The Outrageous Racist Hypocrisy of Israel and World Zionism!

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The Outrageous Racist Hypocrisy of Israel and World Zionism
Today, if you dare to have a truly open mind, I will prove to you the incredible racist
hypocrisy of Israel and world Zionism. And I show exactly how they are able to get away
with all. Recently, Israel has had mass demonstrations and bloody race riots against African refugees.
Raging Zionist mobs have committed violent assaults, firebombing and other attacks against
refugees and their families. Not only were Africans attacked, but also any Jew who dared
to rent to them, school them or hire them. The Guardian newspaper on quotes an immigrant
support organization, "We've had phone calls, people cursing and saying... 'We hope you
will be raped and we are coming to burn you.' Now how did Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin
Netanyahu respond to the riots and violence? Did he demand punishment for the bombers and
the rioters? Here is the headline of the Zionist owned NY Times after the riots and firebombing
attacks: "Israeli Leader Pledges Hard Line on Migrants" After these riots and beatings
and fire bombings, and mind you, they were Jewish, not African riots, Israel passed the
toughest law against illegal immigration in the Western World. Africans or Palestinians
without papers now get a punished by 3 years in prison and then forced deportation. Israeli
leaders boast of building the world's largest prison to lock them away. In doing all this,
Israel is violating treaties on refugees with European nations. Treaties that Israel itself
had demanded and signed. You see, the Zionists intended the treaties only for European nations
and they never thought these treaties would come back to bite them. For more on the Israeli
violation we are joined by Alfred Lambremont Webre, human rights and international lawyer.
First of all, the mass arrests and subsequent deportations without any determination of
the asylum status does violate obligations under the Refugee Convention, doesn't it?
This is actually a very serious violation by Israel. But, like Dr. Frankenstein and
his monster, the creation has turned on the sick doctor. Israel which is not far from
Black African nations, has become a refugee target. The total number of refugees is small,
only about 60,000. That's microscopic compared to the tens of millions who have poured into
Europe and America. The controlled media has suppressed the fact that out of four thousand
six hundred refugee applications last year, Israel accepted a grand total of one. This
while Europe, America and other Western nations have let in millions, and Jewish groups like
the American Hebrew Immigrant Society are demanding millions more. Hypocritically, all
over the world, it is same story as Zionist organizations that support Israel as state
dedicated only to Jews, support massive immigration into non-Jewish countries in which they live.
Here is a short clip from an Israeli TV news channel celebrating a dedicated Zionist, Barbara
Specter who made Aliya in Israel, but is now in Europe where she promotes mass non-European
immigration to Sweden and boasts of the Jewish role in mass immigration. "Europe is not going
to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century.Jews are going to be at
the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into
a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. Remember, in
Israel, Palestinians who were born there can't even return to the place where they were born.
And this creep dares to lecture Europeans about immigration. In fact, the mass immigration
of Zionist hypocrites such as Barbara Spectre into another people's land, against their
will, that's what put the Palestinians in the horrific position they are in now. In
the 1930s and 40s mass rallies of Palestinians opposed the Jewish immigration into Palestine.
If only more would have understood the danger before it was too late. Now listen to the
shocking words of Israel's Interior Minister, Eli Yishai. He is the leader of the Shas Party
which is part of Israel's ruling government. Reuters reports that Israel's interior minister
stated that the Muslim and Christian immigrants, quote, "think the country doesn't belong to
us, the white man," Yes, you heard right: Israel's minister of Interior says that Israel
belongs to "the Whiteman." Actually, Yishai and his own Shas party founded by rabbi Ovadia
Yosef, the former head Sephardic rabbi of Israel, have deep anti-Christian and anti-European
hatreds. Yishai was simply drawing a racial distinction between Jews who are mostly lighter
skinned in comparison with dark Africans. But Yishai and Yosef they don't really like
Europeans either. Yishai and Yosef and they believe that all Europeans and every other
people on earth of non-Jewish descent are inferior to Jews. Here's a direct quote of
rabbi Yosef from the Jerusalem Post. The sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews. Goyim
were born only to serve us. They have no place in the world -only to serve the people of
Israel. "Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will sow, they
will reap. We will sit like an effendi [a master] and eat. That is why gentiles were
created" Yosef went on to say that people not of Jewish blood are like animals, specifically,
like a donkey meant to serve it's Jewish master. So Yishai's use of the term Whiteman does
not mean that he views Europeans as brothers, but actually, along with the rest of the Gentiles
of the world, he views all gentiles in the world as inferior beings to exploit and enslave.
For instance the Shas Party has been instrumental in the Israeli law that forbid the marriage
of a Jew to a European or any non-Jew. And that law is about race not religion, for an
atheist, non religious, Jew can marry a religious Jew. But a European or African or Asian atheist
cannot. If you are a Gentile whether European or Asian or African, isn't it nice to hear
that your only purpose on earth and that of your parents and your children is to be slaves
to these lovely people. I know decent Jewish men and women who are ashamed that such a
evil man has been Israel's chief Sephardic Rabbi and has such huge influence on politics
in Israel. Of course, the real issue here is the silence of major Western media and
politicians on Yishai's statement that immigrants must understand that Israel belongs to, quote,
"the Whiteman." Can you imagine the bloody outrage in the media and among political leaders
if Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain said that immigrants must accept that the
UK belongs to the White man? Or how about Barack Obama. Now that would be something
wouldn't it? Imagine Barack saying to the Mexicans, "Sorry Bros, America belongs to
the "Whiteman" now get the hell out of here." Or what if Angela Merkel said that Germany
belongs only to Aryans. My God, can you imagine? They start cranking up a Third World War against
Germany! Nuremberg trials would be scheduled. And think how outrageous it is for Zionist
Jews to bitch about illegal immigrants, when huge numbers of Zionists now living in Israel
were themselves illegal immigrants. These criminals terrorized, murdered the Palestinians
and stole their land. I am not talking about old, historical times of hundreds of years
ago. Tens of thousands of Palestinians are still alive who were terrorized and whose
homes and lands were stolen from them and 65 years later witness Gaza, and beyond. Let
me ask you something, if these Zionists don't control the political establishment in Europe
and America, how in the hell does Israel get away with all this? How can Israel get away
with its Interior Minister saying the nation belongs to the Whiteman? Why not even a peep
of protest by any western leader? How much proof do you need of their supremacy over
the West. Not one President or Prime Minister dares to condemn Israel, not one globalist
media conglomerate dares to blast Israel. Well. of course not, the Zionists own the
conglomerates and the Zionists also own the politicians. The truth is that Israel and
the Zionist media bosses and political lobbies and financiers have Barack Obama by the balls,
they have David Cameron by the balls, and they even have Angela Merkel by the balls.
And let's not forget Hillary Clinton. The joke was that Clinton can't wear short skirts
because they'd show. But, When it comes to Israel, Clinton, and all the rest of them
are castrated political eunuchs who are nothing but Zionist puppets. But every day more of
us stand up bravely and expose the Zionist power that oppresses the Palestinians and
oppresses all of us. Don't get me wrong, I am not against people having their own state.
Africans have the right to their own states and their freedom and independence, Asians
have that human right. European peoples have the right to their own states and to preserve
their own traditions and values their own expressions of humanity. Palestinians have
the right to their own state. And Jews also have the right to live in society that celebrates
their own heritage. But, the Zionists have no right to keep stealing Palestinian land
and commit their horrific crimes against the Palestinian people. If world Zionism truly
tries to ameliorate and tries to make amends for their enormous crimes against the Palestinian
people. If they offer them true justice, fine and good. But since they don't, Israel should
be treated exactly as what it is: a rogue, nuclear, criminal state that deserves no recognition,
no trade, and no quarter. As shown by the silence of the political establishment and
media on the horrific crimes of Israel, it is not just Palestine that is occupied. It
is London and Paris and New York and Sidney. The Zionist globalists are not just destroying
the heritage, independence and freedom of the Palestinians but they are doing the same
thing to the Europeans and to all people. They seek a tribal, Zionist supremacy over
the politics, media and finance of every nation on earth. They have the naked power to do
what they do, but they don't have the moral right to do it. They don't have the right
to steal trillions with the Federal Reserve Bank and World Bank and the IMF, and the biggest
Zionist, predator bank in the world Goldman Sachs. They don't have the right to control
the value of the currency that's in your pocket. They don't have the right to sanction, bomb,
or to invade your nation if you dare to resist their globalist hegemony. Nor do they have
the right to send you or your sons to die in their wars, or to spend your tax money
in those evil wars. They have no right to seize control the huge media conglomerates
and deluge you with lies, They have no right to bribe and to extort politicians with their
ill gotten gold and their media power. Ask yourself, one last time. If Zionist power
over media and politics of the world is not real. Then how does Israel get away with an
Interior Minister proclaiming that Israel belongs to the quote "Whiteman." Any European
official who said such would be practically burned alive by the media, and you know it
is true. Could you imagine the media screams if any European nation made it illegal to
marry a Jew? Why is there no media outrage that Israel makes it illegal to marry a gentile?
How does Israel get away with all of this? It is because they own the political, media
and financial establishment of the West. But, they don't own me. And I pray to God that
they don't own you. And now that you know the truth. You have a choice. You can stand
up with courage and look into your children's eyes with pride and honor. You can stand up
for their future and their freedom. For peace, for beauty, for justice, for independence,
for human diversity and for human freedom. I made this video for you because I believe
in the human spirit. I believe in you. Think back to the heroes of the past. Their blood
is in you. Reach down deep into your soul, your courage can change the world. Turn away
from the darkness and turn to the light. Give your life to goodness and justice and beauty,
and gain a life of meaning, a life of which you have only dreamed of. The world is waiting
for you. Your children, even your unborn children wait for your courage. The time is now.
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