"Saying Yes to Life" - Sadhguru

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Sadhguru when you begin to say yes
and you experience
what that yes does to you
are you already married
yes ok then it's safe tell me
and there is this exuberance
it is, it's like you are melting but
when around you there is no
what about how do you go on with that
so the trouble started with the first yes
so uh
you are being exuberant
your family is not cooperating
the world around you is not cooperating
see i want you to understand this
the more lonely you feel
the more depressed you feel
the more the need
for having company isn't it yes
the more joyful you become
the more exuberant you become
the less and less you need company
so when you're alone
if you feel lonely
that means obviously you're in bad company
ha ha
ha ha
if you're with a good person
why would you feel lonely
you'd feel great
isn't it
your exuberance
is not manufactured
if it is manufactured yes you need company
now people's idea of exuberance is let's talk
let's dance let's listen to music let's do this let's do that
not necessarily
you can just sit quietly here and be absolutely exuberant
if you're exuberant by your own nature
if the life has become exuberant
activity is just a consequence
but if your life is not exuberant
you're trying to crank it up with activity
then activity is the means
this is a big difference
either you dance
and arrive at a certain state of exuberance
or because you are exuberant and you cannot contain it
you dance
these are two different things
either because you're happy
you burst out into laughter
or somebody told you everyday in the morning if you laugh and laugh and laugh one day you
will become happy
these are two different ways
tell me which way does life work
look at everything around you
which way is it working
is it because
there are flowers
the plant and the root
came up like a support
to the flower
is that so
because there's a beautiful flower
this plant and it's root grew
so that it can have a nice pedestal
is that so
this is so with this one because this is manufactured
because this is a microphone
and they didn't want to trouble me
then they manufactured a stand
a stem to it
is that the way this one happened
the exuberance in the stem could not be contained
it flowered isn't it
this is the way life should happen
if you try to do the other way
it's going to be a very hard life
the hardest life
in the world is
to be
putting yourself out into the world
like you are joyful when you're not
that is the hardest thing to do in life
when you're not happy
to show everybody that you're happy
it costs phenomenal amount of life
have you noticed this
some people are there when they're happy they're happy when they're not happy they're not happy
they just show it to everybody the whole world knows their thing
their active life everybody knows
some people manage
all the time but
it takes phenomenal amount of energy to keep it up like that
you will grow diseases in your body I'm telling you
you'll grow
you'll grow lumps and tumors in your body
if you try to constantly
put on an act
this is happening all over the world
actually if you're willing to be a subject I can demonstrate it to you
within a few hours
I can make you grow a tumor
really I'm not joking
if you make your mind in a certain way
you will do that
only saving grace for you is
you never do anything steadily you're off and on off and on off and on
your joy is off and on your misery is off and on
never on
if you become utterly miserable
you will see the consequence of it
if you become utterly joyful you will see the consequence of it
if you become utterly angry you will see the consequence of it
you don't see the consequence of anything
because you're always off and on off and on off and on
people ask me Sadhguru what kind of
attitude and emotion I said damn thing any damn thing is okay
you want to be angry
be angry
twenty four hours non-stop
you'll get
realized I'm not joking
you like love
be loving twenty four hours you'll get realized
you want to be depressed
depression no that's not an attitude that's a
pathological problem
it'll make you sink elsewhere
anything else
just keep it on for twenty four hours
you will come to a certain realization
but nothing is there
we were also singing that

Jeevan Mukthi
that's all it takes
you keep changing the direction and the course of your journey
how will you go anywhere you'll end up in circles
which way you want to go I'm not deciding to go wherever you want to go
but steady
not every day altering it altering it altering it
every cell
every atom in the existence can be a doorway to the beyond
if you go steadily at it
the problem is people keep shifting and shifting and shifting and
that's the biggest problem with today's world like never before
think it's a virtue
for them to say
our attention spans are very short
they think they're progressed
they can't listen to anything they can't do anything
the whole discussion is about the future media
what is
you know in India
a cinema means four and a half hours at one time
they cut it down to three hours
now most of the western films are ninety minutes
now because people want to watch
movies you know what will happen in a year's time or so
movies will come on your cell phone
obviously you can't do this for one and a half hours
so movies
stories are being told in three to ten minutes
a ten minute movie
cinemas over
the same nonsense
you could have done it in ten minutes so why were you wasting our time for three hours
but that's how it is
that's the whole thing
now you can watch every cinema in the world because it's only three minutes
the real long ones are four and a half minutes
and they're telling the whole story
in a thirty second advertisement aren't they
just like that
you wanna watch a cinema
so what will it do with the commercials then
if one minute two minutes becomes a full-length movie
what to do with the commercial
I hope they disappear