Leave a message for people 50,000 years in the future

Uploaded by 01DOGG01 on 19.11.2008

This is 'KEO'.
'KEO' is a satellite, or a time capsule,
concieved in 1994 by the French artist Jean-Marc Philippe.
Essentially, 'KEO' is a free-floating satellite which means it's got no power at all, which will be launched into space and
it'll come back to earth in 50,000 years time.
Some of the things in KEO will be uhh... bunch of human blood, umm... samples of air, samples of the sea, and samples of the earth.
But KEO also aims to umm provide everyone on the planet with 6000 characters, which will be stored on special glass DVDs.
Also included on KEO will be instructions for future generations on how to reconsruct a DVD player.
Now, KEO's wings can actually fold and umm contract as they change temperature. So as KEO goes into the shadow of the Earth and back into umm sunlight, it's wings will actually flap, so it's kind of like a bird.
It's only for symbolism and it won't have any actual effect.
KEO's also meant to be resistant to space impacts, and it will create an artificial aurora when it comes back to Earth.
So if you have any message of any length which is under 6000 characters, visit the website and umm post it.
You can also send in messages in other languages, even by traditional snail-mail.
Now, back in 2006, Jean-Marc actually wrote that he would like to have this launched by 2007 or 2008.
But since we're in 2009 already, obviously it hasn't been launched.
Now, the deadline uhh you can send your letters is the end of 2009, some time in December.
Because this satellite will be launched in either 2010 or 2011
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One link will be to the main page. The second link will be bypassing all the language and mail options. Umm and the third link will be to wikipedia for further information.