Love at sixty: Man gets his love after years of wait

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Chatting happily with his 60-year-old life partner,
this is 62-year-old Muhammad Sharif, who has married
mother of four, Naseem Akhtar.
It goes like this … Sharif had lost his heart to
Naseem bibi in his adolescence but she got married
to somebody else, an incident that shattered Sharif’s heart.
SHARIF: I waited for her for 25-26 years and did not marry.
Allah finally answered my prayers.
Naseem’s children are married and she was widowed
five years back. Sharif tried his luck and proposed to
her again and thus they got married, eventually.
NASEEM: All my children are married and I did not have
any support. I married him so that I may get a support.
These love birds signed their nikkah documents in the
presence of a few elders, after which, sweets were
distributed in the neighbourhood.
ALLAH RAKHA: If a person loves someone truly, then Allah
gives him the companionship of that person. We felt like
Sharif really loved her, which is why they are together today.
Sharif finally got his love, while Naseem found a support.
Stories about Heer and Ranjha, Sohni and Mahiwal are in books,
look at Sharif, who waited all his life for his love and
now at the age of 62 years has been able to marry her.