Mahabharat - Episode 90

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A Sun set at Kurukshetra during the day
Probably, none but the Sun God ...
... could experience the darkness
Karna, son of the Sun God, was not merely a warrior
He was also Karna, the Charitable
Life did not give him anything but ...
... he sacrificed his life for his loyalty
It was not that Karna died on the battlefield
This keeps happening during a War
Karna was a warrior who embraced Death
O Sun God! I mourn the death of your son Karna!
You were really very brave
All your life I did not respect you
I found you near to me only because of Duryodhan ...
... and thought it was my insult
I merely tolerated that insult
O Radheya! O son of a charioteer!
The manner of your death has made you respectful
O Brave Warrior! O Charitable Karna!
I, Shakuni, King of Gandhar ...
... salute you a thousand times
Where is your crown, O King?
I have come to mourn with you and so ...
... I have come bare-headed
There is no warrior in the battlefield today ...
... whose death merits your leaving Radheya alone
Who have you made his charioteer?
Is he as good a charioteer as Krishna is?
instead of coming here to mourn ...
... go back to my friend
How will he light without a charioteer?
What will a charioteer do without a warrior?
No! It is a lie!
The Pandavas are experts at circulating lies
Remember how they announced Ashwathama's death ...
... so as to disarm Sage Drona
O King! Tell me that my friend is alive
Tell me that the news is false
I am not quoting hearsay, Prince
I was Karna's charioteer
I could not protect your friend and our Commander...
... but I am a witness to his courage and Arjun's cowardice
India has produced many brave warriors in the Past ...
... and will do so in the Future ...
... but there will be none to match Karna's courage
Will I have to live without my friend Karna, now?
I don't know how to live without my friend!
I may forgive those cowards for killing my $$ brothers ...
... but I'll never forgive them for killing Radheya
From today I appoint you the Commander of my army
However, I regret I will not have the honour ...
... of lighting under your leadership today
If there is a tomorrow, I shall surely light
Today I shall mourn for my dear friend Radheya
On your guard, Yuddhistir!
On your guard, Commander!
Take my chariot towards the King of Gandhar
On your guard, O King of Gandhar
Where did the Pandavas learn to alert the enemy?
This is the tradition of warriors
This is the battlefield, not the Recreation Hall
Arrows are used here, not Dice!
Treachery is still treachery, dear nephew ...
... whether it is war or the Dice Game. Beware!
Get up, dear nephew!
Beware, dear nephew!
Victory to Gandhar!
Today I am left all alone Grandsire
My friend Karna, my brother Radheya has left me alone
It does not befit a warrior to cy, my child
Come and stand near to my head
I did not cy like this even when Dushasan was killed ...
... but Radheya's death has left me bereft
His death has impoverished me
Radheya's death is the gift of his life
Don't make the mistake of thinking of him as Radheya
He was a Kaunteya!
He knew he was a Kaunteya!
And yet, he fought for you ...
... and died lighting for you!
So, he was Mother Kunti's son!
A brother of the Pandavas!
And yet, he fought and died for me?
My son
The truth of Radheya's life was that he was a Kaunteya
Today, with these aged hands ...
... I pay my respects to the eldest son of Kunti
Why are you crying over the corpse of an enemy?
Let her cy, Brother
- Let's go! - No, Krishna!
How can we leave mother weeping like this?
Tell us, mother!
Why are you honouring Karna with your tears?
All right! I have wiped my tears
Now go away! Cary away the corpses of your soldiers
If I tell you ...
... the Gandiva will slip down from your shoulders
It was your arrows which killed him
So, go away! Go away with your brother ...
... and let me cy!
... but Karna was here
Why don't you explain to mother ...
... not to insult her tears by crying over an enemy
-This Radheya... - He is not Radheya
Then who is he?
My eldest son!
Your eldest brother!
He was my eldest brother?
Why did you hide such a big thing from us?
Yes! I hid it!
And paid the price for it
I've died a thousand times a day since then
Whenever anyone called him a charioteer's son ...
... I would suffer
But I would not let anyone see my suffering ...
... in the fear that someone would ask ...
... why I felt so deeply for Radheya
What could I say?
I was helpless, my son!
Your silence resulted in such a big war
Thousand of soldiers were killed
India has paid a heavy price for your silence
You are responsible for every corpse ...
... on the battlefield
Your silence has made us our elder brother's killers
In this battlefield ...
... with my brother's corpse as witness ...
... I curse all womanhood
From today they'll never be able to keep a secret
The last 17 days and innumerable corpses ...
... stand between truce and I
If I can get dear Radheya back...
... I may think of a truce
If I can get back Dushasan I may think of a truce
If Grandsire is made whole I may think of a truce
Just like all this is not possible ...
... a truce is not possible
I cannot insult my dear friend Radheya's loyalty ...
... my brother Dushasan's love...
... my teacher Sage Drona's death ...
... and Grandsire's wounds by calling for a truce
I don't want future generations ...
... to call you a coward's mother
So, I have no other option but to wage war
Can you with the setting moon as witness ...
... bless me with victory?
No, my son!
I'll not give you that blessing
After losing all my sons ...
... I'll not give you that blessing
But, as a devotee of Lord Shiva, I can protect you
Go bathe in the Ganges and ...
... come straight here from the river bank
But like the day you were born
In the nude?
Why are you shy of your mother?
Don't ask such questions!
As you wish!
My respects, Mother Gandhari!
Come Giridhar
Come Madhusudhan
No! I'll call you Devaki's Son!
Come O Son of Devaki!
I'll respond to whatever name you call me by
I am sure you remember that ...
... seventeen days ago ...
... I was a mother of a hundred sons
Today I have only one son left
Between a hundred and one ...
... lie innumerable corpses
I am sure you recognise those corpses
They are the corpses of my sons
Yes! There is a corpse among those corpses ...
... which you'll recognise but do not know
That is the corpse of the eldest son of Kunti
What? Yuddhistir ...
No! He is not Kunti's eldest son
Kunti's eldest son was ...
... the one who was known as Radheya
That's why Mother do not think that ...
... my Aunt Kunti has not lost a son
He was Kunti's son?
Please do not think that ...
... none from my aunt's side fought for Duryodhan
Duryodhan was afflicted by ambition
Karna was afflicted by loyalty
He knew everything and yet, fought for Duryodhan
He died lighting his brothers
Therefore Mother do not count the corpses
You can say that O Son of Devaki because ...
... you are not a mother
When you go to Dwarka after the victory ...
... ask Devaki what it means to lose a son
It is more painful than the labour pains
She has wept over her sons. She'll understand my pain
She'll also understand why I cursed you today
O Krishna! You are responsible for this war
If you wanted, this war would not have happened
If you wanted, you could have stopped this war
Yes! I could have stopped this war but ...
... this war was necessary
Listen O son of the Yadavas!
I, Gandhari, devotee of Lord Shiva ...
... curse you today that ...
... like my dynasty ...
... the Yadu dynasty will also be destroyed
O Mother!
I had thought I would touch your feet ...
... before taking your leave
But now I shall not touch your feet ...
... and create a dilemma for you
If I touch your feet now ...
... you'll be compelled to bless me
That's why O Mother this son of yours ...
... takes your leave
Prince Duryodhan! Where are your clothes?
You seem to be going towards Mother Gandhari's tent
Will you go to your mother in this state?
It was my mother's order
No doubt she's your mother
She must have taken you on her lap many times
But you are not a mother
You are a son! That, too, a grown up son!
How can a grown up son go to his mother naked?
That is not the tradition of Bharat!
But then, when did you ever revere traditions?
Go! Don't make your mother wait!
I have had my bath, mother
Stand before me, my son
As you wish!
My son!
I am going to open my eyes for a moment
I have never seen your brothers but ...
... I'll see you today
What did you do, my son?
How could I come naked before you, mother?
But that's what I asked you to do!
The part of your body which was ...
... hidden from my vision has remained weak
The rest of your body is now made of iron
If only you had listened to your elders ...
... you would be unconquerable
Shall I remove these leaves?
I m not a magician, my son
I concentrated all my devotion ...
... my purity, my worship and ...
... my mother's love in that one look
Don't worry! I shall light Bhim with the mace tomorrow
It is forbidden to hit below the waist in mace warfare
Tomorrow I'll give Bhim such a thrashing ...
... that he'll die of fright
Then, I don't care how the war ends
Stop, Brother!
You cannot cremate him
I know that ...
... my friend was your elder brother
But this not your elder brother's corpse
It is the corpse of my dear friend Radheya
You have no right to cremate Radheya
Only I have that right
Had you said this after Sunrise...
... I would have killed you
Then wait for Sunrise!
This is not the corpse of a Kaunteya
This is the corpse of my friend Radheya ...
... and only I have the right to cremate him
Did you rain arrows on your brother ...
... or my friend Radheya?
Duryodhan is right
His right to cremate Karna is greater than ours
I did not want to ever see your corpse
Your going away like this ...
... has left me all alone
When my Death stands before me ...
... I'll think of you and my fear will vanish
Please accept the respects of your lonely friend
Dear friend! As long as there's life on Earth ...
... you'll always be a symbol of friendship
Blessed are you, Radheya!
With the departure of my friend ...
... all hopes of victory are lost
Only his tears are left ...
... with Duryodhan