Easy Active Directory Administration with Free Tools!

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Hi. My name is Matt Turner
and I'm a product manager at Solar Winds. In this video I'll be demonstrating three new
free tools to help you manage your active directory environment.
Two of the tools help you clean up computer and user accounts and the other tool
will help you bulk import users.
Let's start with the user account removal tool.
After I launch the tool I enter my credential information and test those
Next I list the accounts.
As you can see here I'm listing accounts that have been inactive since November
If I want to change that date I simply hit the dropdown and select a different time.
I can also quickly filter, select all, or deselect all accounts.
Next I can export the list so I have a record
and finally I can simply click "remove" to remove the accounts from the domain.
That's it!
Next we'll do the same thing but for computer accounts.
Again, enter the credentials.
We'll test them.
List out the computers.
I can export the list,
remove them, or filter the list.
It's a quick and easy way to keep the inactive accounts from cluttering up your
The third tool will enable you to bulk create user accounts.
I switched computers because my test machine is not in the same domain that I will
will be creating the accounts on.
Most users will be able to run all these tools from the same machine though.
The user import tool is slightly more complicated than the previous ones
but it's still very simple.
The most important thing you need is the actual file with the list of users you
want to import.
Here's a small example that I'll use.
Notice the column headers:
user, email address, department, phone number, and then the corresponding values
that I'm actually importing.
When selecting a file, you can either select a CSV or Excel.
The tool can automatically create an exchange mailbox too. In this case
though, we'll just create the active directory account.
Enter the credentials and click "next."
Now we need to out to map the custom fields in your export file with what is available
in an active directory. You can update as few or as many properties as you want.
For example, if my import file has a phone number, but that does not appear,
I can easily search the active directory for the property and add it to the list to be
Clicking next will show me an example of all the accounts that I'm importing and the values.
You can make any last minute changes on this page or deselect one of the values so that you don't
import it. Finally, simply hit "create" and the accounts are created on your domain.
As you can see, using this tool is so much easier than using custom scripts or
some other back end method to bulk create the users.
I hope you've enjoyed these new tools that we've built to help you better manage your active directory.
Remember, they're free and they can be found on solarwinds.com. Thanks for