Culinary Arts/Food Service Production

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(Haley - Student:) I love it so much. It's great.
Ever since I was little, I've loved cooking.
The hands-on training here at the technical college really helps us.
We get to spend four hours for each class in the
kitchen making dishes.
(James - Instructor:) Our students are prepared, not just
to learn how to cook, but, also to learn how to react to the
business atmosphere out there. We have business classes. We also
have cooking classes, of course, we start at the beginning, we
start with the basics, and then we work our way up from there.
The experience, coupled with a good technical college education, really
helps prepare the students to get out in that business, but to know
what they're doing when they get out there. The students have the
chance to go out and, not just become somebody who cooks in a
restaurant, but they might be a restaurant owner, they might be a
food and beverage director, they might go into food sales
or food brokerage.
(Haley:) I feel very comfortable and
confident that I will be successful in this career.
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