Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew- Ninja Haters

Uploaded by CaptainDanPirateRap on 05.12.2011

Ninja Haters
(Intro) This song goes out to all the shinobis out
there. I want you to listen, and listen really good.
(Sea Dawg) When there be ninjas around, they be lyrically
devoured sneakin in the shadows, technique of a coward
cant fight me, you aint got powa monochrome was only in when rule was tokugawa
you wont get a chance to brawl when you're killed from afar with me cannon
ball leave your guts ajar
then I hit the bar what kind of man tries to win the fights he
gets in with a star? you've got no libido
you been weak since tokyo was edo, proceed though
with your weak flow we know
you can't rock the mic no so ninja vanish and go
my lyrics are renowned ninjas get cut down
you cant rap if, you make no sound so i'm done playin around
clown tomorrow you'll be dead in a mound in the
center of town.
(Chorus) They call us Ninja Haters
Can't beat the ninja haters they call us ninja haters
cant sneak up on ninja haters
(Captain Dan) I've never been afraid of stealthy shinobi
cut em all down or torture them slowly they always try to kill me yet they don't
even know me but for some reason lubbers always thinking
they're holy I guess they think Ninjas hold some serious
power they never seem to think about pirate gun
powder blow em up with cannons, bullets their showers
go up against a pirate and they're hiding like cowards
I don't fear shurikens, or a little smoke bottle
ninjas to be sneakin makin pirate folk hostile I leave their bodies leakin, make them seem
docile ye think they're extinct because we leave
only fossils assassins harassin our ships with a passion
will be thrashed in a fashion by our whips then we dashing
no katana be matching the cutlass I'm grasping their skulls we be cracking overboard they
be splashin!
(Scottfree) Whats a stealth assassin when my wealth amassing
ninja quick to dashing when our swords be flashing
they deserve a lashing for their trechorus actions
and wheres their fashion? yo ho its got me laughing
with hair like a torpedo wearing all black
they must all be emo Plundering and Rum, its just a part of the
credo and Scott Free is primo ARRRRR!
calling out ninjas their bullshido while they hide out in trees
we ride out on sea we pirate mcees
known to sail the breeze i roll up my sleeves
and slay 'em with ease casue most ninja i see arent japanesse
so go and check the chorus ninja cant say L so they need a thesaurus
the only thing they got going is Batman and Chuck Norris
my cannon balls leave their group bloodly and porous
so you need to go back to your forest (Chorus)