Game Theory - Pilot Episode

Uploaded by gametheoryseries on 02.09.2012

Omar Bawzy
I gotta tell you Omar this resume looks pretty thin
little to no work experience no accolades attributes applicable skills
I can get college interns for these office and you haven't even completed a simple
high school diploma
Now I've talked to your father
Told him, I'd do what I could to get you a job
I uh... I used to play poker online
Then what they call black Friday happened the government got involved, it was a big mess.
Anyways that's why I'm here.
It's for the best,
I mean you got all these people sitting at home,
playing games, gambling, not paying their taxes.
Now you gotta get a job in the real world.
So you lost everything huh?
I'm not a gambler,
I play poker
I was never high-roller but I got my bills paid,
It's not like I'm some kind of degenerate.
I play a disciplined skill game
The legal stuff going on has nothing to do with me.
Look I know I'm here cuz of my dad so anything you can do for me.
Alright Omar, I'll start you at min-wage.
You can scrap that shirt and tie.
You'll be doing manual labor
A little hard work for once hey?

What the fuck?

Hey, what's up Omar?
Any word online?
It's still all frozen.
I'm jammed up.
You're dad hook you up with that job though right?
I'm not gonna work for some fresh out of college academic douche who treats me like shit.
You shoulda seen this pimple face suit.
Diego I gotta make a run for it.
Grind live games, if I could get one buy in I could blow it up.
Ah fuck those low limit live cash games man, everyone's a fish.
When most the table's fish you'll always be getting run down.
Your hands won't hold it's the wild west nowadays.
What choice do I have?
Besides I want the fish they're bankroll builders.
uh... not that many fish
See in those games any two suited pairs raising under the gun, queen-trey, jack-deuce,
seven-x raises still getting five callers. That games a crap shoot.
I can't lower myself to that level of bingo play.
What's the good game out here?
Just Tang's local right?
You got a connect to get me in?
Man, you don't wanna be fuckin' with those Asian sharks.
For all their congenial social graces, they some cut throat mother fuckers on the felt
and if they get a whiff of scared money, man you'll be...
Right back here with no money, working some 9-5.
Isn't it just the five-five game?
Starting yeah.
But by the end of the night those degens are splashing around, rasing max buy in, triple auto straddles, prop betting
and they got deep pockets.
That's what I'm talking about
Ah, I wish I had the role to play in that game.
K, I'll start early before their stacks get deep and just grind.
Diego I got this, get me in.
Yo it's not a stake alright it's a gift so no pressure.
I'm heading out east for a minute and man I just don't wanna see the life sucked out of you when I get back.
All day every day brother.

Under the gun opens for a standard raise
Tang three bets with strength, running over the table.
No cheap flops around here.
Suited semi-connectors out of position against Tang when I know he's gonna pound the flop.
Fuck it, I can't let him run me over.
If I four-bet I nkow he's not afraid to call and I'm just building up a big pot out of position with napkins.
Now if I flat call
and tight under the gun player goes over the top I can put him on aces or kings under the hole and just muck
The one hole folds
Damn Tang's table presence is strong.
In previous betting he's checked top or over pairs
he does slow play monsters, plus I haven't shown any speed
so he would probably want me to catch up
if he was really strong.
He can't have ace-jack or king-jack or medium pairs
because i don't think he
would three-bet the under the gun raiser
with those holdings
He knows the one hole is the only other tight player here.
For all his bully posturing Diego profiled him as fundamentally old school.
He must have ace-king maybe ace-queen
Either way my two might be good because it's not a call me bet. Smells like a get out of the pot type of bet.
His stare, is that a tell of weakness?
I wish I had more live experience
If I call I could face a big fatty for my entire roll on the riv.
How did I get in this mess?

Is he advanced enough to range merge a jack rag, a snowman or a seven in this spot?
Tripple barrel bluff jam?
I'm getting like three-to-one. Would he be bluffing twenty five percent of the time?
live and die with your read, he's gotta be on ace-king
Nice call. Nut no pair.

Where the fuck did you get that?
Look I went to the interview but it's jus... it's not for me. I'm not cut out for...
Hey, I put my name on the line for you.
You fuck up and it reflects on me so I don't give fuck what you think was under fire what you think and you
you're gonna go do that job.
I'm not gonna sit here and let you ruin my name
over some dirty gambling money. It's not gambling, I have an edge.
For fuck sakes.
You think I let you move back in and I go clean toilets all day
so you can fuck off and gamble
Look onlineit's not regulated it need's legislation, that's politics
okay but the game itself is a skill game I made more in two hours
than you make all week. Tax free!
I can give you half if that's what this is about. Fuckin' Kid. Fuck off! Fuck you!