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Hello how are you? I am Angel Luis Fernandez and I this is A1. Welcome.
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A crop circle is an area in a wheat field or other cereals like, where certain pins
are flattened to give form to various geometric shapes, some in 3D and others in 2D.
These forms range from a simple circle of a few meters in diameter to a highly complex
composition of several hundred meters to several sections of drawings.
Today I will talk about them. THE CROP CIRCLES.
The explanation for the formation of these figures is controversial. The simplest, defended
by scientific skepticism is that this is a deliberate human action, whereby crop circles
come to be a human artistic production. In this context, the method of implementation
would be one or two planes overlapping on paper and some resources on the ground and ropes, sticks,
measuring tape, boards or rollers to pull the stems down or off, in fact, it is true that many crop circles
that have appeared, have been produced following this procedure, thus proving its feasibility.
But there are other explanations that claim that the origin would be due to UFOs
or manifestations of energy.
The first crop circles ever known were those that appeared in southern England
(Hampshire, Wiltshire and surrounding counties) in the mid 70's. Over time, while the crop circles
grew in number, the designs became more complex. Although the first were just simple disc-shapes;
some of those appearing in the 1990 and 2000 were truly elaborate.
They point out verbal messages, iconic signs,
pictures of manufactured items and many others... All these developments clearly suggest that the role
of the media through articles in newspapers and television reports on the matter,
which was multiplied by the end of the 1980's and it was very important at the time to question the creation itself and the myth of the phenomenon.
However, the oldest crop circle ever registered was an engraving in the seventeenth-century
called " The Mowing Devil " The image depicts a strange creature that creates a circular
pattern in a wheat field. This image is contained in a pamphlet appeared in some states were the farmers
have expressed their preference for "the devil himself" reaping the harvest rather than pay
the wages demanded by the harvester work.
Some researchers believes that the crop circles, or at least some of them cannot be human fabrications.
And their argument is that these, so complex structures, would not, from their point of view,
have been made so secretly and only in one night, and even less likely have been done by a group of pranksters
no matter how well organized they may be. Moreover, the emergence of a remarkable radiation
in certain remains it is frankly very difficult to explain. Besides, they also argue that in some of the most famous crop circles,
plants have suffered strange modifications: Some seeds have germinated five times faster than normal.
And other plants have been sterilized.
Proponents of the theory that the origins of crop circles is extraterrestrial,
said to have found deep structural changes at the nodes of cut plants
(not just crushed) and have been able to germinate seeds extracted from them in an extraordinary way.
They also set out an approach to the works
found in South America, the land of pre-Columbian civilizations.
These works are made only drawn on the floor, on the ground,
thanks mainly to the arrangement of stones.
Other scientists emit the hypothesis that they are airstrips for a possible alien landings. Remember the famous “Lines of Nazca”
But these are only hypotheses, and certainly some of those drawings have survived over time and
and are still visible today.
I want to talk about the Argentinian clairvoyant Benjamin Solari Parravicinni, in his treatise Illustrated “Prophecies”, 1959
said "With the constant visiting of aliens travelers, science will deny, then hesitate and finally say: It is true!
And our wisdom is behind us. Centuries are watching and monitoring ".
In the late 70's they also appeared in Australia. They were circular tracks on the ears of corn,
where the common pattern was that the plants appeared to be lying down, not crushed,
softly laid in spiral toward the center of the figure, as true masterpieces of architectural design,
set up so perfectly that the stems and spikes seem to be almost the highest representation of handmade embroidery
In general, those stems were always intact, never broken nor crushed
and with more vitality than the plants out of the figures.
In the early 80's these circles continued to appear on those fertile fields of southern England
in Wiltshire, Hampshire, and Salisbury, among other places, always very close
to the famous megalithic monuments such as Stonehenge, Avebury and Sillbury Hill, and also very close to
prehistoric figures in the landscape; in areas that, curiously, there are huge designs
of people and horses covered with limestone, at a such inclination angle that it can only be visible
from the sky like in the case of the famous Lines of Nazca in Peru.
These circles were already known in the Middle Age when they appeared in harvest time,
and they were called "Fairy Circles" as it appeared inexplicably from one moment to another,
followed by a strange buzzing in the air. People were warned of the danger for someone
go into those magic circles, as they could disappear and be imprisoned in the world of gnomes, fairies or elves.
While it is true that in a first phase, spoted circles were only three to eight meters in diameter,
gradually, with the advent of aviation, the circles gave way to more complex figures,
beautiful and enigmatic,that couldn’t be interpreted from the ground
Besides, they appeared from one day to another, or suddenly with perfect symmetry.
For that reason they have launched a myriad of explanations, such as “that is a natural phenomenon product of terrestrial geomagnetism”
or weather related phenomenon and the truth is that this would explain the formation of some of the circles
but not of those magnificent triangular shapes, the square or more complex such as the tetrahedron or icosahedron that forms perfect polygons inside other regular polygons.
And there is no possibility of being mistaken for a fraud perpetrated by pranksters,
because in real cases the vegetation, as I said, appears to be affected by a strange radiation
and it also is suffered by the ears’ grains of the figures, having unexplained alterations such as changes in the crystal grains.
Regarding the figures, they always appear in fields of cereals such as wheat, barley and oats, etc.
But the phenomenon evolves, suffering over time changes in the designs,
which passed, just as I said, from mere circles to circles inscribed in circles, circles connected with lines, Celtic crosses, etc.
Or very complex and elaborate three-dimensional pictograms. In fact, there are many of them that look like planetary orbits.
And, indeed, some of them have been associated with the orbits of comets like Hale Bop and the orbits of the moons of Jupiter
Which for many researchers may be warning us from dangers or even point out their cosmic origin.
Please don’t move. I’ll be right back.