Altın Kollu Adam - The Man with the Golden Arm - Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak 1955

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- Hi Frankie. - Hello.
(Man in background) Get in there.
(Traffic noise)
(Men's laughter)
Nothing like that first drink of the day. Go on drink up enjoy it.
Hey, what he do or what? Huh?
Say they tell me your some dancer. Well how about a little dance anyway?
Hey, gimme back. Who's horsing around? What's the big idea?
Frankie, Frankie when did you get back? How are you?
You alright? You know...
The monkey's gone.
Let me look at you. Let me look at you.
Not even a postie card.
- You can't read anyway. - Well, you could have drawed pictures.
Hey, you goofy punk. How's the lost dog business?
Soon as they see me hanging around, people start locking up their mutts.
I tell you folks just don't have that trust in their fellow man anymore.
Know what I mean? (Sound of laughter)
Hey Antek, look who's out.
Hey Frankie. You alright? Clean?
- Yep. - Good kid.
- Enough already, buy me a drink. - Sure.
Look what the cat dragged in.
Frankie, Honey!
You gone so long I thought maybe you was made warden.
Hey you're lookin' good, dealer.
Put on 6 Ibs.
Wow, 6 Ibs.
He's gone so long I thought maybe he's made warden.
How was it down there, Frankie?
Greatest place you ever see, Nancy.
She means Lexington.
I'm telling you, ball games, great food. I even learned how to play the drums.
You make it sound as if I missed something
by not going to jail years ago. It's a prison, no?
More a hospital, kind of. Let me show you something.
Oh, the federal pens is always best, ask anybody.
(Nancy ) Oh, I know.
He's gone so long I think he's made warden.
Ever see anything so pretty? Don't touch.
Hey, how'd you sneak them out, Frankie?
The guys give me em' up there in the band.
They let you have a band?
Yeah, I was in it. And they chipped in and bought me these when I left.
Long time dealer.
How was it there, bad, huh?
It was alright.
Six months, you can hardly wait I bet.
Come over my place. C'mon.
No thanks, Louie.
You broke. Now ain't yer being stupid, it's for free.
I don't need it, is all. I kicked it.
Oh. Kicked it. One of them.
- I mean it. - Sure.
I'll be around.
Frankie don't do it. Don't start up with that peddler again.
Me, I'd rather chop my arm off before I let him touch it.
This Dr. Lennox who took care of me down at the hospital. A real good guy.
He told me at least ten times.
He said, "Frankie when you get out of here,
you take even one fix, you're hooked again. "
Don't worry about me, buddy boy.
Let's get out of here.
Thanks Antek.
Antek, take care of this asset for me. I got a customer coming to get it.
Ok. Sparrow.
Don't let him give you no gas.
Him? I ain't gonna' be around here long enough to let him bother me.
I'm gonna' get me a job in a big name band.
You're kiddin'?
What do you think I'm strengthening my wrist for, Buddy-O?
The guy teaches me drumming down there, says that I'm a natural.
Can't miss, he says. Arms made of pure gold.
You mean a job whanging these drums.
I got everything planned too. I'm gonna' call myself Jack Duvall.
Golly, I ain't gonna' see you around so much then, huh?
Yeah, maybe I can set somethin' up for you.
Carrying the instruments or somethin'.
Travellin' around the country. High type nightclubs.
How's that sound to you, punk?
When is it gonna' be? When?
Right away today. I'm the kinda' guy, boy when I move, watch my smoke.
But I'm gonna' need some good clothes, though.
Oh, well you go on up. I'm gonna' find you some.
- Yeah, yeah. Size 39 get. - 39.
- Stripes. - Stripes.
Somethin' nice.
(Loud crashing noises, coming from an apartment)
(Landlord). You stop that noise!
You and husband, or I throw you both out.
You hear!
(Vi) I'll make all the noise I want.
(Landlord) Who is landlord? Me! You do like I say.
You're mother's icebox, I'll do like you say.
Frankie Machine! Ah, you look great.
How are you feelin', Frankie? I mean...
Fine, Vi, just fine. Hiya landlord.
Mad. She and husband fight all the time. Holler, throw things.
Nothing changes.
(Landlord) This is respectable house and I am respectable man.
(Vi) Respectable, my eye.
Go on get out you're late for the paroleboard.
Oh, Frankie.
Oh, Frankie I love you so much...
I've missed you so... I've missed you...
I've been so lonely Frankie without you.
So lonely without you.
Zosh stop crying. Zosh let me look at you.
My eyes are gonna' be all red.
No, you look fine, Zosh.
Honest? Has the cold sore gone?
No, you look real good.
I had this cold sore. I want to look real nice for you when you came back
and I was afraid it would'nt be gone, so I put this goofy salve on to dry it.
Oh Francis.
No, Zosh, everything's gonna' be alright.
Oh, you didn't see it. Look Vi got the cake by the bakery, but the sign I made.
It's sorta' like for a welcome home.
Gee it's like a real party or somethin'.
It's real nice Zosh.
How are you Frankie?
I'm clean.
I kicked it for keeps.
Did it hurt? How was it there for you?
Oh, they treated me fine down there. There was this Dr. This Dr. Lennox.
He was real good to me.
Frankie, Frankie did you miss me?
Of course I missed you Zosh. What kind of silly question is that?
Of course I missed you, honest no kiddin'.
What have you got there?
You'll see. Oh, I brought you somethin'.
Oh, it's an exquisite thing.
You like it? I made it myself, out of cigarette wrappers.
It's just an exquisite thing, is all. You made it?
Yeah, for a hobby like. See part of the cure is to keep yourself busy
doing things you enjoy. Like for instance I wanted to learn to drum and music.
Doctor Lennox got them to help me do it.
During the day I was kept busy enough, but sometimes at night,
I get restless I wanted to keep my mind of the craving. I made that.
There's somethin' important I gotta' tell you.
I forget right now.
(Zosh whistles )
A whistle?
Oh, I was scared sometimes being alone. So Vi got it for me,
I should blow for her when I wanted her.
Go on you were telling me.
Oh, well the first thing you do when you get there,
you talk to a doctor for about two hours.
Oh, know. I know what it is. I know what I had to tell you.
Vi took me to this movie and the girl's kid brother had a friend in it.
Now who do you think he looked like?
You! Oh, it was a good movie. The stage show was real good too.
We owe Vi eighty cents for the movie, I was broke.
We owe her for the cake too.
How come you don't have any money? Schwiefka didn't kick in regular?
Well he was supposed to. It was his joint they raided not mine.
I was just the dealer. I kept my mouth shut and took the rap.
If he didn't send fifty a month regular, how much did he?
Well he sent fifty but not regular. You see Vi had to kick in for me sometimes.
She took good care of you? Had fun with her?
Yeah, but not like when you're here. It was terrible being alone Frankie.
And my legs when they hurt, she don't massage like you when they hurt.
What do they say by the clinic, Zosh?
I stopped going by that goofy clinic.
The clinic must know what's right, Zosh. You gotta' start the clinic again.
You gotta' get well.
Vi dreamed that this new doctor round the corner he cured me.
I'd have gone to him already but he ain't free like the clinic.
Now your back making money again by Schwiefka, I'll go.
I've finished with Schwiefka, I don't deal for him no more.
But you always deal. You're a dealer; you're the best dealer in the business.
No more. I'm a drummer now.
Don't make jokes Frankie. I never know when you're making jokes.
Who's joking, Zosh. Listen...
Nice, huh?
This Doctor Lennox, I told him my whole life story.
From when I was born almost. About you and me. But he told me
that if I lived when I got out like I lived before I went in there, the chances are
I'd be hooked in no time. So that's why I want to get with a band.
How's that?
Cute. What did you tell him about me, this doctor?
I told him about getting some money, getting you well. And he said
getting with a band was a good way to go at it.
He even gave me the name of a guy in town, right here, to get a job.
That's nice. I mean if this man with a job ever heard of this great doctor.
Most times these things just don't come through.
I got this.
What is it?
It's a letter from the doc.
I think I'll go call him now.
Now. Let's talk about it tomorrow.
I'll be right up, Zosh.
You ain't even tasted the cake.
I'll only be a minute. I'll be right up.
No! Now! Frankie.
First taste a piece of nice...
(door slams shut)
Hey, are you coming baby?
(Molly ) Yeah, yeah I'm coming Johnny.
Hey Molly.
(Molly ) Yeah I'm coming, Johnny.
I want to talk to Mr Harry Lane please?
How about it, huh?
Machine, Frankie Machine.
Yeah, I got a letter of introduction for him from Doctor Lennox.
Hello Frankie.
Doctor Martin Lennox.
How have you been, Molly?
(Jack) C'mon baby, let's go.
Yeah, I'm coming Johnny. I guy I met while you was away.
Mr Lane, I got a letter for you, yeah.
C'mon on, what do you say, kid?
This afternoon, huh? Well gee, I sure do appreciate it Mr Lane,
thank you so much. Ok, goodbye.
Frankie, a new thing by Bracks department store.
No sales girls you just help yourself.
It's what they call our honour system. What's the matter, Frankie?
Feel that material. And I figured as long as I'm there. Nice, huh?
Are you alright? Frankie?
I got the drumming job.
Already. Wow!
When I move I move like a streak, punk.
Think it looks alright, Zosh?
How come you ask me all of a sudden?
I just want to know if it looks alright, Zosh.
And my name ain't Zosh it's Sophia.
What's the matter?
Nothing's the matter. Except how would you feel if your spine was hurting?
Why didn't you say so?
On account it's your first day back, I just didn't want you should worry.
Don't be like that Zosh. Is it bad?
Maybe the new doctor will do me some good, huh?
We'll go see him when I get back.
Take me now, Frankie.
Zosh, I got this appointment, you know how much it means to me.
We'll go as soon as I get back.
Please, Frankie.
I'll hurry, I'll hurry.
Frankie, give me a little more massage then, first, huh?
Zosh, I'm doing this for you to get some money so you can get a good doctor.
Oh, please, Frankie.
Look I'll get you a dog too, how's that, huh? Get her a dog, will you.
I'll give the matter my personal attention.
Just have confidence in the management.
Wish me luck Zosh.
Oh, Frankie.
Wait, wait Frankie.
Can't be two places at once. What could I do?
- Yes, she just don't realise. - Shut-up punk, she just don't realise.
How would you like to be nailed to a chair?
(Loud noise of tapping on window).
Frankie, Frankie how are ya? Antek!
Well it didn't do you no harm did it, Frankie? Oh you look good.
That's right Schwiefka, it was a real country club.
Mmm. They give you this when they let you out?
Give him nothin'; I bought it by Bracks.
You know I come as soon as hear you're out. I figured he's worried about
getting his job again. Tell him don't worry, Schwiefka don't forget so quick.
Job's waitin'.
You need a dealer you say?
Need. No. I've been dealing myself and man
I've built up a game like nobody's business.
I got a great following. They're playing bigger than ever.
I hear you wasn't doin' so good.
From who? When I say great, I don't mean a lot. A few but loaded.
So what do you want me for?
Like I'm tellin' ya, I take care of my friends.
Can I polish your halo, Schwiefka? Only a quarter.
Knock it off punk. Look I've been doin' alright.
But I don't say that the customers like me better than like you.
The dealer makes the house, I know that.
Wha d'ya say?
You're dealing for some other joint.
I ain't dealing for nobody. I ain't dealing for nobody no more.
Is that the way you repay me? Didn't I send money to Zosh? Here I've gone
and told all my friends, that you'll be working for me again.
What am I supposed to do?
As far as I'm concerned you can go back to matching pennies
with school kids.
Hey Antek. Antek!
Who is he?
Drunky. His name's Johnny somethin'.
He's houseman for Gubercek's poolroom.
Is that a thing with them?
They see each other. You wanna' meet him?
No. So long Antek.
See ya Frankie.
Hey you.
Get in dealer.
Who me? What for?
You too punk.
I didn't do nothin'. Hey wait a minute Kvorka, listen,
I'm on my way to get a job, it's important to me.
You can pick me up some other time, I just need an hour.
Be a good guy, will ya?
Shut up, get in.
What are ya talking Kvorka? Are you looking to get sued for libel
or somethin'? I could sue you right now.
You're looking good dealer, real good. When did they let you out?
Monday, they let me out.
What's the charge, Kvorka?
Shoplifting by Bracks. This suit.
Who told you a thing like that?
A little bird.
A little bird with a cigar.
That all you could stay out of trouble, two days? Dealer, dealer.
Listen Bednar I've got a chance for a job playing with a band. Honest.
If you don't believe me call the guy on the phone, he'll tell you.
Well just give me a half-hour, please.
Sure you can wear my badge, too.
Book 'em and hold these two.
Look all I need is a half-hour. Give me a break, will ya?
I don't make the rules, dealer.
(Man singing in background)
Now listen I tell ya you can't hold me I'm unincapable.
I ain't smart enough to be runnin' around loose, but I'm too goofy
to be locked up. The neck, will ya let go of the neck?
I gotta' complaint to make.
Let go of the neck.
Hey you, I'm talkin' to you.
Oh, the old silent treatment, huh.
Alright, let's have your number fella'.
I'll show you, you can't give me the business.
Your goose is cooked, copper.
Frankie, you gotta' cigarette?
Do a cigarette trick.
You know just to break the daily monotony.
Hello dealer, I come runnin' as soon as I heard.
You want I should get you out dealer?
You fink.
The store will drop the charges. Thirty-seven buck's a lot of dough.
How do I know you'll pay me back?
You fink.
It would be different if you was dealing for me.
If you wanna' deal for me I can get you out.
Dirty lousy stool pigeon.
I don't know what you mean. Just tryin' to do you a favour.
Yes or know?
Took off like a whipped dog. He's scared of you Frankie.
Nobody's ever been scared of me.
Them krauts were scared of you. You was a big man in the army.
Big man. I was the guy picked the fly spots outa' the black pepper.
Get me out!
Get me out!
Get me out!
I need a fix.
I wanna' fix!
Can you get me a fix!
Can you get me a fix!
I wanna' fix.
(Frankie) Jacks check, bullet say a buck.
Big aces here we go down and dirty.
Better luck next time, friend.
(Frankie) Man with a hammer bums a buck. Jack calls.
Bucket of paint all red.
Doesn't mean a thing if you haven't got the king. Winner every hand.
You bet more you get more. Slip me half make me laugh.
You still take tips dealer? Or don't they pay so good in the music game?
What happened to that big job you had lined up? You stink out the joint?
Give us a fresh deck.
I decide when we need a fresh deck at this table.
Hey Louie borrow me a dirty dollar.
Get back on the door lame brain.
I take orders only from Frankie.
Don't give me lip you cheap little hustler.
Hustler, schmustler, I'm the jib compared to some.
Ain't no fourteen-year-old junkies waitin' around to see me.
You wanna' die?
And here we go down and dirty.
I'll deal the next one down.
What's it a sign of when a dealer's hands begin to shake?
Schwiefka take the slot for a while, will ya'?
Alright men, new deal.
Ok men here we go, down and dirty. Ace, seven.
You know what's eating at you.
You shot off the mouth about kicking it for keeps.
So now you're ashamed for even thinkin' well, what you're thinkin'.
Ain't that right?
You know I don't talk about my customers, so who'll be the wiser?
Why fight it dealer, for whom, for what? Come over my place.
What do you say?
I'll be around.
(Sound of band playing)
They tell me you was working here, and I was passing by, and I thought
I'd come in and have a drink.
I've been here a while.
Doin' any good?
Alright. Small kind of a game. Usual kind of drinks.
Ain't got all night Jack.
Rye. Have some.
Two doubles.
You didn't have to do that, Frankie.
No reason you should go losin' money, by wastin' your time talking to me.
You know you're no waste. I've been hopin' you'd come to see me.
You know how it is, Molly.
Sure. So busy and all.
Here's to it Molly-O.
Molly-O. I ain't heard that since you went away.
You're lookin' good Frankie.
Feel good.
They tell me you're goin' be a drummer now.
Yeah, I've got an appointment with a man tomorrow.
That's swell.
Probably I won't get the job, though.
Sure you will.
Molly, I don't play good enough.
I bet you play fine.
You was always whistlin' and drummin' on tables and things. Real good too.
I mean it. You've got a natural rhythm.
I was thinkin' maybe I'd take a stage name. Jack Duvall.
Jack Duvall. Yeah, that's real class.
It is, ain't it?
Oh, it's a swell name. Just fits you, Frank.
This guy I'm gonna' see tomorrow, he books all the big bands.
I get in with him, boy I'll wear a tux.
You'll look swell in a tux.
I already got the drums.
I need a buck. Ante up kid, huh?
I got lonely.
I needed somebody and he's a poor big guy, who needs somebody too.
Everybody needs somebody. But you can do better than him.
Can I Frankie?
Molly I, I thought a lot about you while I was away.
About you and me and Zosh.
How it would never work out between you and me,
as long as she was upstairs sitting in that chair.
It would be different if she didn't love me and she wasn't so helpless.
You can't make a fool of somebody who loves you and they're so helpless.
That's why I didn't come around sooner.
That's why I ain't comin' around no more, you understand?
Sure, sure I understand.
You're a good girl, Molly.
Sure, real good.
Good luck with that fella' tomorrow.
You're not the first to come to me with a letter from Doctor Lennox.
I've taken care of a lot of you people.
The doc, he told me.
I like doing it, understand. So don't feel that this is charity or anything like that.
Now have you played professionally before?
Only down at Lexington.
I see, then you wouldn't mind auditioning?
I mean I know some bandleaders who might have an opening,
but they'd have to be sure that you could play.
Oh, sure, sure.
Now alright, then. There's only one thing Frankie.
You see a good many people like yourself, well they mean well
but they're weak. They let me down.
I mean, I go to all this trouble, vouch for them and they go back on the habit.
It makes me look bad.
Oh, I wouldn't, honest.
Alright, I'm telling you this because, well, once a man lets me down
I'm done with him. Even if he comes back on his knees.
And don't think that some of them haven't.
I wouldn't let you down Mr. Lane.
Good. I'll call you... er... let me see a week from Friday about noon. Alright?
Fine. I sure do appreciate it.
Oh, forget it.
Do you like my hair better this way, or upswept, Frankie, huh?
Well you can at least tell me. It ain't my fault he don't phone. What did I say?
Just don't hold your breath till you hear from that guy, that's what I said.
He told you noon and here it is almost six o'clock already.
So how do you still think he'll phone? Honest, I'm surprised at you.
Oh I just don't want you should eat your heart out, is all.
Forget the whole thing Frankie I bet he has.
Do you think he's got nothing better to do than worry about you?
You think he don't sleep nights on account of Frankie Machine?
Bet he don't get no.
(Phone ringing)
Excuse me, uh.
Hello. Oh, just a minute, it's for you.
Are you Doctor Dominowski?
Yes I came as soon as I could.
Well how are you feeling, little lady?
See, the doc asks how I'm feeling.
Ah, we'll have you feel fine in one, two-a or thre-ee.
What is this?
It happens friend to be an electric blood reverser and spine manipulator.
It helps to reverse the blood.
What's the gimmick?
Gimmick? It happens so brother that I am a member
of the American Association of medical hydrology, psychology
and divine healing.
Where's the socket?
Cold hands, poor circulation. Eat lots of hot things.
Chillies, peppers, hot sauces.
Not more than three a day.
Now lean forward and we'll vibrate the vertebrae.
You know how I got like I am today? My spine was hurt.
Oh, I can see that. The ligatures in the vertebrae is locked together.
In a car accident I was hurt.
Three years go, May 11th. Maybe you read about it in the papers, huh?
This is the car it happened in. That's me laying there.
My husband was the one driving the car and he was drunk.
Drunk, eh?
He got me in this accident and smashed me up good,
so I can walk no more, dance no more, nothin'.
He married me right here in the hospital chapel.
(Sound of door slamming)
Feeling a little better?
Uhuh. Much better.
Help yourself. Hey Frankie guess what, I got that dog for Zosh.
He drinks beer and every caller in heaven's a champeen.
Champeen of what?
Retrieving. It brings back empties. Hey I'll show you. Come on beauty.
Here get it.
He's all dog. You can make money out of him Frankie.
See what he's good at is catching them squirrels in the park
and shakin' them dirty peanuts at 'em.
You know what I mean? Only thing he's trained to chase is one kind of squirrel.
And they're getting kinda' rare in Chicago
on account of the climate's changin', know what I mean?
So he's just hangin' around waitin' for the climate to change back a little.
He's got a real fightin' heart.
He's dizzy but he's still in there tryin'.
Take the dog up to Zosh.
Frankie, can I go with you?
(Knock on door)
In a minute dealer...
Five bucks.
Last time it was two.
That was more than six months ago, before you went away.
They keep raising the price on me.
They keep doin' that, I'll have to find somethin' to take it's place.
Monkey's never dead dealer. The monkey never dies.
When you kick him off, he just hides in a corner waitin' his turn.
The monkey'll die waitin'. He ain't climin' up on my back no more.
Never again I mean it.
(Louie) Sure, sure.
Look Frankie. Look how he drinks his- Oh, ain't that cute.
(Telephone ringing) He's got a thirst like a bar fly.
Ssh. Ssh.
(Landlord) Hello.
You still expecting that connection to call?
For your own piece of mind forget him.
The doc said I can count on Mr Lane and the doc doesn't lie.
The doc. Look at me a doc told you I'd be up and around in no time and am I?
Have you seen my sticks? You seen my drumsticks anywhere?
You know what I'm gonna' get for this little dog.
A little raincoat like for when it rains.
Plaid maybe. Or maybe all yellow, huh?
Where are my drum sticks Zosh?
How'd they get up here?
You like that didn't ya?
Zosh I never keep them way up here.
Drank it all up didn't ya?
I put 'em there. I stood right up, walked right over and I put 'em there. Alright?
No, no kiddin', how?
Maybe Vi when she was straighten up for me. I don't know. Stop pickin' on me.
Frankie you can't keep stoning yourself about it.
There must be a million drummers play better than you do who can't get jobs.
Just remember that, your gonna' feel better.
Yeah, sure I will.
Yeah... The noise.
What's this for Zosh?
Oh, Vi she laid out for groceries.
We owe her even more. You got any?
I don't know what we're doin' with all our money.
Don't you get enough cards by Schwiefka.
I just do it to kill the pastime, that's all.
What about my pastime?
What did you say this is for?
Sit here all the time; you don't even talk to me.
We got any more beer? I'd like some.
Beer bloats Zosh, when you can't exercise. Here pick a card.
Everything's no good for me. I'm only twenty-five and it's like
I'm an old lady already. Is it my fault I can't exercise?
You wanna' pick a card, or don't you wanna' pick a card?
No, I don't wanna' pick a card. All I want is just a little.
A little what, Zosh?
Just a little...
A little beer, a little fun, a little anything.
I can't dance no more. I can't swim. I can't even drink beer.
I don't even know what kinds they got anymore.
What are the kinds they've got these days, Frankie?
Alright, pretend like I ain't here.
It's what you're all the time wishing anyway, that I got killed that night.
I don't wish any such thing.
If I don't talk you get mad. If I say anything you bite my head off.
I don't know whether I'm coming or going anymore Zosh.
I told you it gives me headaches.
I gotta' practice sometimes, Zosh. If a job comes along I wanna' be ready.
The job, the job. Take 'em down to your girl-friend if you gotta' practice.
Take them down and give her the headache.
Do you know what you're saying, Zosh? Do you know what you're talkin' about?
Don't give me that innocent look.
I ain't said two words to her since I come back.
Just cos' I sit here; you think I don't know what goes on.
Not two words.
I know plenty.
Cut it out, will ya, Zosh? Cut it out.
Take 'em down to that tramp if you wanna' make noise.
Go on take 'em down to her, why don't you?
Alright, I will.
Frankie. Frankie I didn't mean...
(TV sports announcer) It's a long drive to right field.
It's going, going, it's gone, it's a home run.
If you got two cents for a beer. If I had fifteen I'd be alright.
I got six cents here. Here you are.
I ain't gonna' stand it much longer. The heartaches my old man gives me.
You know what he likes to do most? Tear the dates off the calendar.
Watching him, that's supposed to be my big Saturday night pleasure.
Sometimes he loses all control and tears off a whole week's at once,
bleatin' like a Billy goat.
You know what would fill up that empty spot in your life?
A dog. Hey here's a satisfied customer. Frankie that dog I got you,
makes a big difference in your life, don't it?
Yeah Big.
(TV sport announcer) The first baseman London to bat.
I wanna' see you.
After the inning.
I'll still bet you six to five.
(TV announcer) It's a strike, strike one.
London getting settled in. London swings and it's a high ball.
Roberts trying to get it. It may go into the stand.
He's gonna' try, it's gonna' be close. Roberts makes a tremendous leap
and he's got it.
How are you Frankie? You make out alright with the fella' with the job?
Oh, the drumming job? Fine, fine. Well not so fine. He set a top down on me.
He promised to call me, but.
It's too bad.
A million drummers in the world, how do I rate?
Maybe he lost your number.
It happens.
Maybe he's just wishing you'd get in touch.
He'd think I was a pest.
Why should he? A good drummer that's somethin' that don't turn up very day.
Go on Frankie, call him.
Go on Frankie.
(TV announcer) Well it promises to be quite a ball game, if these first two
innings are any indication. Home team was leading by one run. The only score
in the game, thanks to that mighty swat by Milton in the second innings.
Come on Molly, watch the game.
I don't feel like it Johnny, why don't you go ahead? I'll wait for you.
(TV announcer) This is the last game here before the team leaves
on a tour trip.
Yes, studio B Monday morning. Fine, thank you Mr Lane, bye.
Monday I got an audition Monday, me.
He told me to join the union and be ready to work.
Oh, that's swell Frankie.
You know he did lose my number. He's been tryin' to find me
all week long. Here I was ready to forget the whole thing.
Gee, if you hadn't opened your mouth I wouldn't have called him.
I'm sure you would.
I've got an audition with a big band. Me on TV.
Practice a lot Frankie.
Practice, I'll beat those heads to a shred. Only I gotta' find a place, where.
Zosh can't stand the noise.
Molly? You suppose maybe I could put the drums in your place?
And sorta' drop in once in a while? Why not? Molly, why not?
Oh, Johnny wouldn't understand.
So what could he do?
It ain't a question what he could do, Frankie.
A fella' like Johnny can't do much about anything.
It's a question of what it does to him. I'm all he has in the world.
I don't want to hurt him.
Molly, for crying out loud.
Oh, you don't know, Frankie, a fella' like him.
Sometimes when we're alone...
What does he do, cry? He's a lush, Molly.
He's a hundred per cent habitual drunk.
Look, everybody's an habitual somethin'. With him it's liquor is all.
Please, Molly. Molly-O.
It ain't just that Frankie.
I don't want it to start with each other again.
Look what you said about us not being good, it was the truth.
Even before you went away, I tried to...
It just doesn't add up. Never did, it never can.
Give it a chance. I told you it would one day.
All my life has been one day.
On and on, and on.
I got drums I'm headed for a good job. Is that so on and on and on.
I make some money, make Zosh well. What's so on and on about that?
Don't shut me out Molly, I'm tryin'.
Did you want to see me?
What do you mean, no?
Vi. Here, what we owe.
Frankie, Vi says can she trust me.
Tell her Frankie what an honest hustler I am.
Frankie, I guess maybe you could drop in once in a while.
Thanks, Molly-O.
(Sound of Traffic noises )
(Sound of Rumba band playing on the radio)
How's that?
Real nice.
You should have heard what I did with Perdido a little while ago.
Good, huh? I hope the neighbours liked it too.
I'm very big with the neighbours.
They keep banging on the pipes to let me know how much they appreciate it.
I won't let it go to my head though.
Well keep playing drums at five am; you'll see what goes to your head.
You slip me a smile, I might give you my autograph.
You won't have to fight your way through the bobby-soxers to get to me.
I bet those bobby-soxers go for you, at that.
You tired?
But in a very nice way. I've been feelin' good all night.
I joined the Musicians Union today.
Schwiefka loan you the money?
Who did?
Nobody. I'm gonna' hock the drums.
Oh, Frankie. No.
I got it figured out pretty good.
When I get a job I'll take an advance, I'll get the drums out again.
Meantime I'll use a practice pad.
You should have asked Schwiefka.
Haven't even seen him.
You didn't go the work?
I've been practicing here all night. I quit the game Molly.
It wouldn't have hurt you to wait a coupla' days Frank.
I wanted to quit. I'm quitting a couple of things.
Is it bad?
Not too bad.
You shouldn't have started again.
Who knows why I started in the first place?
I guess in the beginning it grew on me for kicks.
Louie gave me my first shot for nothin'.
I thought I could take it or leave it alone.
So I took it and I took again and again.
One day Louie wasn't around.
I nearly went crazy till I found him.
Oh, I was sick.
I was so sick.
You can't be that sick and live.
That's why I knew I was hooked.
There was a forty-pound monkey on my back.
The only way to get along with a load like that is to keep leaning on a fix.
(Molly starts sobbing)
I'm one of the lucky ones Molly.
I kicked it and I'm not too far hooked to kick it again. I've had my last fix.
I mean it, Molly.
Tell me somethin. '
You think those bobby-soxers will really go for me?
You can be such a ham.
Yeah maybe I'll get Sparrow a job with the orchestra.
Or when I can put enough money together I can get Zosh
into a real good hospital, so she can walk and dance again.
And then maybe.
(Loud knocking on door)
Who is it?
Schwiefka, open up.
Just a minute.
Alright, alright where is he? Good morning Mrs. Machine.
- Frankie where is he? - What is it? What did he do?
What did he do? You know what he did. He quit. No notice, no nothin'.
He sends word by that misfit that he's through. I had to take the slot myself.
Where is he?
Oh, he wasn't at the game?
Would we be looking for him all over, if he was at the game? He eats my bread,
six years he eats my bread. He gets put away I sent you money regular.
He gets out, I give him his job back.
- Shut-up. - What do you mean, shut-up?
Shut-up. Do you think it was easy talkin' fellas' like Williams and Markette
up to a two-bit game like yours, huh?
Louie, Louie I.
- I sold them on Frankie. - Why are we getting' excited?
They're fat in the pocket and hungry for action.
We finally get a chance to score big, and you lose the dealer.
Look Louie, I swear, I swear when Markette and Williams come
the dealer will be there. Or a player just as good.
There ain't none as good. Why didn't you offer him more money?
- A piece of the play. - From your end or mine?
What's the difference who's end?
Do you expect me to stand here and argue about pennies?
Your end.
Look, I'm a musician.
Well how does it feel?
Well, it feels like. You'd better hang on to my arm or I'll go up like a balloon.
I'm a musician. Hmm Hmm.
Where are we going?
I don't know, but I want to buy you somethin'
Oh, no.
I gotta' spend some money or I'll bust. How about one of those in green?
Maybe a colour TV set.
Go on.
Would you look at this production? And only for cookin'.
Now who would want a thing like that? Boy, it's goofy, huh?
It's pretty, huh? I wonder what he does for a living?
Well, must make a nice dollar. Look the way he dresses her.
- A kitchen like that. - I notice he don't help her none though.
I bet he didn't even marry the girl.
Look at that she ain't even wearing a ring on her finger.
She takes it off when she cooks, maybe.
And he's tired after a hard day's work.
Alright, so let him sit there, but at least he could talk to her once in a while.
He doesn't have to sit there with his nose buried in a magazine.
I would talk to her.
What would you say?
Oh, I'd say how you been? How did it go today? What's for supper?
Steak. Steak's for supper and everything went fine today.
Steak? Good. Now how about you and me stepping out tonight,
after we eat?
Why don't we just stay home? Turn on some music?
Yeah. I like that better. We'll just stay home and turn on some music.
I wish it was Monday, already.
Hi Zosh.
Oh, where you been? Schwiefka was here and said you quit him.
- Where you been? - Look.
- Why did you quit him? - I got a try out on Monday.
And if the bandleader likes the way I play, I'm hired.
Frankie. Go tell Schwiefka you was foolin', you'll deal.
Maybe this bandleader won't like how you play.
Zosh, look I joined the Musicians Union.
Why you gotta' go around changin' things? Why can't it be like always?
Why you gotta' quit dealing, Frankie?
How are we gonna' live with no money coming in?
- It'll start coming in, Monday. - Suppose they call this big try out off?
You can't tell me it's a sure thing, can you?
Oh Frankie, deal for Schwiefka like always. Forget this great job.
I quit dealing, Zosh. I can't take the chance, don't you understand?
If the joint gets raided and I get picked up again,
Mr Lane would be through with me.
And then how would I play with a band?
How are you gonna' play if Schwiefka gets your arms broke?
Go on.
Yeah, right here he said it. And he wanted to slap me around too.
Ooh why can't it be like always?
You miserable piece of humanity.
I gotta' right to quit if I want.
Markette and Williams are coming tomorrow,
don't you realise the significance?
Leave me alone.
I'll leave you alone, in the alley with the cats lookin'.
That's enough Schwiefka. He don't wanna' deal, he don't wanna deal.
What are you talkin' about all of a sudden?
Don't raise your voice to me, you slob.
He's no slave you can't force him, so what's the use?
He er...
You had the best of him all these years. Don't be a pig. He ain't interested, right?
Alright, alright. Markette and Williams never heard of them.
Money, somethin' to blow yer nose on. I'll wash my hands.
He's a pig, is all. Still you can't blame him so much.
Lettin' the big ones get away, on account of the best dealer
in the business ain't workin' for you no more.
That ain't easy to swallow. You're the best alright.
The old squeeze play, huh Louie?
Been tried on you before?
No, I'm new around here.
Are we really askin' so much dealer? One night.
I'd like to be.
You help us make a bundle.
We'll spread a little of that old sunshine around.
Couldn't you use a coupla' hundred?
Maybe two... five... O?
Two... five... O pays a lotta' doctor bills, dealer.
Tomorrow, huh?
- Frankie. - Let him make up his mind.
Ok, but for one night. Win or lose, sun up I case the deck.
Sure, you're the dealer. What a load off, now I can sleep. Take care of that arm.
A character, huh? Were you jackin' up the price just now,
or do you really have this music job?
If they like what they hear.
Chancy, huh?
So what are we waitin' for?
- Don't talk about it, it's tough enough. - Yeah I know, I know.
I put down a craving once.
No. Candy, sweets.
I used to be eatin' it all the time.
Got examined for the army. They said you got sugar in your blood.
You've got to give up sweets forever or it's good-bye Charlie.
I had to give up candy.
My gums bleed for you, it's awful.
It was.
That unfinished feelin' you got all the time.
- Well I don't have to tell you. - So don't.
I mean you've got this one thing on your mind all the time.
Can't stop thinkin' about it.
You're just a mine of information, ain't yer?
You know what I did?
I said to myself, ok, off sweets forever.
Well forever can start tomorrow.
For once in my life I'm gonna' eat all the candy that I can hold.
I bought eighteen dollars and twenty-three cents worth of candy,
lugged it up to my room.
All night long I ate candy.
I was sick I was sweatin' but I kept shovin' it in.
Ever since then when I feel like candy, I say to myself,
well you can't complain brother; you once had it and had it good.
You know what I mean?
(Band playing)
How is it Molly-O?
I'm alright Frankie, but where you been?
- What'll you have? - A couple of rye's.
All day I was expectin' you'd be in to practice.
Practice. I'll go down there and knock 'em dead,
it's all in the wrists and I got the touch, Molly.
Look at that, steady as a rock, it'll do anything I want it to do.
Keep the change pal.
You got a cigarette, Frankie?
You're on it again Frankie. Why? Why?
No listen Molly, listen.
Molly? Molly.
Beat it.
Molly I only wanna'.
- Take a walk. - Don't.
- Molly listen to me, I can explain. - Molly I just wanna' talk to you.
Will you get outa' here?
Please. Stop.
Molly please.
- Please don't hurt him. - Go away.
Are you lookin' to lose your job? Can't you manage a customer?
- Molly listen to me? - Let me alone, both of you.
Molly! Molly! Molly!
Molly, listen to me.
Molly open the door.
Molly will you open the door?
(Frankie) Molly, Molly let me talk to you, Molly.
Molly, Molly open the door.
(Loud knocking on door)
Molly, please.
Where're you going, Molly? Come here.
Where're you going, Molly?
If you'll let me explain, you'll know why I did it.
Molly listen, will you please? Let me tell you what happened!
Where're you going, Molly? Tell me where you're going!
No, Molly, Molly!
Don't forget to clean out the caboon.
I already cleaned it. And say please when you talk to me or I'll buy a caboon
and go into business for myself. How's that, Frankie? Nothin', huh? Well.
(Knock on door)
I'm reminding you Schwiefka; I get two, two and a half, maybe more.
Would I go back on my word?
How are ya' feelin' dealer?
Hiya Schwiefka.
A big night tonight.
(Knock on door)
Is this the place?
I don't know what place you mean, buddy? This is the Ellis
belt and leather company. You wann'a buy an Ellis belt?
Come right in, we're just starting. How'ya been?
Fine, how are you?
I could handle the door better if I was blind.
Go on, you couldn't heat towels for a scared barber.
- You know Schwiefka? - Oh sure.
- Glad to have you. Hi. - Hi.
Are you Machine? Man with the golden arm, huh?
Let's see you try and take this away.
Here we go down and dirty.
No ladies allowed. You know that Vi.
- Is Frankie in there? - What's the matter?
Zosh, I can't get her to sleep. She and Frankie had an argument
and she's almost out of her mind. Is he in there?
- Well I can't call him now. - Well I just wanna' know he's here.
I've been bounced around Clark Street like a pull bar.
He's here, he's here. I gotta' get back in.
Well tell him she's worried, if you get a chance.
Three aces, two pairs. Pass or a straight flush?
Aces, two hundred.
I'll have twelve and two hundred and I'll raise you two.
I'll have a look of four hundred and the house bumps you three hundred more.
Up to you aces.
I don't know I just don't know.
If you got three aces, show 'em.
He's got a possible straight flush to the queen showin'
I tell you he's bluffing.
I think he bluffed me out of a couple tonight.
You wouldn't be jerk enough to try it again, would you?
- Bet and find out. - Bet, bet, I tell you he's a bluff artist.
I'll call it and I raise it five hundred more.
I know what I'm doing.
I'll have a look and the house bumps you five hundred more.
I told you, I told you he had it.
Shut-up will ya' and let me think.
(Frankie) It's up to you.
What's the rush I want to know?
Your bet two pairs.
I heard you, I heard you. What is this a forced joint or somethin'?
A man's gotta' right to study his hand.
Bet or fold.
Use your head, Sammy.
I tell you he's got it, don't throw good money after bad.
I know what I'm doing.
What did you have?
You didn't pay to find out.
Nothing. Two lousy nines.
You let him bluff you out of a full house with a lousy two nines.
You do that again at this table and your through.
Ah forget it this once dealer. He paid plenty for it.
You're good dealer, maybe too good.
What do you mean by that?
Cut the talk, deal, deal.
Punk get some of this smoke out of here.
(Frankie) What do you mean too good?
(Williams ) If the shoe fits.
I'm casing the deck it's daylight.
Tell him to sit down and deal.
Well we always break up around now.
- One more round. - How about my money?
Put that dealer back in the slot.
- Frankie, how about it? - No. Just give me what's coming to me.
One more hour, huh?
- I'll deal. - You. We wanna' play Machine.
Why you think I can't sell you a thing or two, huh? Sit down, we'll get going.
- How about my dough? - As soon as we break.
Give us a chance to count it at least. Go home, you'll get it later.
Ok ante up, here we go.
A hundred it is.
Yeah a hundred. Ok here we go.
Good morning, Frankie.
- Frankie. - Is Louie still here?
He's having an apoplexy. What they're doin' to Schwiefka in there.
We're getting murdered, you gotta' take the slot.
I ain't here for dealing, look. You gotta' make it stop, Louie.
No deal no fix.
Well give me my money, I'll go see somebody else.
I can't give you your money now, the house needs ever cent.
- You owe it to me. - Take me to court.
Please Louie, you gotta' make it stop.
I'll take care of you, just work a few hours.
I wanna' get to sleep, I gotta' be fresh tomorrow.
Work a few hours, do us a favour.
I'll guarantee you'll feel like a week in the country.
- Please Louie, please Louie, now. - Drop dead.
Wait a second...
Louie says you got money for him, gimme', he's waitin'
- Yeah, Yeah. - Yeah I know he's waitin'.
I've seen this one and that one and they all say the same thing.
Tell Louie like he tells us, nothin' for nothin'.
Not a penny?
Hey, how is it up there?
What a game. Schwiefka is meltin' away like a dirty candle.
The dealer's losin', huh? What's happened to that golden arm?
Don't worry about the dealer, the game's just goin' on a day and a half,
he'll come through.
Why not with those educated fingers. Now you see it now you don't.
You keep your dirty mouth of the dealer. Frankie runs a clean game,
there ain't nothin' in the world can make him change decks.
Hey Antek.
(Frankie) Ace of hearts. Eight of spades.
Alright, alright.
(Frankie) Six of hearts.
Can you let me have a thousand? How about five hundred?
(Frankie) Two hundred, call.
I know it's Sunday night. I didn't call you up to find what day it is.
(Frankie) House checks to you.
Yeah, hold it a minute.
Yeah, hold it.
Gimme' some of that.
I gotta' get outa' here Louie, I'm dead. I ain't slept in almost two days.
Just a little while now.
It ain't doin' you any good, the house is still losin'.
Stay with it dealer. Your class is beginning to tell. Just stay with it.
I just can't, my head won't work no more.
Louie, Louie I'm runnin' outa' guys to call.
- I can't find him. - I'll find him he's loaded.
I'm getting' outa' here.
Just a little longer, while I make a call. And then I'll take you over to my place.
Hey, Louie, new bets.
- House checks. - Ok I'll bet a hundred.
Good and black.
(Loud knock on door)
I can't raise another cent. How's it going?
There're slugging us with their money.
Every pot almost, they're raisin' and raisin' until we're forced out.
What day is it?
Can't you think of anybody we can tap for a few thousand?
What day is it? Is it Monday yet?
Listen to me. Are you listening to me?
Why? Why?
Listen to me I said.
The next big pot they try to force you up with a raise
and you gotta' stay with 'em.
Schwiefka don't let me. He keeps nudging me to fold.
That's 'cos he ain't sure you'll win.
He can't be.
Sure, there's a way you can be sure alright.
You can do anything you want with those cards.
That's only for fun; I haven't got nerve to do it for real.
- You wanna' get out of here don't you? - What?
You wanna' get to that tryout in good condition, don't you?
Yeah, I wanna' get there feelin' good.
Well then make sure. You know what I mean?
Let's get on with the game. Let's get on with the game. I feel hot.
Ok dealer.
- (Markette) I'm in. - (Williams ) I'm in.
Three, King, Jack.
Queen bets a honey.
Pair of treys. King ten, Jack seven, Pair of treys.
(Williams ) I bet two hundred.
(Markette) I call it two.
House bets two. Comin' out.
Pair of treys, pair of Kings, pair of jacks.
I'm bettin' five hundred.
House sees.
(Markette) Call.
Comin' out. Three treys, Kings, Jacks, three treys.
(Williams) Three little treys, bet five hundred bucks.
Why you. Cheatin', huh?
Take off your glasses?
- No. - Take 'em off.
- I didn't know, I didn't know. - I'll get to you in a second.
I didn't know. Eleven years I've been running this game ask anybody?
You don't deal for me no more. You want him?
I wouldn't dirty my hands.
How was I to know? You fellas', you fellas', do I ever rig an honest game?
Tell 'em, tell em'.
Everything's alright now, Frankie.
Hey Frankie, what's a little cuffin' around? Nothin'. Am I right?
You'll see an hour from now we'll be in Anteks, just laughin' about it.
You should have seen Schwiefkas face
when Williams said he'll get to him in a minute.
He went white. It was so funny.
Cut it out, d'you hear?
It was the best word I knew, my whole life.
Do you hear me?
Get away from me, punk.
(Loud knocking on door)
- Louie, quick. - Don't I get to sleep?
Louie, please.
Beginning to wear off quick for you, ain't it? Your graduating student.
- You're going to have to step it up. - Anything, but please hurry.
Alright, let's see your money.
Later, later.
Right now.
- Trust me this once, will ya'? - You know I don't do that.
I'll pay you twice as much later, but I gotta' do somethin' right now.
Beat it.
I'll even push for you Louie. Hurry.
A flipping junkie always says that.
Please Louie, please. Please, Louie!
Get your dirty hands off.
- Wake up! Get up! - No, No.
- Where do you put it? - Frankie. No!
Where do you keep it?
No, No Frankie, let go. Let go Frankie.
I gotta' find it. I can't find it.
Frankie let me take you home. Frankie, please, let me take you home.
Frankie please.
I gotta' be on time. I gotta' be on time.
(Sounds of orchestra rehearsing)
Wow what's the matter? Come on let's try to really cook it.
Mr Machine.
Mr Lane.
Ok, can you read music?
Shelley, let Mr Machine sit in on this one.
Number thirty-seven, it's right in front of you.
You know it, Mr Machine?
Ok, let's try it. One, two, three, four.
Mr Machine the first four bars is all you.
C'mon let's try it again. One, two, three, four.
I'm sorry.
Are you all set? Once again, one, two, three, four...
Ok, Shelley let's go.
Zosh do we have any money? I need some money.
No. What's the matter?
There was some around here yesterday, wasn't there?
I need some money, Zosh.
Well there ain't any. What is it Frankie? What is it?
You can walk. Since when?
Well, what's the angle?
What are you and Frankie tryin' to pull?
Come on tell me one hustler to another, huh?
Go on let me in on it. Let me in on it or I'll queer it for you, d'ya hear?
I'll tell everybody you can walk, you always could.
I'll tell 'em all you can walk, you're a phony.
No Louie, Louie. Louie, no, no you can't do that.
You can't tell anybody, please Louie.
- Let me be. - Please Louie.
- Get your hands off. - No!
(Neighbours) Don't touch him. Call the police.
Molly! Molly! Molly!
Ain't that the way it happened?
They had a fight. Next thing anyone knew Louie was falling.
Come on level Zosh. Don't try to out think me;
you'll only get tangled.
I don't know anything about a fight.
I was sleepin' all morning, right here in this chair.
Then for all you know it did happen that way.
While you was sleepin' Frankie shoved him over.
He didn't.
How do you know if you was sleeping?
It wasn't like I was sleepin', more like dozin' kinda'.
I'd have heard a fight if there was one.
Frankie didn't do it, he wasn't even here.
- When wasn't he here? - When it happened.
How can you be sure if you was dozin'?
I was up when he left, that's how I'm sure. I saw him go.
Then he was home this morning?
For only a second, honest. He didn't get in a fight. He was here only a second.
Why didn't he stick around? Was somebody after him?
Nobody was after him, nobody. He just wanted some money, is all.
What for?
I don't know what for.
- A fix. He wanted it for a fix from Louie. - It had nothing to do with Louie.
How do you know?
'Cos there was no money.
Why would he want to see Louie for a fix, if he didn't have no money?
To try and get one without money.
Ok I can wait. Wherever he is, sooner or later he's gotta' come out for a fix.
Molly. Molly wait, please.
It's finished Frankie, like I told you.
I gotta' talk to you Molly, please.
No, once and for all.
I gotta' talk to you. Got any money, Molly? I need a few dollars.
Ten dollars would do it.
I'll give it back to you in a few days, or five even, five would be fine.
Please. I feel so sick Molly, I hurt all over, I feel so bad.
Don't say no, please don't say no. Why not, Molly? Why not?
Jump off a roof if you gonna' kill yourself, but don't ask me to help you.
I'll do anything for you Molly, but right now you gotta' help me, I need a shot.
Five would do it, or three, or two even, but please hurry.
You mustn't take that dirty stuff no more.
I know, I know you're right and I promise, but right now I need a fix,
just one fix to help me stop hurtin'. And I'll promise you I'll kick it for good.
Just a few dollars Molly, please.
(Knock on door)
(Johnny ) Hello Molly. I just wanted to come say hello.
Ain't you gonna' let me in?
I asked you please not to bother me no more.
I miss you.
Look I'm awfully tired Johnny.
I'll stay only a few minutes.
(Sound coming from Molly's room)
Who's in there with you?
Go away Johnny and don't come back.
Who is it, not the dealer? You ain't hidin' him, are you?
You wouldn't be dumb enough to be an accessory, would you?
What do you mean, accessory?
He killed Louie. The cops are lookin' for him this minute.
Frankie Machine?
Is he in there?
I'm comin' in.
Not if you ever want to see me again.
Will you meet me tomorrow?
Yeah, I'll be around Anteks, maybe not tomorrow but soon.
I miss you.
Honest I didn't.
What am I gonna' do?
Go tell Bednar it wasn't you.
I couldn't. I couldn't stand up to the cops the way I am.
Look at me; I'd say anything they'd want me to say, just for a shot.
Then get cured first.
What are you talkin' about. How am I supposed to get cured?
You did it once.
That was with help and medicine, and doctors.
I can't go applying to Lexington with a murder hangin' over my head.
Couldn't you do it without going there?
You mean just stop?
Cold Turkey.
You don't understand, pain.
What else can you do?
All I need is one shot, just one.
I said take it, go on and take it all.
'Cos all that you're gonna' need after that one shot, is another,
and then another, and then another.
Take it! Take it!
Why should you hurt, like other people hurt?
Yes, so you had a dog's life with never a break.
Why try to face it like most people do?
No just roll up all your pains into one big hurt and then flatten it with a fix.
What do you think you'll find just outside that door?
Don't you think that Bednar knows what you are,
and what you need just to get through that next hour?
Don't you know he's just waitin' for you to come and get it?
Go on let him kill ya.
Let him kill ya. It'll be quicker and better than doing it your way.
I won't let him kill me.
And I won't run into no grave.
But kickin' it.
Look a guy can't do it by himself.
I'll help.
You know what you're letting yourself in for?
It ain't pretty and it could be dangerous.
If they find you here, then they find you, is all.
I don't mean dangerous from Bednar. I mean dangerous from me.
Sometimes a junkie will kill to get away from the treatment.
So if you've got any knives or scissors in the house,
you've got to put 'em away for a while.
And don't let me out of the room.
No matter what I say or promise, or how much I beg.
'Cos if I get out, it'll only be to go out and find a fix.
That's the way it is, you understand?
Just lock me in the room.
And if I try to make a break for it, stop me any way you know how.
No matter how much you see it hurtin' me,
don't try to help me with pills or dope or anything else like that.
You think you can handle it?
Here we go, down and dirty.
You can't hold me. You're commitin' double jeopardy or somethin'.
Sit down.
You can't hold me. You can't hold me.
I ain't got all my marbles, you know that captain?
Right down to cases Sparrow and quit horsin' around.
I didn't do nothin'.
Frankie did somethin' alright and I want you to tell me about it.
Whoever killed that peddler should get a tickertape parade.
Yeah and maybe I'd lead the band, but I still want you to tell me about it.
Listen to me Sparrow, when we catch him he stands trial,
whether you talk or whether you don't.
The only question is do I take you as an accessory?
Bednar don't nail me to the cross.
He's the only guy I ever had for a friend.
He's nobody's friend anymore.
He'd mash you with a steamroller if you got between him and a pop in the arm.
Come on talk Sparrow.
Ok beat it.
Let me out.
Oh, Molly. Please?
(Zosh) Yes?
I thought I'd come see how you've been, Zosh.
Alone, that's how I've been.
Something to eat, sausage.
Alone and worried sick. Where is he? You know where he is?
Did he go to you?
What do you want anyway?
Zosh, what you told Bednar. You've seen the papers.
You see how bad it makes Frankie look what you said.
I didn't tell Bednar anything. The papers they twist everything all up.
They wouldn't be able to, if you didn't let them.
I can't help what they do.
What do you expect me to do, sittin' here?
Just tell Bednar that Frankie wasn't here when it happened.
That he didn't do it.
I never said he did.
Well that's how it sounds, if he was the only one around at the time.
And you know it was somebody else.
What do you mean, who?
I don't know, but maybe Bednar could figure it out
if he didn't think it was Frankie.
What business is it of yours anyway?
I just wanna' help that's all.
Who are you kiddin'? You think I don't know what you really want.
You think I don't know what you and him have been up to behind my back,
while I've had to sit here all these years?
Had to sit here all these years.
No Zosh, you got it wrong.
No you got it wrong. 'Cos you'll never get him.
He put me in this chair and as long as I sit here he'll never leave me.
He knows he belongs to me.
- No Zosh, I come here only to help. - I wouldn't want to live if he left me.
And I'd rather see him dead too than have him go to you.
Zosh, please.
Get outa' here! Get outa' here, you lousy tramp. Get out! Get out!
(Molly ) Frankie, no!
I can't stand it any longer.
- Just a little longer. - Please help me. Keep me warm.
I can't stand it.
I gotta' get out and get a fix.
Open the door, Molly, do like I say. Open the door or I'll kill ya! I'll kill ya!
- Frankie listen. If you really... - I can't, I can't.
Then I do have something put away to make it stop.
Gimme' quick. Gimme' quick.
Where? I'll get it.
(Frankie) Molly! Molly open the door, let me out! Out! Out! Out!
Molly open the door! Please Molly! Molly! Molly!
Frankie answer me.
Frankie answer me. Are you alright?
Don't think you can fool me into opening this door, because I'm not gonna'.
Are you alright Frankie? Please answer me.
Molly, Molly if you love me, kill me please.
Oh, I'm so cold, I'm so cold.
So cold.
Make me warm please.
Oh, please warm me.
Please Molly make me warm.
Oh, Molly I'm so c... cold.
Make me warm.
Make me warm.
Oh God, God. Please God.
Please make me warm Molly.
I'm so c-cold.
So cold.
- I waited for you at Anteks last night. - I told you it might not be right away.
I thought maybe you were sick or somethin'.
I just wanna' tell you, don't look for me at Anteks no more,
he threw me out last night, we had a little argument.
So make it the Safari, huh?
Yeah, sure Johnny, sure.
Pretty good, huh, Molly?
Take it slow now.
Oh, I'm alright. Just a little rocky.
It's the most gorgeous day I ever saw.
I think it's the first day I ever saw.
I've got a craving for something sweet.
You got anything sweet.
- Sugar. - Gimme'.
More, c'mon more.
Ooh, how can you, Frankie?
Oh, I never felt this good in my life.
I feel like all the things inside me have settled into place.
Thanks Molly.
Look out you'll scrape your face off.
I don't care.
- You got a razor I can use? - Can I trust you with one?
Cross my heart.
(both laugh)
- Is this the place? - Yeah.
Ok, come on.
No please. You don't need me up there.
(Loud knock on door)
Where is he, Molly?
He didn't do it, honest.
I'm not a judge; they pay me to bring him in that's all.
If you tell me where he is, I promise he'll get every break a junkie can get.
He's no junkie either. That's finished.
Oh sure, you bet.
See for yourself. He ain't runnin' away from you.
So, where is he?
With Zosh.
Alright Molly, let's go see.
Hello Zosh.
What are your doin' here? Frankie don't you know Bednar's lookin' for you.
Don't worry about it Zosh, I ain't afraid. I didn't do it, you know that.
Who did then? Who?
I come to tell you somethin', Zosh. I'm leaving here.
Bednar will arrest you. He told the newspapers you...
I'm leaving. You won't have to worry about money or anything;
I'll find a way to send you some regular. And Vi'll take good care of you.
Leaving me!
Not leaving you Zosh, just leaving.
You saw what happened since I come back.
It's like Dr Lennox told me.
I got in the same old routine and before I knew it I was on it again.
But you can't leave me. You gotta' stay and take care of me.
I know I'm responsible for how ya' are Zosh,
but I can't go around the rest of my life, stoning myself to death about it.
I've been carrying my heart ever since it happened.
Even now it hurts me to think about it,
...well, it's not I wanna' leave.
I gotta' leave.
You mustn't leave. Frankie, you mustn't leave.
Zosh. Say good-bye to me Zosh.
You think your foolin' me; I know what's pullin' you away, Molly.
You're only goin' just so you can be with that little tramp.
- Frankie, no. - Good-bye, Zosh.
No Frankie, please don't leave. Frankie no, don't leave me.
Get dressed, Zosh.
Zosh, don't move. Don't try to talk, you're gonna' be alright.
I love you so much. So...
(Sound of Ambulance siren)