Tutorial: Lightroom 3 - White Balance

Uploaded by presetsheaven on 22.06.2010

Hi guys! Welcome. This is Pierre from presetsheaven.com
Today I would like to show you how to set the white balance
for multiple images in Lightroom
we're going to use something called synchronize
perhaps you've been playing around with it earlier
but maybe not when it comes to white balancing
so what I'm going to do right now is that I'm going to set one image as a
reference image
for the white balance
and this is going to be this particular one
because I have something called
a digital grey card
and basically what that is
it's a
card that
has in neutral color tone
of grey
and that is exactly what we need to set the white balance
let's move on to the developer mode
the press this White balance selector tool or you can press "W" as well
and then...
pick up
a grey neutrak tone
in the image you have. If you don't have a grey card
you can try the white area It's neutral as well
or any grey areas around

in this case I'm going to press my
digital grey card
and as you can see that image turned from
some kind of blue into white
but now I would like to apply this setting
to the rest of the images
As you can see they are still blue
or blue-ish
So, how to do that then? Well
select the image you've set the white balance on
and then select the others as well
and you can do that by
holding down "Cmd+A" or "Ctrl+A" a on your PC
Select them all
and to the right here
you have a button called sync
now press that one and a dialogue box will open up and make sure that the checkbox
for white balance
is checked!
and then press the syncronize button
and within a couple of seconds all of your images now have the same white balance set
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