How to Make Pozole : Cooking Meat for Pozole

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.02.2008

Hi my name is Jenny Villagomez and on behalf of Expert Village I'll be showing you how
to make pozole. Cooking meat and skimming fat. In this clip we'll be cooking our meat.
First fill your pot half way with hot water. Set it on your stove with high heat. Take
a garlic clove, and using the base of your hand crush the clove until you hear it pop.
This is a useful trick to easily peel the clove. Next grab an onion and cut off one
tail. Then holding the onion firmly, gently cut through the first layer. Cut the other
tail off.
And now you can peel the onion with ease. Now all you have to do is just cut the onion
in half. Walla. Now that your water is boiling, take your onion and drop it like it's hot.
Watch out for the splash. Next add your garlic cloves. Now add your trositos and let it boil.
After a while you'll notice that the fat and blood have cooked. This shows up as a grey
froth on top of the water. Using your ladle spoon, scoop the froth out until it's all