Wainy Days #18 'Sublet' (Joe Lo Truglio)

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-Hi, folks.
I'm Craig from Craigslist.
Perhaps you've used my website to buy a used bicycle or look
for a job as a sex worker.
Today we used my list to help David find a new place to
live, and I think we found the perfect sublet right here.
I, uh--
I'm speechless.
And confused.
I thought I was answering an ad for the sublet, but I must
have accidentally stumbled onto the Playboy mansion.
-(LAUGHING) You are so sweet.
I'm Tamara.
And if you're the David Wain who answered my posting, you
have the right address.
-Can you turn around?
-What for?
-I wanna see if there's a bunny tail back there.
-Oh my god.
You are too funny.
Why don't you come inside?
I mean, you know, we can get to know each other better.
-Wait, hold on.
Come inside?
-What a naughty yet razor sharp wit.
-It's like ppsshht.
-Get in here already, or else I'll have to spank that cute
hairy bottom.
You know what?
I'll do it anyway.
You like that?

-You know what?
I don't even need to see the place I'll take it.
-That's so great.
OK, let's celebrate with a glass of bubbly while you sign
the lease.
-Let's do this, David Wain.

-You know, champagne usually knots up my colon, but let's
just throw caution to the wind.
-Oh, wow, David.
You are such an adventurer.
-You're right, Tamara.
I am an adventurer.
And a
soul warrior -Oh.
-You know, if we could just let me go to the car and get
some Metamucil, it'll help relax my sphincter.
Well, hurry up, you know--
-Just wait one second.
TAMARA (OFFSCREEN): So we can get busy doing [INAUDIBLE].
-I'll be right back.

MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): It is so awesome to have a
super-fox as a landlord.
-How about a shot of Drambuie?
-Oh, yeah, baby.
-Wait a goddamn second.
What about me and my glass of bubbly?
-Klervis here just offered more money for the room.
-More money?
You didn't even tell me a price.
I just said I would take it.
-This is business, baby.
Don't take it personal or nothing.
-What about the bunny tail.
What about the way you touched my ass?
-Those were selling techniques that I learned from The Donald
at the Learning Annex.
Oh, by the way?
You're fired!
-You're fired.
TAMARA (OFFSCREEN): You're fired.
-Sorry, guy.
No hard feelings.
-Listen, guy.
Don't you realize she's just scamming you?
The minute the ink is dry on the lease, she's going to drop
you faster than Rita Moreno's tits.
-You know, Rita Moreno won all the major awards.
-I'm sure she won probably a Grammy, but I don't know that
she won an Emmy.
OK, Oscar, Tony.
But did she win a CableACE?
Enough with Rita Moreno.
Just go, OK?
Just get out of here.
-You know what?
You can't fire me, 'cause I quit.
Don't embarrass yourself more than you already have.
-You are so beautiful.

I'm you host, Colleen Curtis.
Often times, we in the media are accused of only focusing
on bad news.
-Things are so bad I have all of these.
-You already have lupus?
Tonight that's gonna change as we focus on Tamara and
Klervis, a very special couple who embarked on a whirlwind
romance through Craiglist.
-That two-timing hussy.
-The moment I met Klervis, I just knew that all the
potential renters that I met that day were
failures and losers.
I mean, they were like Woody Allen without the wit and the
-The success or something, yeah.
Like why do people go to such great lengths to be
purposely not funny?
I mean, they throw out these stupid, silly non sequiturs.
-I feel like I escaped a death sentence.
NEWSCASTRESS (OFFSCREEN): Well, we've got some great
news for you.
We are sending you on a month-long all expenses paid
honeymoon to American Samoa, starting right now.
-A--Are you--?
-Hey, that means the apartment's going to be empty
for a month.
BOTH: We're going to American Samoa.
-Where is that?
I don't even know.
-I don't know.
-Hey, do you want some Drambuie.
-I can't.
There's someone in Portland, Oregon looking for a hand job
and I've got to help him.
-Why go all the way to Portland?
I mean, there's someone right here who could use one.

-I'm sinking Matt.
The more I try to make my life better, the worse it gets.
-Ah, you're spiraling, David.
Everything's fine.
-What the fuck?
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This is David Wain--
-And Zandy.
-And little Morgan.
-And not so little Morgan.