Out of Africa (10/10) Movie CLIP - Karen Says Goodbye (1985) HD

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Who is we?
the members, actually.
All right.
Whiskey, please.
Two whiskeys, please.
Rose-lipped maidens,
light-foot lads.
Hear, hear.
Thank you.
This is very dear to me.
It has helped me to find my way.
Thank you, Msabu.
I want to hear you say my name.
You are Karen, Msabu.
The mail has come today,
and a friend writes this to me...
"The Masai have reported
"to the district commissioner at Ngong
"that many times,
"at sunrise and sunset,
"they have seen lions on Finch Hatton's grave.
"A lion and a lioness have come there
"and stood or lain
"on the grave for a long time.
"After you went away,