Bachelor of Environments

Uploaded by unimelb on 17.08.2011

My favourite part would be that I get to move around with all my classes,
so I have classes on two different campuses but I also have classes completely off site.
So I get to study different environments,
different natural systems,
I guess you can call it bio diversity.
At any stage during the first or second year
when they have made a choice to go into one particular major,
at the end of first semester they can decide
they don't like this major anymore having done one or two subjects
and they can transfer across into another major.
I've made my mind up for the immediate future,
but if I decide to do something else
I can quite easily move around.
A key component of Bachelor of Environments is having
this diverse range of subjects that students can pick & choose from,
gives them a fantastic rounding
before they go out into the industry.
We are looking for diversity,
diversity not just in gender but also race,
but in thinking and doing styles so that we can bring
various influences together.
There are strong links with the industry and the professions
and the lecturers and academics and subjects that are taken
have industry people coming up
doing guests lecturers in a lot of the subjects.
A lot of the tutors are amazing because they are straight from,
they will be working in their architecture firm and then
they will take an hour off to do a tute or a lecture,
so we are getting hands on straight from the source.
Really engaging, really knowledgeable in their field
and dedicated to helping the students trying to make the subject
the best as they could be.
All I hear is good things from the young people at Contexx.
It also provides industry links for the students,
so the students get to talk to these industry professionals
that potentially may lead to part time jobs.
It just enhances their opportunity,
they have seen the study they can actually go out and apply it.
We're entering a real boom period in the construction industry
so there is going to be a lot of opportunities for young people.
So having completed the Bachelor of Environments
they have a great opportunity
to walk straight into a job with somebody
they have been working for already.
Sustainability is obviously a hot topic in the construction industry
at the moment and with Bachelor of Environments having such a
large focus on sustainability and innovation,
the graduates having the ability to think laterally
its critical going forward.
I'm really interested in forest eco systems science as a masters
and through that I can study water way management and health,
so I can do things like forestry
and I can join government departments.
I can work internationally anywhere in the world really.