Jar Jar Binks Coming at You in 3-D!

Uploaded by geekbeattv on 04.03.2011

Star Wars in 3D, Opera House speakers, and an update on the FlipIT USB Charger! I’m
Cali Lewis. Welcome to GeekBeat.TV
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Star Wars fans listen up! Your favorite film of all time is going 3D. Lucasfilm and FOX
are hard at work with the conversion and it’ll be in theaters February 12th. Of next year.
Sorry, a little early on the news!
You’ve all seen the Opera House in Sydney Australia, right? It’s beautiful and definitely
makes a statement. Krator decided that statement is exactly the statement they wanted to make
with their gear and so we have the Neso O4 Opera House, the Neso O4 Drop and the Neso
O4 Surrealism, and plainly put...the Neso 2. I’ve never tried any of Krator’s speakers,
but they pride themselves on very high quality audio. If you’re into that kind of thing
- high quality audio, and you like to show off interestingly designed things in your
house, we have a link in the shownotes.
This next story isn’t usually Geek Beat material, but I have to mention it because
it’s rare you see a company do this. You know how much we love the Samsung Galaxy Tab
here at the Livid Lobster Studios. And if you watch our weekly live show on Fridays,
you know they’re coming out with a 10” version. Well, after Apple’s iPad 2 announcement,
Samsung’s Vice President, Lee Don-Joo, came right out and said they are rethinking the
pricing on the 10” because they need to improve the parts that are inadequate. In
order to compete, they may even take no profit from the pricing on the 10 incher. And immediately
after reading this, I feel a bit of loyalty coming on. Because they’re being honest.
More companies should do that!
Nintendo’s 3DS is finally going to be available later this month, and they have some perks
for you! Not only are you going to have the ability to stream Netflix to it, they’re
teaming up with AT&T to provide access to 10,000 WiFi hotspots so you can actually stream
Netflix while you’re out and about. That’ll be ready in May.
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I talked about the FlipIt! USB charger on a previous show and promised a follow up.
One of our bloggers, Rick Yaeger, has been testing it and here’s what he thinks:
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