Uploaded by Herowaiter on 09.09.2009

Here's the purse "borrower" now at his illegally parked BMW...
...either pulling out something to cover his license plate...
..or an AK47. BOOM!
Notice the waiter almost says:"I tried [to steel her purse, man.]
instead of "I saw you tried to steal her purse man."
Man she got it back...
She got it back, I didnt do nothin cuz'
(Oh yeah? What about that $100 the woman later noticed was gone?)
Man, you got the wrong dude.
The waiter asks why he was covering his license plate, the purse barron replies, 'Cause I dont know what you doing.'
Here the waiter jumps to up to try to read the now upward-facing license plate...
...and I'll break your face.
Yeah I'll break your face.
Get away from my car, boiya, I'll break your face!
This is where the waiter chases after the thief's car and successfully rips off the paper bag-covered license plate.
Apparently four people repeat the tag.
Soon the police arrive and the tag is submitted, along with this video, and the man and car owner are able to be traced. Waiter saves the day!!�