O Escapulário de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

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Moment of Reflection
The Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Who will not give you as a pledge of eternal salvation and protection from dangers,
if God gave the world to honor his mother and help save
His children and protect the righteous and sinners?
It was on July 16, 1251 that Our Lady appeared to St. Simon Stock,
Superior General of the Carmelites, delivered him saying:
"Receive, my son, this scapular of thy Order,
as a distinctive sign of my confraternity and seal of the privilege that I got for you and all Carmelites.
What died with him, not suffer eternal fire.
This is a sign of salvation, a safeguard in dangers and secure peace and eternal covenant. "
- Seventy years later the Virgin appeared to Pope John XXII,
confirms this promise and adds another, termed the privilege Sabatino,
that, under certain conditions, the soul of the Carmelite confreres will be free of Purgatory,
if there is, on Saturday following his death.
The Sovereign Pontiffs considered as belonging to the Carmelite Order, all who receive the Scapular.
So that everyone can enjoy because of the inherent Scapular
His Holiness, Pope Pius X, on December 16, 1910,
given that Scapular, once imposed,
could be replaced by a coin that has a hand in any invocation of Our Lady
(Carmel, Pain, Conception, Fatima, etc.).
and across the Heart of Jesus, and blessed with the simple sign of the cross
the intention to replace this Scapular.
- On January 28, 1964, Pope Paul VI gave further
that all priests could impose the Scapular and replace it by its medal
because until then it was a privilege of the Carmelite Fathers and other priests
they asked for the Holy See and it is showing the desire of the Holy Church that all the downs.
I-I For the first grace (that is to be free from the fires of Hell, the most important):
- Having received this Scapular imposed by the priest and bring it, or replacing it coin.
- To die with him or with the medal, which means that left this world in a state of sanctifying grace.
For the II-II nd grace (that is, the privilege Sabatino):
be released from Purgatory on the 1st Saturday after the death, if there is gone.
In addition to the first free conditions, which is the most important
is still keeping the chastity proper to each state, which has already IS MANDATORY FOR ALL BY DIVINE COMMANDMENT;
pray, knowing how to read every day, the small Office of Our Lady,
or, is not known, abstain from food meat on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
These obligations can be switched (the recitation of the Office of abstinence from food and meat) by a priest,
which imposed the Scapular or confessor, another work by the sink, for example:
the recitation of seven Our Fathers, 7 Hail Marys and 7 Glory or the recitation of the Rosary or other easier.
Those who pray the Rosary every day, this valley without needing anything else,
can use it for all intents costumadas.
The priest who prays the Divine Office, has also fulfills another without having to switch.
To the men and children, who pray less often than women,
can be switched by three Hail Marys recited daily. So advised the Holy Father Cruz,
that was a great apostle of the Scapular.
All Catholics who request it, the may receive tax by a Priest.
Can it get even children baptized, even unconscious patients and devoid of sense,
it starts from the principle that, if they knew their value, would want to receive.
It is good practice to put it right on the day of Baptism.
The Scapular is tweed brown or black, but the most common, is
The brown.
The Scapular, once blessed, do not need new blessing.
The value of the Scapular is the wool fabric with the blessing itself and not the images that usually Tues
Can be washed can be changed cords can be coated with plastic so as not to soil, etc..
We always carry with him or with the medal and, above all, have it at the time of death.
Never let him, even when taking a bath.
Who received and ceased to bring in
just beginning again to use it, or the medal, without the need for new taxation.
His Holiness Pope Pius X granted that the military campaign to impose themselves or the Scapular medal
Once blessed by priests and that, having finished their mission,
continue to enjoy all the graces and privileges attaching to him, without having to receive it again.
Certainly, the Scapular does not dispense the sacraments,
which are the means instituted by Our Lord as the normal way to sanctify,
or exemption from the practice of virtue.
Do not get in the heaven the souls in mortal sin,
but help and receive the sacraments and conversion of the soul and persevere in doing good.
Help out the state of mortal sin, where there is a minimum of good will.
The Brown Scapular is a gracious gift from heaven, obtained through the intercession of the Mother of Mercy
as the righteous and the sinners have cost the blood of Jesus and the Tears and Sorrows of Mary.
Dear brothers and sisters, Jesus had already given his life to save us,
but wanting to save all men over the centuries, often sent Our Lady, His Mother and ours,
with divine messages, full of Big Promises to collaborate with Them in the salvation of our souls.
How many appearances of Jesus and Mary during these two thousand years of Christianity!
Remember that Our Lady of Mount Carmel, That Lady appeared in 1251 to St. Simon Stock,
also appeared to the shepherds of Fatima.
Accept the invitation of Mary and begin to use if you have not used, the Brown Scapular.
+ Blessing of God Almighty and Merciful Father, Son and Holy Spirit descend upon you,
through the intercession of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and stay forever. - Amen