew it.. She was an exact look alike.. I told you..
Nakiye.. I'm angry as it is..
right... I should go..
well at least she came and confessed
She could've done something even worse and more dangerous
that girl needs to be under surveillance or something
I must speak with Murat about this.. where is he by the way?
he told me he is going out to dinner
he must have gone with Hasret
she brought the piano and now she got him wrapped around her finger
calm down.. you'll have high blood pressure
I already have... I already have!!!
It’s all because of you
but this story will not end here
can we have the tab please?
look guys let's make a deal with you
no thanks sir I know what you'll say but we're paying
let me pay this time.. Next one will be on you
no way.. we want to pay this
Bon appetit sir
thank you
Come on pay up
did you know that man?
he keeps writing bad things about me
I have known him from the past
let's leave a tip
are you out of your mind? Why should be pay extra
no this is the rule man
how much? Should we give
10 Lira..
that’s too little
what do you mean little bro?
you should bring my sister and cobra here too
yeah right!!
close the window.. we're freezing
I'm worried about kadir.. he's very late my flower
why are you so worried he's a big boy now.. he'll come
but the weather is so cold does he have a jacket
yes.. yes.. I saw him
when is the wedding Balçiçek
I don't know
if it was possible we would do it now.. but
if you love her just stop talking and set the wedding date
right girl?
of course
if we can we'll do it Cobra but our finances doesn't allow us now
it'll get better God willing
with God's will
nothing is better than marriage.. right Gülnaz?
of course
look we have a baby on his way
and his future is garanteed
don't hit me
you're building so much hope on the lottery
but I tell you all your dreams will vanish in thin air
I'll get the tea
wait Gülnaz I'll do it.. you must be tired..
my handsome husband
do you want some sister Kadriye?
yes I will
get out
get out friends.. last stop
thank you boys.. It was a wonderful night
we thank you sir
And I am expecting lyrics from you next lesson
ok sir
I'm going now
good night sir
That place was expensive as shit
But I ate so much I won’t feel hungry for a week
enough talking.. see you tomorrow guys
It was a lovely night.. thank you
of course apart from that man
I forgot about the paparazzi guy already
ok.. I forgot him too now..
does it work
It does
What would you if there was something you never wanna forget?
then I don't close my eyes and I just stare..
nice song
it's even more beautiful when you sing it..
I should get going
good night
good night
good night
good night
good night
good night
good night
good night
good night
good night
I am back
so are we back together?
absolutely.. we'll pick up where we left off.. I missed you
Give me your coat.
good evening
- Oh do you know what happened today.. - what happened?
or should I say who came?
just guess who visited us today
who came?
Bahar.. or should I say Selin
we were all shocked
I thought Selin had come out of her grave
why did you not tell us before?
I learned everything a couple of days ago
I thought she had gone away but
she came back to work in the university today
Murat that girl is dangerous.. She is not sane..
you must stay away from her
I know what you're going to say
you didn't know she was insane when you hired her
would you do it if you knew then
I did not say anything
this is serious son.. That girl is dangerous
I guess it was a nice dinner?
very nice
are you gonna tell your mom what happened?
or you'll stay here all night and smile like this
the evening was nice.. how was school?
I saw Bahar at school
was she rude to you?
do you remember Selin?
Murat’s ex girlfriend?
I do remember her
Bahar is her twin mom
she was wearing a wig all this time to hide her identity
Murat hoca said don't listen to what she says
She is going through a rough patch
you should be careful Hasret
She doesn't seem like a normal person.. She can do worse things
it's cold out here let's go in
can I come in
of course.. come in
- Won’t you sit down - I won't sit down
I came here to talk to you for one last time
last time?
I tried to be nice to you and understand you after all that you did
I told you you could even come back and work
But you should not have gone to my family like this
I'm sorry
I didn't think I would get such a reaction from them
what did you think?
They would think all this is normal?
I just wanted to be close to you..
If you don't want it I won't see them again
As long as I'm near you I don't need to see anyone else
You know I love you
we talked about this
and I told you this would never happen
why not? I don’t understand
I'm just like the lover you lost
Just think Selin is back.. You can even call me Selin if you want to
Bahar you are really not well
just hug me as if time has stopped and we're still in that hotel room
You'll see I'm exactly like her
get out of my life
this is all I want from you.. do you get it?
don’t I mean anything to you?
you can't just go and leave me like this
you will come back.. I sware you will come back
just a few weeks ago you were talking about how
Bahar was very hard working
I am wondering about your decision
I just don't want to see her as my assistant anymore
ok Mr. Murat.. If you say so
- thank you - you're welcome
Is that true?
did you think I am a thief
I don't know
did you go straight to bed yesterday we didn't see you
I felt tired after the dinner so I went to bed
so did you spend the money
it's almost finished
how is that?
to start with, we only won 2500
divide it by 3
we bought some clothes
we payed for the dinner
Kadir why did you deceive me?
Cobra finish your breakfast
He's really sad
I didn't do anything..
he's the one to build false hopes
I have to go
to where?
to see Levent and get the keys to get some stuff from the house
I'll clean up the table
this is yours.. for all the things you bought me
keep it.. I don't need any money
subject closed.. I don't want any objection
let's cansel the contract with Mr. Kenan immediatly
pay him all the penalties mentioned in the contract
ok Mr. Levent
Have a good day
- see you later - have a good day
(The Collapse of Murat Turali)
good morning
good morning
I called your secretary and she told me you were here
is something the matter?
Could I have the keys.. I forgot some stuff at your house
of course
what is this?
I just saw it.. it's about Murat
It is the man from yesterday I bet
you must know Murat Turali
He used to be the whizz kid of music.. The best in the market
Everything he did was a hit
But we have not heard from him for a long time
His career is going downhill every day
My dear Murat please snap out of it
You climbed the stairs of fame fast and now you are climbing down
our last freindly conversation still rings in my ears
I know you miss to be applauded
But if you continue like this you'll soon be forgotten
isn't time for you to put your signature below a new qualified event?
if you think you can't do a new composition then I should end my article
by thanking you for your courage to leave music
and accepting that you weren't up to it to produce new stuff..
What does this mean? He is mocking him
Can I keep this?
of course
and the keys?
I will come back for it later
what happened? is it that bad?
of course it is bad.. look at this
LL 1000
did you get my point
Cobra stop it please relax
it's easy for you to say
you stopped Balçiçek from singing.. look what happened to me
it's all your fault
Cobra you're a clever man.. we'll find a solution
you're stressing yourself too much Cobra
my flower it's not easy.. the house load is all on me
ok why are you sad
look today I got an offer to work on sewing
we will make a lot of money
I have an idea
I saw the clothes that Gülnaz is sewing
it's all beautiful
yes really
it's even nicer than the expensive ones available in the market
I don't think we should limit this production to the neighborhood only
we should spread it out
Ok.. But such a project needs lots of money
we can get a loan
there's an organization called "Support for Women"
we can apply for a loan with them
did you hear Cobra.. we'll have our own business
I did
but it didn't sink in yet
why not?
because my flower it's not an easy business
and you..
I what?
I mean you don't understand such business
don't understand?
and how do people acquire knowledge are they born with it
tell us Mrs. Saime what should we do?
we will open a small boutique with the loan we get
you and me will work in it
ans what will I do?
you will take care of the baby
how long will these problems follow us
will we ever have one peaceful day?
Nesrine some reporters have nothing to say, they write crap
but people will read this Ethem
what will they think of Murat?
as if it's not enough the 2 misfortunes he already have
I'll get it
is Mr. Murat home?
No he's at school
did you read the article about Murat?
I did
Bravo! and you still have the nerve to come here
what did I do?
what more you want to do?
you came into my son's life and ruined it
no one wrote such a thing about him before
that's why I came
he left music
jeoperdized his career
and now stupid people write about him
Mrs. Nesrine didn't you thank me couple days ago?
I know exactly why you brought the piano
don't worry I won't allow you to leak into our family
I don't intend to anyway
I only came because I was worried about Murat hoca
come darling.. let's go sit down
would you make us some tea Nakiye
ok.. right away
that one too
are you free?
come in Hasret.. Come in
thank you
- have a nice day Mr. Murat - have a nice day
did you see the newspaper today?
It's that man from yesterday..
He wrote all this rubbish about you
Lets call the newspaper.. complain about him.. Tell them he is lying
Hasret calm down please
I can't be calm.. He just wants revenge from you
He wrote all this crap and I can't believe how calm you are
because I've experienced such things before
what did you do then? You just sat there?
yes.. I did not answer
that's what they want
for me to answer and fall into their trap
so he will just get away with this?
Oh great.. he can just lie about you
And you will act like you did not hear him
I prefer instead of waisting my time answering that man
I spend it on work and music
I can answer him back with the music I create
ok. So make a new composition
I'm serious..
compose a new song so people see how talented you are
You compose and I will sing it
Let’s work together
Of course if you want to work with me.. what do you think?
Do you accept it?
I won't go back to music just cause that man wrote about me
I can decide when to start doing music and when to stop
It’s not because that man wants you to
Because I want you to go back and do music.. Please
on one condition
what is it?
I want to remind you of the album you cancelled
Hasret.. You have to complete the album
Levent must be in a tight spot now
Do you accept it?
I accept
You go back to music and I complete my album
So when do we start working?
we will talk about it later
I have to go to the lesson
And can you throw this in the trash bin?
But to a bin outside of school grounds
see you later
have a great lesson
see you later
am I dressed good?
don't worry your dress is perfect
where are you going?
I told you to apply for the loan
Mrs Saime I did my research I think this project is a failure
How is that Cobra? Textile business is profitable
I'll come with you wait..
where do you think you're going?
you need a man with you
we don't need a man
we'll resolve everything woman to woman.. it's women's business
I notice a change in your language already
it's the world of commerce Cobra
you don't understand it.. let's go Mrs. Saime
we don't have spare time to waste with you.. we're busy
there is no organization which supports men
"Support and Protect Men Organization"
can we talk for a minute
I don't want to talk to you
It is about Murat
I want you to go out of his life
Don’t try to come between us
cause you can't even manage this if you tried
We have an ongoing relationship with him for a long time now
I don't intend to listen to your nonsense
guess where Murat was last night
he was with me and Kadir.. we had dinner.. We were together
what about later after he left you?
you are making things up..
I don't want to see your face ever again
Hello.. I want to reserve a room for tonight
Yes with a double bed
what did the organization decide?
they were postive with us
they respected us and said we're a good example for ambitionist women
are they gonna give you a loan?
they will answer us within 2 days
but I have a feeling they will
soon we will have our own boutique
I am sure of your success
I don't know some people are dying from jealousy
what happened? did Cobra say something?
He said I don't understand in commerce.. I'll proove him wrong
I'll be the richest woman in Turkey.. God's willing
you will
don't exaggerate Gülnaz
I don't
I'm going upstairs
the lunetic is jealous of me
what did you do today Hasret?
I have good news
what happened?
I will be working with Mr. Murat again
I am so happy for you
I am so happy
me too
when will you start?
I don't know he didn't tell me
I'll call him and ask
hello Hasret
I called you for..
we talked today about working together
will we start working tonight?
Murat the dinner is ready
I'm on the phone mom…
I'm here Hasret..
what do you say? should we meet tonight?
I have to be at home tonight
But we can meet after school tomorrow
OK.. see you tomorrow then
see you
“My ending will be the same with my sister’s unfortunately”
damn it!
Murat? Where are you going?
What are you up to Hasret??